HELLO KITTY 🎀| Draw My Life

HELLO KITTY 🎀| Draw My Life

Hello Kitty! Everybody knows this white cat with a red
ribbon decorating her head. Hello Kitty became one of the most famous
characters in the world with its first appearance in 1974 in Japan, called back then Kitty White. When people saw her, everybody would greet
her saying Hello, Kitty, HENCE the name. Reality is, she is a girl born in the suburbs
of London on November 1st. Her sign is a SCORPIO and her favorite color,
red. She weights the equivalent to 3 appels and
she is 5 apples tall. Her personality is sweet, innocent and friendly. Her hobbies are baking, origami, playing piano,
playing tennis and collecting adorables things. She was created by Yuko Shimizu, designer
of other characters such as Angel Cat Sugar or Rebecca Bonbon. For Hello Kitty, Yuko found inspiration in
one of the most ancient japanese cats, the BOBTAILS. The name comes.from the little tail they have,
between 8 and 12 cm. Yuko collaborated with the japanese company
Sanrio that works on the design of BRAND name PRODUCTS, and they released this character
that became the KAWÁII ICON. In 1980, Hello Kittys design went to Yuko
Yamaguchi, Sanrios designer. Lots of people considered her Hello Kittys
mom, since she spent the longest TIME next to the character. Thanks to her success, they created the Hello
Kitty World, with lots of characters that accompany her. Her dad, George White, her mom, Mary White
and her twin sister Mimmy, who uses a yellow ribbon instead. Her grandparents, Margaret and Anthony White. Her friends: Cathy, Fifi, Rori and hee best
friend Dear Daniel, who loves dancing. And her pets, Charmmy Kitty and the hamster
Sugar, who are best friends. And lots lots more! Despite her being a cartoon, Hello Kitty is
also importantin politics. In 1994, she became the childrens ambassador
of the United Nations, the first cartoon character to HOLD such a position. In 2008 she was chosen as the DIPLOMAT AND
TOURISM AMBASSADOR of Japan in China and Hong Kong. On her 40th anniversary, in 2014, she went
to space on a satellite, where she sent messagges as part of a campaign. In 2017, along with Pikachu, she was the ambassador
of the japanese city Osaka during the PROMOTION of the cándidacy of the city for the Expo
2025. Hello Kitty was mentioned in the Forbes magazine
as one of the best-selling licensed entertainment products. Her first apparition was printed on a little
purse and we can now find her in about 50.000 products that are sold in more than 70 countries
in the world. We can find her in tshirts, stationary, tv
series and videogames. She has her own brand of wines and also appears
in the taiwanese airplane fleet Eva Air, in Mitsubishi cars and even in GRAVESTONES. In Yuanlin, Taiwan, there is a Hello Kitty
hospital dedicated to maternity MATTERS. In 2018, the bullet train of the brand was
born! For the real FANS in Japan. She has a very broad audience, and some famous
celebrities are fans of her: Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry.. Hello Kitty always follows FASHION! She is a fashion icon and her face decorates
lots of jewels, clothes and accessories of the most famous brands. Lots of people wonder where all that success
comes from. Maybe the key is in her facial expression. Since she doesnt have a mouth, she is a perfect
tool for interaction and empathy. She transmits the feelings we need at every
moment, and this is probably why adults and children from different cultures feel identified
with her. Hello Kitty is one of the most famous characters
in the world. She has become a Kawaii symbol, an icon OF
friendship and fashion, and she has conquered three different generations!

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  1. Hey dont like him his evil hes a killer her name is hello demon nooooo hoo have toys off hello demon he will move

  2. Well the reason why hello kitty doesnt have a mouth cause watch hello kittys backstory evil scary shes ears looks like a devils horn anyway


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