Hello Kitty board: combination of straight and V-inlays

Hello Kitty board: combination of straight and V-inlays

I think everybody knows this cartoon The board will be made of maple, inlays of padauk, wenge and oak. The customer wants nose to be made of oak Padauk inlay will be straight, the next inlays will be V-shaped In theory all inlays may be V-shaped But in practice it is difficult to position the board exactly at the same place after removing For example two V-inlays First – padauk V-inlay, second – wenge V-inlay In case of positioning error the router bit may pass a little to the left or right Then after sanding the white maple line may appear between wenge and padauk. The second example: straight inlay and then V-inlay In this case gap between wenge and padauk will be much deeper. It is better to use combination of straight and V-inlay for precision work

23 thoughts on “Hello Kitty board: combination of straight and V-inlays

  1. I have admired your work for several years now but have never commented. I am very interested to understand how you set up your cuts for the inlays. I use the same software as you but have only done v carving so far. Could you do a video where you show the computer side of things? I am especially interested to see the cut paths. Both how they are composed as well as how you choose to sequence them. I love the way you are able to “paint” with different species of wood. Wenge has always been one of my top favorites as well. Thank you for posting these videos and I wish you and your family a merry Christmas 🎄.

  2. Нос как-то не очень получился, почти не видно. Было интересно про прямую и V-вставку.

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  7. Хорошая копия рисунка получилась! Вручную с такой точностью сложно сделать.

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