How I Ended up with a Kitten 🐱

YouTube, meet Sadie. Sadie, meet YouTube so I wasn’t planning on getting a kitten
anytime soon so how did I end up with one. hey how did I end up with you, you’re gonna fall. so
this story takes place back a couple weeks maybe even a month I’m not sure
when I tweeted out my friends are going to see kittens and I had to say no so my
friends had found a poster that said kittens free kittens like you can just
come pick him up take him home so they decided they wanted to go get kittens or
gonna look at kittens and they invited me because they know I’m a true animal
lover and I love cats so they asked me and I have some pretty good willpower so
I did have to say no because I was like that probably is not a good idea I might
end up with a kitten so they went without me and a couple of hours later I
get a text and it says hey if my parents say no to this kitten can you take her
and I was like what do you mean and my friend sends me a picture of Sadie and
she’s like I brought home a cat so I was like I don’t really know what to say
right now because I was not planning on getting another cat any time soon so my
friend goes home shows her parents the kitten and keep in mind this friend
already has two cats and her parents immediately were like uh no, no you
can’t have this kitten like why did you even bring it home so she texted me and
she was like so can you take her and I was just like um okay I guess I have a
kitten now so I went and picked her up and I brought her home so a little bit
more of a backstory as to why she brought Sadie home is because this place
that Sadie was at it’s like a farm they just have cats all over the place
breeding because that’s what a lot of farmers do and it really sucks so there
was like three mother cats so three litters one of the mother cats
actually took off probably died that’s usually what happens so one of the
mother cats was feeding two litters so some of the kittens weren’t getting all
of the food that they’re supposed to be getting and it’s really important they
are because they’re growing so sadie was actually really really small and skinny
so that’s why she decided to bring her home
and they told me there was like 30 cats and kittens just like everywhere so this
is why we spay and neuter our pets so that they cannot reproduce and they
cannot over populate so shelters are filled and forces them to euthanize them
because that’s not fair so please spay and neuter your animals
so because sadie is from a farm like that where they don’t really care too
much about like the cats they obviously care somewhat but they don’t care enough
to spay and neuter but that’s beside the point but because of this they don’t care when
the kittens really go home as long as they’re weaned I have no clue how old
Sadie is I’ve had her for two or three weeks now and when I picked her up I’m
assuming she was either six and a half weeks to seven weeks old I don’t think
she was quite eight weeks I definitely know now I think she is eight weeks
because based on her weight and everything I know kittens are not
supposed to go to a new home until eight weeks of age I know how important is for
an animal to stay with their mother and even if they’re weaned to learn skills
from their mother and siblings and things like that I didn’t really have a
choice and to pick when I could bring her home obviously but she is doing fine
she is eight weeks now she’s on a diet of raw food because I do not trust pet
food companies there’s no regulations towards them and there’s a lot of really
bad brands out there and this is what I think is best for her she’s doing really
really great on it and she’s gaining weight steadily I waited so long to
introduce her to you guys because I wanted to make
sure she got checked by a vet first before introducing just to make sure
she’s all healthy and all good and today actually I brought her home from
the vet she got one of her first shots as well as another test done and then in
four weeks she gets another booster I think it is but the vet said she’s very
healthy and I didn’t tell you guys yet but sadie is a female diluted calico if
you didn’t know I had a cat six months ago who had to be put down from old age
she was around 14 to 15 years old and she was a calico as well and she had a
very special place in my heart so to have Sadie and another calico in my
house makes my heart feel very very full now as for the other animals in my home
because they obviously come first before getting a new pet I had to make sure she
was all good with all of the animals which Isabella could not care less
Isabella is like what is this small ball and like looks at her and it’s like I’m
trying to sleep for the hamsters sadie is very very interested in them so I am
going to make sure that my cages are extra secure so that nothing can happen
to them the rabbits are mixed so so on Sadie, Sadie thinks they’re interesting
but also scary and Lola doesn’t mind Sadie
Cleo absolutely hates Sadie and she has already grunted and tried to chase at
her so obviously they don’t get to interact with each other if they don’t
like each other should this be the thumbnail? a moo stache where you going? hey! are you caught in my hair? ohh nd now you’re eating it oh my gosh so I actually have a package
right here it’s been sitting here the whole time if you didn’t I notice I just
ordered this I wanted to unbox it on camera because I’m like really excited
about it I ordered Sadie one of those cat water fountains because the cats
usually drink from them more than just standing water they usually like flowing
water better and I also got her this toy which I think she’s really going to like
look at it it’s a little it’s like one of these three ball things where they
like hit it I’m so excited to see if she likes it if she doesn’t I will be very
sad and then here is the pet fountain so I’m very excited! should we like put
this together? so I chose this pet fountain solely based on the color
scheme it’s my favorite color and it’s amazing it also did have good reviews I
wouldn’t have bought if I had like one star just for the color but the color is
a really big reason that I bought it sadie is a real blast she loves playing
with toys all different types of toys she loves attacking her little mouse toy
she also loves to play on my staircase down in the basement that is like her
all-time favorite place to play so she’s just a really fun loving kitten
and I just I’m obsessed with her but don’t worry this channel is not going to
be a cat channel obviously I just wanted to introduce you guys to her because you
will see her from time to time on my channel and in vlogs or just randomly in
the background okay yeah we’re gonna have to put this together okay byeeee just jump out whats that? Oooh so scary, loud noises look what I made you it took like ten
minutes but I got it all together you have to hit it oh oh she’s
using it *gasp* this is amazing honestly ten out of ten would recommend so I hope you
guys have enjoyed meeting Sadie she’s definitely a handful but she’s
completely adorable I’m so happy to have her so yeah guys thank you for watching
bye say bye Sadie

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