HELLO KITTY Shanghai times – new THEME PARK

HELLO KITTY Shanghai times – new THEME PARK

We have got tickets for hello kitty And I think its a little bit small inside but we dont know yet Its sooo big in here! Thank god you dont have to fly your drone He is going to make a tattoo The tattos is so sparkely We both made tattoos!

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  5. Wow, such a cute indoor themepark, love the tattoo too with glitter on it, so many fun activities there

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  21. This Hello Kitty looks amazing nice and very similar to the Hello Kitty in Japan.
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  27. Amazing vidéo, just the music in Chinese is not so comfortable for me, especially a song "the Sun are raising from Tiananmen…"

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  34. Wow! been there too! Very cute place and cutie cutie girls 🙂 also may you like check out my hello kitty song (original composition) https://youtu.be/KFmGCnFuwo0 🙂

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