28 thoughts on “Goodbye ‘Kitty,’ hello … kid?

  1. So were the fathers buying the little girl doll for themselves? If not, then what the fuck's there to complain about? It's for young kids and adults alike, obviously not aimed at the male market, so what could these fathers possibly be complaining about? LOLย 

  2. This report is wrong for two reasons. 1 it is a cat, 2 they got there advertising right there. ย "Let's give them something to talk about."

  3. Wow talking about killing off your entire brand overnight. This has got to be the stupidest marketing move in history. The whole lore of Hello Kitty is not knowing what it was. People left that to their own interpretation.

    I think most would have agreed that is was a cat.

    In fact many Japanese I have talked to are also suprised. Maybe once worldwide sales start to plung. They will have just an inkling of an idea what a stupid decition this was. What this could be however be is an attempt to put an end to Bruna's miffy design motif lawsuit.

    Which claims Hello Kitty ripped off that characters design.

    Whatever the reason we will soon see the fallout of this. I wonder how long before the company changes it's position to save Hello Kitty from sinking into the sea. ๐Ÿ™

  4. As a scientist/academicion, he asked the owner of San Rio an "absolute" question and hence got an "absolute" answer. ย If he had actually asked a broader question and listened to the owner explain in Japanese, we would have understood what the owner later stated in Japanese that "Kitty White is an anthropomorphic cat, like Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse." ย There, does the FULL truth now clear things up for you? ย  News Syndicates and their sensationalism, SMH.

  5. Will actually Hello Kitty is a cat but not really she's based off of a cat there's no girl who looks like a cat should be immortal so basically does maker monster but not in the bad way but it's just so you know she knows her she's based off cat and she's a cartoon industry

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