Flosstube #10 – FFO! The Cabin Path Shawl and more.

Flosstube #10 – FFO! The Cabin Path Shawl and more.

hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel it’s Rachel right here and this is my flosstube episode number ten if
you’re new here welcome my name is Rachel Rae. I go by Rachael Rae on the
Internet my real name is Rachel and this is the video where I share all of
my flossy fiber art stuff so craft stitching and knitting at the
moment if you’re returning thank you for coming back and having a look at what
I’ve done this past few weeks my plan is actually to start doing floss tube every
week very soon maybe maybe starting next week I’m not sure but I have a lot to
share with you today and I might even have more the mail hasn’t finished
coming yet it’s about 11:30 in the morning here and it is bright today so I
apologize the lighting is really off in this room but without any further ado
we’re just gonna get right into it obviously I finished something that
isn’t cross stitching and I’m wearing it right now
look this is the cabin path shawl by Helen Stewart @curioushandmade
I finished blocking it isn’t it pretty it’s so big it’s my arm span so I’m sure
it was designed to to be that way but it just happened to work out that way
and I absolutely adore it now I don’t have much other stuff that I finished
because I promised myself that I would finish this my my excuse me
by my birthday my birthday is the 22nd of February and so I just really really
went gung-ho on it remember how last episode if you were here
I talked about trying arigarumi which is doing crocheted animals because
I want to raise money for the animal rescue collective in Australia and I was
thinking of auctioning that off and I was planning to have enough time to
actually make it and have it for this episode but I didn’t even get a chance
to start because I realized how long this is gonna take as soon as I finished I
think I had something like a few more rows long rows of this to do and then I
was gonna start the border. I didn’t realize how long this border was going
to take like half of the working time of this shawl is the border but fear not I
am I’m gonna make another one and just adjust it again so um the play I am
planning on making another one I will tell you more about this shawl and the
knitting stuff near the end of the video readjust it it’s it’s um I I haven’t
really worn shawls and wearing it the other way kind of looks a little Prairie
ish so we’re not gonna do that we’re just gonna wear it this way anyway
whatever I could adjust that forever um so stay tuned to the end and I’ll
tell you all about this shop but let’s get into cross stitching first cuz
that’s what most people are here for right um so I have a lot of work done on
some of my wips and then others not so much
I also have hauland what else do I have stitchy kindness and update so anyway
the big one is the Harry Potter stitch your own adventure by Stuart Cunningham
it’s called letters to Hogwarts this is the outline of the first month sorry
sunshine so this letter is supposed to be our first our first
letter and inside is the banner of your Harry Potter house what house are you in
I’m a Slytherin and I am doing a slight modification of his pattern I’m going to
be doing the s like as a snake and it’s gonna look really cute and I’m excited
for it the next letter is actually coming out in a few days so I am I am
pretty excited I meant to have one cycle I promise I do learn I I have this
little piece of foamboard so we’ll use this it keep it straight
the fabric that I’m using is crafty kitten.co.UK this is the color
flagstone in this lighting it doesn’t really look like anything but it’s
actually like a lavender gray this is white so I hope you can see it it is and
I think that I could explain this in stone cold coffee crafts is her youtube
channel stone cold coffee crafts talked about
how this looks it’s not the parchment color it’s
definitely not the called for color for what they recommend the pattern be
stitched on but well I I and she I saw a I assume we both kind of watched
people struggle with the borders of the pages that outline the pages here
and because the called for was very close to this light brown inside
the edges there so this color right about there and we watch people struggle
with that and I am glad that I got this kind of gray slightly tinged purple
color because it does it still looks mottled look it’s not just wrinkles
that’s the dye as well but it pops so I really really like it I’m really
enjoying it this is a 20 count aida
stitching one over one and the I’m still doing all of the small corner
stitches and everything the the little H there it’s just it’s so good it’s so
gorgeous and details and I’ve misplaced the the green that I need so I don’t
know where it is it’s probably with another project somewhere anyway and I
made this needle minder if you’re wondering out of a necklace and just anyway that’s that one I have spent a
lot of time working on that as well as knitting this shawl so that was the
majority of the stitching that I did this week or the last two weeks was
spent on this I really just wanted to get a lot of progress because I know
that the next letter is coming out and I at least wanted to get that border done
so all the boring stuff is done and the banner part I say boring I mean for me
borders and long straight lines I find kind of I mean it’s in a way that
repetition is very therapeutic but at the same time and just like I would like
to see something come out of it you know I mean that’s all I mean by that I don’t
I don’t mean to be to be rude. okay next I got stitchy kindness from my friend I got
that’s stone cold coffee crafts and please check her out her link her
youtube is linked below um she sent me the granny Annie that I needed
hold on I’ll show you against this I promise I’m organized you’re not gonna
be able to see that at all this lighting is awful anyway I know this is a
variegated blue floss it’s a variegated blue it goes from
light blue to or sorry a midnight blue to kind of an electric dark blue and
classic color works I was waiting to get that so that I could start the dragon on
my chaotic stupid is not in alignment and I did a lot of work or it seems like
I did a lot of work on this it didn’t take long this is a 14 count AIDA that I
tea dyed myself and the pattern is from snarky art company on Etsy I have
modified it by changing but is not an which they had charted in like a Verdana
font and I just didn’t think that it worked
