Hannah Hart Plays With Kittens While Answering Fan Questions

– People who are, like,
super-villains or whatever, they always are depicted holding cats. That’s nuts! How could you be compelled to
dominate the world right now? I never want to move again! (upbeat jazzy music) (kittens mewing) Hello, I’m Hannah Hart, host
of Food Network’s I Hart Food and today I’m going to be
answering your questions with some extra-special guests. ♫ Let’s just bring out the kittens Do we have babies? (gasping) Oh, hello! Can we get more kittens? I actually have three cats in my lap. One, two, three. The last one is asleep and he’s hiding! I started out My Drunk Kitchen
as a joke for a friend. I was a proofreader working
at a translation firm. I had just moved from
San Francisco to New York and a friend of mine– Oh, he’s so cuddly and warm! A friend of mine was going
through a little bout of depression and I just wanted
to make a joke to cheer her up. I will have all the cats. We’ll get every single kitten that’s here. Ah, yes! (upbeat jazzy music) I Hart Food is show that’s
about going to different cities across America and seeing
how each of those areas highlight local ingredients. How many ways can you cook a lobster? Isn’t it all basically the same? That’s something we explore. (smooching) (upbeat jazzy music) I think the best thing I ever made, well, I made souffle and
it wasn’t that hard, guys, so that’s all I have to say about that. And the worst thing I ever made? There’s nothing, no regrets. I don’t think you can
be an online creator, you know, I’m going six years strong, and I don’t think you can
look back and think that you’ve made any big mistakes,
unless of course you did, and then you made an episode called My Drunk Kitchen: Whoopie Pie where you explain that you’re sorry. I say we do this for every interview. You guys like this? Choo-choo-choo-choo-choo! Oh, my God, I think I like this! (upbeat jazzy music) No, restaurants are really
dangerous investments and I’m more of a
type of person Now, would I ever consider
opening a cat cafe? Yes. Just be cool. Don’t get too excited. This is the key to making content. You just let it happen
if it’s gonna happen and if it’s not? Oh, my God, oh my God, it’s happening. All the kittens are here. Every kitten is here. It was here for a moment and now I believe that moment’s captured in time. Forever! (dramatic music) (camera shutter clicking) (upbeat guitar music) I would say you’re perfect
exactly as you are. You already know that. Don’t let anyone teach you otherwise. Also, take as long as you need. I always feel like there’s a
lot of pressure to come out but you should come out
when you’re safe and sound. You know, when you feel
like you’re in a physically and emotionally safe environment and you have a support group, then come out. Don’t come out just
because people are saying, “Why aren’t you coming out already?” Ugh! Like, take as long as you need. It’s your journey, nobody else’s. You guys smell so fresh
and so clean-clean! Are you out, cats? (giggling) Hi, do you like puns? If so, then you’ll love I Hart Food. (upbeat guitar music) Yeah, Britney Spears was
a real inspo for that! (laughing) Right, you guys? Look at this! Pa-pa-pa-pa! (gasping) What was it? What did you hear? What did your elf-eyes see? Did your elf-eyes see this bouncing ball? That’s what I see! (upbeat guitar music) Definitely cats. I also believe in kittens
and puppies and babies. (gasping) Hello? ♫ Hello, I love you ♫ Won’t you tell me your name ♫ Yeah, it’s Kitty Oh, bye, guys! They’re not big fans of the oldies. I’ll tell you that right now. (upbeat jazzy music) Happiness means appreciating what you have and staying present in the
moment and not always thinking about what you don’t have. You’re a baby! This is a baby! (kitten mewing) Too cute! I really like ASAPScience. I think that they’re really
crushing it right now. Obviously, my friends. Grace, Mamie, Tyler. I think they’re all hilarious. John Cozart, aka Paint! I really like Minute Physics. I don’t know what he’s
up to these days but Minute Physics was really great. Hello! See, he doesn’t know that I’m really paying attention to him. He thinks that he’s got
me but I’ve got him. I just love answering this
man’s questions over here. Definitely not trying to
get this kitten’s attention. Is it working? (upbeat jazzy music) I would say my go-to drink in college was whatever was available and-or nearby. In college, you really can’t be picky, but you can drink responsibly. (bell ringing) Malibu Coconut Rum. I don’t think anyone
can drink that anymore because of college. ♫ You’re a little kitty ♫ Cute and sweet ♫ It’s okay to go sleep-sleep ♫ Yes you are a kitty ♫ Every day ♫ Yes you’re a kitty ♫ Hey, girl, hey Just so you guys know, these
adorable kittens are all available to foster or adopt at the ASPCA. Go to ASPCA.org/fosterLA. Quick, before I just
take them all with me. (upbeat jazzy music)

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