Hello Kitty Kitchen Re Ment | Part 4

So let’s take a look at the next one. It looks as though in this one, we can make some lunch. So in this one we get a loaf of bread. And we get this little flask, to keep your
soup warm or hot drink warm. And then we get this adorable little bowl,
with Hello Kitty. And into the bowl we actually have some lovely
soup to pop in. We get two slices of bread. And actually feels and looks like bread. But not only that…
A slice of ham… Some lettuce. Little leaf of lettuce… Some cheese in the shape of Hello Kitty’s bow. So we can make our own little sandwich. And finally we get a bread board in the shape
of an apple. So onto the final blind box. And in this last box comes, what looks like… a casserole. So we have the little casserole dish. And into the casserole dish, we can put the
actual casserole. And then it comes with this Hello Kitty spoon. Pop that in there like so. And it comes with, which I think is, some
stock cubes. This is the little tray. Stock cubes go into
the tray. Then we get this tiny, little box. For some kind of beef stock maybe? I think possibly we can actually put the stock
cubes into the little box. Yeah we can. Little Kitty has her own stock. Finally it come with a little plastic chopping board. You can see little Hello Kitty’s face. We get a knife. And this little apple as well…which has
started to be peeled. Can you see that? Well I have to say all of these little things
are really sweet. There’s so much detail gone into every little thing.
It’s so difficult to pick a favorite. Well guy’s thanks very much for watching again.
And we’ll see you again soon. Bye for now.

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