funny cat videos AME&YUKI pretty kittens [EXBC] (ENG sub)

please, subscribe my granddaughter’s channel~ E.X.B.C. what’s up! this is Heosu! let me introduce new family of EXBC. Ame & Yuki ! how did i get these kittens? one day, i heard sounds “mya~ mya~” on the street in the morning. a woman of laundry shop had kept these kittens, she told me “the mother cat just left them only 2 weeks” anyway , the first time i met them, they couldn’t open up the eyes. because their mother had not cared them. so their eyes were infested, there were much sleeps in the eyes. look here! look! don’t move! there were much sleeps, but as you see, they can open up twinkle, twinkle. this kitten who got white arms and belly is “AME”. this kitten is “YUKI”. these names mean “rain” and “snow” in Japanese. we named these from the Japanese animation “Wolf children “. right?? say “Hello”! when they wanna milk, the longing look is super cute! they look like the cat with boots from “Shrek” twinkle twinkle! sometimes we will upload some cat video, cause they are new family! you agree? you will appear? won’t you? say “press SUBSCRIBE & THUMBS UP”!

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