Guns Explained With Cats

Guns Explained With Cats

If you’re still not sure what to do about guns, let me explain it to you, using this AWFUL cat. (HISS) Now before we start, we can all agree, that banning cats… won’t get rid of all cats. And the majority of people that do own cats are good people. Not every cat… is an awful cat. And I happen to love a cute, cuddly cat. Awww, look at you! SO CUTE! Such a cute little kitty. (Glass shatters) (Hiss) AHHHH!!! SUCH AN AWFUL CAT! That, was an awful cat. -_- And that is what we’re here to talk about. Let’s say you’re at the movies, or church, or school, when out of nowhere, a cat pops up and claws you in the face. *CAT SCREECH* Suddenly, you might want to do something about this awful cat. Now I live on a street that had one awful stray cat, and when no one did anything about it one cat turned into DOZENS. And they were all clawin’ people in the face, and it’s all because my neighbor, the crazy cat lady Mrs.NRA, was leaving out giant piles of treats… for cats. So you explain to your neighbor that maybe it would be okay to have a couple rules for these cats. Now you would hope that a good neighbor would understand, but she freaks out and yells at you that you’re trying to ban all cats. And then you’re just like, “Hey!” I just don’t want to get clawed in the face. I’m not banning anything.” And they tell you maybe if you had your own cat you’d feel better about it. And you say I do have a cat. It’s that cute cuddly one in my window. *meow* That’s not the problem the problem is these- OOWW, AAHH GODDAMNIT!!! So as you can see, we have a cat problem. And all anyone wants is to put some rules in place to stop the excessive amount of awful cats on the street. But instead I’m looking out my window and see an even bigger, scarier, lions, tigers, cheetahs, and AR-15s! That’s not the same as a regular cat! But my crazy cat lady neighbor wants you to think it’s okay for everybody to own a cheetah! (WTH) What? NO! Would you stop it Mrs. NRA? Really! And sure there are people out there with the proper knowledge and training to understand the responsibilities of owning a cheetah. But when the cheetahs keep ending up in schools, clawing kids in the face, I-I don’t think the answer is to put more cheetahs in the school. And I don’t think the best way to buy a cheetah is to walk into Petco and go, “Hey. I want a cheetah.” “Oh, okay. Here you go.” And I think we all can agree that it’s impossible to get rid of all cats. Which is good, because there’s tons of cute cuddly ones. *purrs* But let’s make some rules that limit and prevent how many awful cats wind up on our street. Less awful cats means less people clawed in the face. Sure they still might get attacked by a dog, or abducted by aliens (lol), but let’s handle this one problem at a time. And while this won’t solve all cat problems, there’s a good chance it will help with a lot. Like they had a similar cat problem over on Australia street, and after they put rules in place, good people still own good cats. But no one has gotten clawed in the face in over 20 years! And all the teenagers on my street that are fed up with that cat lady, I’m really proud of you for being so brave. So I hope that explains to you the problem we’re having with guns. Now I have a feeling that the comments on this video are gonna get a little out of hand. If you see that could you help me out? Direct the conversation back to, “What laws can we put in place to get less guns in the hands of wrong people?” It’s important and something we should talk about constructively. How can we stop Mrs. NRA? She’s a good lady. She’s just a little too into her cats. Maybe we could get her to be interested in a new American pastime, like give everyone on the street free apple pie. *Chomp* *NOM NOM* There’s a rally on March 24th in Washington DC, and I would love it if you could attend. I’ll have all that information down below. That’s it. We’ll be back to the regularly scheduled videos starting soon. Congrats to Hello Person for finding this week screenshot. If you find it, and tweet it to me first, we’ll feature it at the end of the video. I am ItsAlexClark. I am having a lot of fun on Instagram lately so come hang out over there, otherwise I will see ya somewhere, ok? BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…..

100 thoughts on “Guns Explained With Cats

  1. Damnit, an AR 15 is not gonna scratch u by itself. Why don’t we fine the crazy cat lady, and only take her cat if it attacks someone? Leave my crazy cat alone unless I don’t take care of it.

  2. You are trying to take the guns away from us but we are getting shot at we need to shoot back and people will find a way to get a gun to shoot us so we can't do anything

  3. disclaimer: yes i get the point your making and i watched the whole video.
    so its the person pulling the trigger and not the gun, and there are rules about getting a gun like a licence.

  4. When you animated the part where you bite into a ” Apple pie” The pie is purple and I’m pretty sure that Apple pie isn’t purple.

  5. My gun is real cuddly, I know this is weird but sometimes I put the head of it in my moth and try to press the trigger

  6. All gun laws are unlawful and unconstitutional. Guns are not the problem in the United States, mental health and lack of respect are.

