Frozen Kitten Brought Back To Life by Family UPDATE | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E04

Frozen Kitten Brought Back To Life by Family UPDATE | The Dodo Comeback Kids S02E04

It was Thanksgiving Day, and all the kids were outside
playing, and, “There’s a dead cat
over here.” – God.
– Is it alive? – I don’t know. I don’t know. – He’s a goner? – No, he’s alive.
– He’s alive! – Oh!
– Dad, can we keep it? – That cat was like,
dead in the snow. His eyes were
frozen open. And I just started to do
these gentle chest compressions. Truth be told, I didn’t even know
if I was doing it right. All the kids were
gathered around. My Dad was like,
“The cat’s dead.” He’s like, “Just stop,
guys, he’s dead.” And over time, people started
to file out of the room. After about an hour and a half
of pumping his chest, he just takes this gentle
inhale [breath]. So I yell at everybody
to come back. – And to our amazement, they’ve got him wrapped up
in a little towel. and he’s alive. He’s as timid and terrified
as you could possibly imagine, but he’s alive.
Barely alive. Like, so limp,
so weak, so frail. – So we stuck him
in a bathtub. We fed him and we gave
him some water. And slowly but surely his pupils
started to go back to normal. And then he just became this full,
alive little — little cat. The vacation kind of
soon ended, and we decided who was
gonna take the cat home. And I have two cats.
[Chuckle] It was apparent that
the home needed to probably be with Branden
and his family. – I want to bring it home.
– Buddy. Oh my gosh, those eyes. We talked about it,
and we’re just like, “Let’s bring him home.
Let’s just bring him home.” – That’s right, get the cat box.
Where’s the cat box? – It’s right next to him. – Hi, baby!
– Look look look. – Hi.
– Oh my goodness. – Hi.
– Oh. It was a bit of a drive home,
so I just held him the whole time and he just purred
instantly. – Welcome home, buddy.
– Can you hear him purring? – You’re gonna come
home with us. We’re home. Are you ready to go
inside? Okay. First night in your new
home, okay? Goodnight, buddy. He just wasn’t really comfortable
being around people and loud noises and
a lot of kids. – We had to earn his trust. Each day that went on,
he would, like, venture out into a new area. Lazarus was a stray cat. He didn’t really have
a home. So when we brought him
in, our family had to learn how to
bring in a cat, and how to adapt him to
a family, family life. Soon he’d jump up
on the kids laps and you go, “Okay.
He’s safe with the kids. He feels safe.” Sit with them for lunch.
“Okay, he feels comfortable.” But it was baby steps
for him. It was like each new thing
he did was letting us know he
feels comfortable with us. – He got less nervous,
’cause he got to know the family
a little more. – Ryler is the one who
stumbled upon him. If I ever can’t find the cat,
he’s in Ryler’s room. As far as Krew, he doesn’t
really get down and play with Lazarus as much
as the other kids do. But he loves him.
Brexsen, Lazarus tends to run a little bit more from him. – Hazy, because she was
a newborn, I think there was always
that trust there. He would lick her head. She would just sit there
and love it. – One morning I found him, you know,
peeking up in her crib, looking over the side. They’ve always had a
special bond, because they’ve grown up
together. Ever since she’s been here,
he’s been here. – Two little babies that were, like,
tiny at the same time, Hazy’s the baby. But, like,
he’s the baby, too. – One’s just furry.
– Yeah. And the other one’s Laz. [Laughter] Those two have always
just grown up together. – And as she’s gotten older
and he’s gotten older, she loves to play with him. – The cat. I love our cat. – She loves cats. – We’re neighbors.
So I would check in, see how the cat was doing.
And to see it kind of progress was
pretty cool. He’s got a personality that
matches the Bingham family. – He’s very curious. – Hi, kitty. Very interested in
anything you’re doing. – Lazarus’ determination
still continues to this day. He’s determined to be a
solid member of this family. ♫ Aw, look at that. He’s just
hugging the crap out of Justin. Oh, yeah, dude.
He knows. – Oh!
– Oh! He ate it. – You’ve gotten big, buddy. – He could fit in the palm
of your hand. He did! This little, lifeless kitten
in the snow, that really had every
reason to give up. But instead, decided to fight
for another chance. – To come over and see him
just be part of the family, it’s just pretty cool. – Lazarus has shown us that there are bigger
things in life. People, and relationships,
and animals, and the love and bond
that you can feel, it’s unlike anything
I’ve ever seen. ♫

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  1. For daily videos of Lazarus and his life with the Bingham family, you can check them out on YouTube:

  2. He looks just like my baby, who I found sick and abandoned in a rain storm when he was 4 weeks old ❤️❤️ love street rat flamepoint Siamese cats!

  3. This family has completely stopped posting about laz on their channel for over a year now!! WHAT HAPPENED TO LAZ?????!!!!

  4. Parents, learn CPR for your kid's sake and the sake of your animal companions! The original video prompted me to learn rabbit CPR.

  5. When you save a kitten and give it a home they never ever forget. We found one in the winter when it was about 5 weeks old. I kept him and bottle fed him. My grandaughter was born a month after we found him. They are really close just like your little girl and Lazarus. I'm so happy you kept him. A wonderful story. The world needs to hear more stories like this.

  6. It's not the safest thing to allow a cat into a baby's crib that can't necessarily move away from the cat. This is how suffocation happens especially if you send your baby to bed with a bottle. I wouldn't ever keep the cat away from the baby but the crib? the cat 100% does not belong in there. I think this is very irresponsible.

  7. I spent 5 years as an EMT. You are not dead until you are warm and dead. A 29 year old Norwegian Doctor spent over 40 minutes under the ice after falling through on skiis. She was back to work 5 months later. Constant CPR while rewarming is 100% the way to go, huge kudos to that man for knowing!

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  16. Always remember that the rules for CPR change when the person dies at very low temperatures: you have more time to work with because brain death is slowed when the body is cold.

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