GoPro on a Cat Left Home Alone

GoPro on a Cat Left Home Alone

Recording, Okay, so I got my new GoPro here along with michael’s new mount and we’re just going to place this around his collar and see what he’s up too while im gone! Ok Micheal, Bye Take care! (Subtitle Editor note:I WONT MISS YOU) Ok so these rest subtitles arn’t micheal saying anything. We the reviewers/editors think this is just funny xD JUST LEAVE SO WHAT TO DO *Piano* SHUT UP STUPID PHONE munch munch munch sip sip sip YEAH…POOP! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? (WHACK!) (Click click click) (Piano Key Strikes) HAI GURL HOW U BEEN! LETS GO OUT (door bell) (door opening) (panting and barking) INSTAGRAM #BLESSED #LEGS (Splashing) BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRV BAI GURL LOOK AT ALL THOSE QUACKERS OH NO… GO AWAY!! Subtitle Reviewers: The Codester Craft | Subtitle Editors: ???????

100 thoughts on “GoPro on a Cat Left Home Alone

  1. Hooray!! haha!! yay!! yes!! hooooooooot!! hehe!! alright!! okay!! yeah!! whoo – hoooo!! IT 'S AARON!! HE 'S BACK!! ah – ha!! hahahahaha!!

  2. What ever if it is fake but they male there own business to have a money did any have cat like that. that know how to make their own video no!! THIS WAS AWSOME

  3. bueno dale pero este es tu momento para tener todas por problemas porque te amo mucho mucho mucho y te voy a dar muchos likes y 100 200 de vacaciones perdón es quecómo tenían mucho y pórtate árbol pero es como fácil bueno yo soy Nicolás Santiago Villegas Hernández y bienvenidos a y bienvenido a Aron animal si por eso bueno ya me despido adiós

  4. I’m so dumb. I didn’t realize it was fake until he started using the phone at 1:32. 😂 I was like “wow so cats can use the remote”

  5. I still want to watch this thinking its real c: much funnier and still awesome hahhaaa great vid n_n good job!

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