Henry Golding From Crazy Rich Asians Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

– [Woman] Have an interview
with your kittens. – Oh my God. How many are there? So you have to ask me questions whilst I’m… (excited squeaks) I love kittens. They’re so distracting
and cute, come here. (upbeat instrumental music) Hey guys, it’s Henry Golding here, from Crazy Rich Asians. Buzzfeed gave me kittens. (excited squeals) (upbeat instrumental music) A house for kittens. I think one of those
kitten cafes or a cat cafe. I have an obscene fascination with cats. It’s kind of embarrassing. But they’re so cute. This one’s pretty cute. Either that, or buying out
somewhere like Disneyland. I hate crowds. So just bringing family
and friends over there and having a good time
without having to cue and then filling the entire place with cats and dogs and puppies. That’d be the best. (upbeat instrumental music) I’m gonna say Jimmy O. Yang plays Bernard Tai extremely well. The obnoxious cousin with
ridiculous amounts of money. That would be a fun role. If not, Awkwafina kills it as Peik Lin. That would’ve been a wicked role. I don’t know about the wig though. That looks pretty itchy. Nobody wants to play with me. I gotcha. There we go. Hello, hello. (upbeat instrumental music) Oh man, I think I was like,
I must’ve been about four. I’ve got photos where I was very young, sort of just holding tight to cats. And actually, one of those photos I put up on Instagram and
it got me a movie role. This is bringing back memories. (playful instrumental music) They’re all leaving me. (woman laughs) This isn’t how it’s meant to go, guys. Here we go. See what’s on there. I got you. No escape now. John scoured pretty much the entire world for asian acting men. When I got the news, I was having this furious
fight on Valentine’s Day with my wife. I get the call, it’s John, everything stopped. And he told me the great news. And obviously the rest of
the day went really well. (playful instrumental music) I think it was just
that family camaraderie. We were such a tight-knit group. Every single night we’d go out for dinner, we’d hang out, I’d show
’em around KL or Singapore, and we were all there together. Asians from America, from the UK, from Australia, from
Malaysia and Singapore, it was really special. Like these kittens. Oh, this one’s so fluffy. So fluffy. Well, you missed Michelle Yeoh. Michelle Yeoh is the biggest, amazing, female asian star in the universe. She was queen on and off the set. So classy, so down to earth, every morning she’d come on set, she’d like hug everyone from
the grips, the lighting, to the B actors, to all the ADs that’s exactly how you want
a movie star to act like. She was priceless, I love her to bits. (playful instrumental music) I think John Cho has been
killing it when it comes to being sort of Asian
leading man in a lot of films. Like he’s producing his own movies, telling his own stories. Ang Lee. He is like amazing. So I think doing a film with
Ang Lee would be breathtaking. They’re having so much fun behind me. (laughs) Have fun in here. You’re so cute. Oh, hello. I’ve coached him into being my friend. Don’t leave, no don’t leave me. Oh, okay. (upbeat instrumental music) You know, in the core of it, like Nick is a really well traveled guy, he puts family and love
first before family riches, and I think he just wants
to do the right thing. He sees the error of his ways and tries to make amends with Rachel. I just got a kitten butt in my face. It was a little silly
in not preparing Rachel. Maybe he was afraid that something… Look, this guy’s trying to escape. Don’t do it. Come back. He wants to be independent
and not have to rely on being their heir to this
ridiculous family throne. I guess we have that in common. I definitely don’t have the bank account. Like, I wish that was something
perhaps was available. (upbeat instrumental music) I don’t believe in having regrets. Just think of it as a learning process. I’ve never let anything get me down. Otherwise you’re just
gonna have bad vibes, negative energy. Let it go. Be like a kid and forget about it. Oh. So if you guys are interested in adopting any of these really cute kittens, please go to Best Friends Animal Society and that’s bestfriends.org. They’re all up for adoption. Adopt, don’t shop. (lips smack) Alright, alright, stay here. (upbeat instrumental music)

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