  7. Took my Winchester .308 to the vet today; he had a misfire, and I was worried we’d have to put him down. Thankfully, the vet identified the problem and removed the hammer. No misfires since!

  8. Gotta say this doesn't make sense. Feels like a dumb analogy well actually I can't even call it one since guns aren't alive. Banning all guns won't stop people from getting them illegally.

  9. I like your shitty metaphors and lack of suddelty. You realise that the majority gun crimes are committed with "house cat", pistols, right? It more has to do with gang violence that anything. I wish you wouldn't make such shitty, uninformed videos.

  10. Nobody in Australia is allowed to own a firearm. They completely banned them. That’s what a mandatory buy back is. You are clueless.

  11. Oh i love cats cats ate good at protecting you in fact they protect more then they claw

    Also a ar 15 is civilian grade and there off the market

    Alex im not just gonna Own just pistols we need rifles


  12. No….. cats are not inanimate object's but guns are! If I put my gun on a desk it does NOTHING…… until someone else touches it which is really where you should be looking I mean people don't demonize cars for running people over they blame the driver who has made a serious error or poor life choices.

  13. its funny now they are saying we will take your cats away 🙂 funny how short of a time it takes for people who once said we wont ban all cats now say you shouldnt have cats. Shame!

  14. Ah yes, the Australia example. Everyone just likes to ignore that gun violence already declining at the same rate before the gun laws.

  15. The media needs to stop giving attention to gun violence. The more coverage, the more it has increased. There is a great video by AlternateHistoryHub that explains it better than I ever could.

  16. ಠ∀ಠಠ﹏ಠಠωಠಠ ͜ʖ ಠಠωಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ_ಠಠ_ಠಠ,_」ಠಠωಠಠ﹏ಠಠ∀ಠಠ◡ಠಠ◡ಠಠ∀ಠಠ∀ಠಠ﹏ಠಠωಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ಠಠ,_」ಠಠωಠಠ∀ಠಠ∀ಠಠ◡ಠಠ◡ಠಠ,_」ಠಠωಠಠ︵ಠಠ ͜ʖ ಠಠ︵ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ◡ಠಠᴥಠಠωಠಠωಠಠωಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ◡ಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ ೧ ಠಠ︵ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ◡ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ ೧ ಠಠ︵ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠωಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠωಠಠಗಠಠωಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠωಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠωಠಠಗಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ︵ಠಠ︵ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠ_ʖಠಠωಠಠಗಠಠωಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠωಠಠಗಠಠωಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ_ʖಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠ,_」ಠಠ﹏ಠಠಗಠಠ﹏ಠಠಗಠಠ_ʖಠಠωಠಠ,_」ಠಠಗಠಠ_ʖಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠಠ,_」ಠಠ_ʖಠಠಗಠ

  17. Man. This is really, not moderate. Guns aren’t aware. And you know he’s doing this not based on fact when, he says AR-15. That’s a hunting gun. If you’d talk about pistols you’d be more inline. But still not that much. Man, I used to agree with this video but dang, cmon man. Please do some research. No matter how many laws you put in. This is the real world. Not fantasy. People have rights and the NRA barely has anything to do with em. And even if you ban guns, criminals exist. They, will, make, guns. Or get them from thousands of other sources that don’t involve buying from legal sellers. Prohibition happened. Alcohol was banned but, oh what’s that? People still drank. Vaping under the age of 18 is illegal. But what’s that? There’s a vaping crisis of people under the age of 18? How is that? Take a guess. I guarantee the same thing will happen with guns.

  18. I heard rumors that there's even illegal underground AR-15 cat variant model fight clubs where those guns are forced to fight against each others to the death it's sad to know we're living in such world nowdays

  19. It‘s sad how people even need weapons for protection. Just shows me how stupid the human race is for being so brutal that you have to fear something could happen to you. No violence, no need for protection. But sadly that won‘t be possible for humans, will it?

  20. There isn’t any problem with guns, it’s just bad people.. Gun laws only effect law abiding citizens, since criminals don’t follow the law.. So, we can do red flag laws, which may work, haven’t seen any statistics on it yet..

    Maybe we could make a law where private sales require background checks? It may work, but think of all the assets and resources it would take to enforce that law..

    Well, we can’t stop the black market… We can’t just ban guns… And don’t get me started on gun laws based on cosmetics… Looks like there’s nothing we can do really…
    I mean, there are at least 30,000 gun deaths maximum every year in the US and 60% of that is suicides.

    Why do people always target the Armalite-15 or similar ‘black’ rifles? Yet, 80-90% of gun crime is committed with hand guns.

    Why don’t people target firearms with wooden parts?

    I don’t see people complaining about the Ruger Mini-14.

    I mean even a politician said that calling rifles ‘assault rifles’ makes people more likely to vote democratic.. (not his actual words but a summarized version to the best of my memory)

    An Assault rifle is a rifle chambered in an intermediate cartridge and has a select fire switch.

    The AR-15 is not an assault rifle.. It does not have a select fire switch..

    This might of cleared up some confusion for some people whose only source of info is the media/msm.

  21. I respectfully disagree with your opinion, here is why. In the form of cats, except it isn't because I don't know how to put it in the form of cats:

    Gun Control has been proven to not really work so well, Chicago has some really strict gun laws. And yet is still probably one of the most dangerous cities in the US. And that is because most guns used to commit crimes in the US are obtained illegally, and criminals don't exactly like to follow the rules. I think relaxing the rules will allow more people to get guns which will allow us to decrease crime in the form of self-defense, and more.

    Australia's gun crime had been decreasing at an identical rate before they put restrictions on guns, and I think putting restrictions on them only hurts the ability for a law-abiding citizen to get them.

    I don't like the NRA much, I prefer the GOA. But I believe the NRA was miss-represented. I don't think it was intentional. But here is how: The NRA is a Civil Rights Organization, it does not sell guns. And does not promote any sort of terrorism, etc.

    Lots of people need guns, especially Armalite-15s. (AR infact does not stand for Assault Rifle.) A study conducted by the CDC in 2008 showed that defensive use of a firearm happened 500 thousand to 3 MILLION times a year, while guns used to commit crimes has happened 300 thousand times or less. And has been decreasing since. City shop owners especially need AR-15s for if a riot happens and they need to protect their family/stock. It is also great for hunting!

    And the reason we have a large crime rate is because there is 350+ MILLION people in the US, while Australia/UK have less than 90 million people. Of course we are going to have a bigger crime rate due to the sheer size of our population.

    Bad people find other ways to hurt people. There were 500 acid attacks in London alone in 2016, and most gun-crime is committed with handguns.

    More people die to car crashes and alike than gun crime, not to say that their lives are not important. But I think the issue is being blown out of proportion in the attempt to rile up fear to further an agenda. Which I think is wrong.

    People who wish to target others are going to GO TO GUN-FREE ZONES. There is much less of a chance of being stopped and you have the ability to do as you wish for 20 minutes until the Police come. A simple sign isn't going to stop someone who wants to commit mass-murder. I think we should abolish gun-free zones. School Recourse Officers are a step in the right direction, but I feel we should hire more from the ex-military/police pool and arm staff so we can protect our children. And keep the staff carrying anonymous. Because if people know who has a gun, they will be sure to target them first.

    Overall, I know you want to help people. But your ways of helping others won't do much.

    EDIT: Also, I think that the problem with the amount of shootings is our lack of need to help the mentally ill, instead of helping them we report them to the government where they are watched 24/7 and their lives made worse. I think we should focus more on helping them.

    Nobody just commits a shooting without having some sort of screw loose.

  22. Love how he even asked for help against all the awesome comments that tell the truth about guns and I haven’t seen a single one helping him

  23. I am not such a big fan of the NRA, but I also am a huge fan of the second amendment. Also the quote: "those who would exchange freedom for security, will soon have neither and deserve it." I am one of the few commenters here who have been in a gun fight, and I am grateful to all who buy their weapons legally TRAIN AND CARRY.

    I forgot why I unsubscribed from you before, now I remember. Bye! You're a funny guy otherwise

  24. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Taking away people's guns solves no problems and makes the situation worse.

  25. Actual Alex Clark Quotes from the video:
    “How can we stop you? Your a good person, your just too into your guns.”

    “If you see people disagree with me then help me out and demand them to agree to new laws”

    He said all of that when you replace his real meaning of cats means guns. And the old lady that “im sure is nice” with gun owners.

    I lost my respect for Alex. He is now nothing but a dishonest person who says “no one wants to take your guns” and “we gotta stop the “im sure is a nice lady” from having guns” it sucks when talented people tell me what I must believe. Sounds very 1940s Germany.

  26. not sure if any law changeis can help, but what would defintly help would be if the news stops giving out the names of the cat wealder

  27. “No I don’t want to take your guns”
    “Hell yes I’m going to take your AR-15”
    There are tons of gun deaths in Australia
    Background checks exist and they should
    Not everyone can own a gun. What other laws would you like?

  28. Except that the guys who fought a war to found our country thought that people having cats was really important.

    So important that they put it in writting that the ability to own cats was not to be infringed.

    Maybe your understanding of arms and their use falls short of you being able to make a good metaphor.

  29. I think too many people support guns because they refuse to admit a lot of larger problems in the country that would limit shootings, such as a limit of affordable mental health care, classism and stuff like that.

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