I thought maybe making it look more graffiti would be kind of cool so that’s
what I did and I just did that myself I didn’t I charted it out on a piece of
graph paper but that was as far as I got with it is not in alignment is wrong
it’s actually out of alignment because because I’m Rachael Rae and I mess up a
lot okay and I’m not gonna pick out I’m not gonna frog all of those letters just
to fix it I think it’s it’s one over somewhere it’s just gonna stay that way
and so here’s the dragon and you know what’s funny and I’m having trouble
showing this off I promise it’ll probably be a gray day next time I do
this and I’ll show you properly or put it in a photo or something
but the lion and the dragon look very different even though they’re using the
same floss I’ve never really worked with variegated properly before and now I
realize that I messed up that’s okay that’s a part of learning right you have
to pull out two strands together and put them together for the variation to work
properly I was doing it the same way I do
any regular DMC floss and obviously it doesn’t show a variation if you do that
so the lion and the dragon look very different but I’m very proud of my
progress and I might redo the lion because of that huh yeah oh and the
needle minder is one I made from a tee turtle pin so I’ll be right back my
husband is coming back and maybe he has some more goodies for us to look at okay
some stuff came in and it’s not the stuff that I thought it would be but I
did get my color street from Mrs Coffee she closed it up with Hello Kitty washi tape
amazing just amazing I wish I could show you all of the washi tape um I I like
color Street I do not I am NOT a rep I am NOT a seller or anything like that I
get my color Street from two different women I talked about it last time and I
plan on making a video maybe I’ll film it today of how to apply color street
nails and my husband hold on one sec okay these are the glare is gonna be
insane okay but these are a rose gold glitter there you go it’s called coming
up rose gold so those are those one pretty this one is rule of plum I love this
one I think this is the one that I’m gonna wear this weekend it’s so pretty I
also got bloody gorgeous yes amazing and the other one was nuclear fusion I love
the names so nice so these are US based those of you who live outside of the
US I’m afraid that unless you find someone like a pen pal who would be
willing to send them to you yeah it can be difficult but it looks like two
stamps from the US will get it here so thank you so much mrs. coffee I really
appreciate that these are they’re just they’re lifesavers for me so I really
appreciate it so that the color Street where am i oh yes my last wip and then
we can talk about all the other things the last wip I have actually has
accessories with it as well so my galaxy unicorn it doesn’t look like much
progress but I’m I’ll explain so the grimeguard which is this piece of fabric
this this kind of protects your stitching from getting all you know
dirty I say dirty because we all stitch with clean hands but it just feels it
feels nice to hold on to something that isn’t the stitching especially because
it’s opal and the opal is abit Scratchy so um also I have this needle minder
which is a little galaxy or a little unicorn farting rainbows or pooping
rainbows I have a there’s an inside joke about me
when I used to go into live streams and people would say throw up your emoji if
you are a creator and I would have a unicorn pooping rainbows because because
why not and so anyway I found these two items on plan to stitch on Etsy so if
you want to check her out this is this is the one that got delayed by like a
month I got the these for myself for Christmas present because I wanted to
use it while stitching this particular piece now the progress on this one is
just looking it looks like one of my stitches kind of came up a little bit I
don’t know how that happened anyway I did 208 and I could get all up in your
business which is this light lavender color here all along here very hard very
hard to see but I’ll try to put in a picture here so that you can see it in
dark light this actually looks amazing so when it’s not lit up when the flash
isn’t on it it looks tremendous and totally different than it does in
daylight so I’ll just put that picture in there so that you can see it but um I
am enjoying stitching on this but I can only really do it for a short period of
time so I think I did about 150 stitches in total from two weeks ago but that’s
also because I was working on this and it took forever so excuse me that is my
last oh which sorry this is non Galaxy fabric galaxy opal by misty mystic
fabrics I always have her link down below and love her fabric it is an 18
count which I found I don’t like but that’s okay else to tell it anyway
because yeah I’m not starting that over we’re not having another one of those
and this is okay so let’s move on I have all my excuse me I have
my method here so gifts I got really spoiled by Heike aka stone-cold coffee crafts
and she sent me a lot of yes she said that it’s my Christmas and birthday in
one she sent me Kreinik metallic thread so pretty you’re gonna see this in
detail next Friday but I also she also sent me sulky thread in green amazing
it’s like the perfect Slytherin she sent me all of the DMC I mean I did
I did pay for for this part she sent me all the DMC that I need for yogacorns
which I asked her to do but all the other stuff is a gift so I can start
yoga corn soon I just need to find the right fabric and this is incredible she
sent me a Mira this is Aphrodite mermaid so pretty so
we were having a conversation about Mira bilias and the ones that we love and…
this is one of the ones that I love and she didn’t just send me this she sent me
a pack as well she made a bead pack for me thank you so much this I don’t think
I can start this for a while but I’ll be on the lookout for good fabric and it’ll
be it’ll be so beautiful I can’t wait I I love Mirabellia yet but that and my
initial first reaction to all that is coming next week because I like to open
friend mail in a dedicated video so that they can see my my reaction to these
things cuz yeah but she already knows she she really overdid herself um I also
I just received a box from Kim so that is gonna
in that video well I don’t know if there’s any stitchy stuff in there yet
but and I think that is it for gifts at the moment yes
Haul, actually I don’t want to close my my book yet okay oh uh let’s start in
order because I have started writing notes about what I do or what I get on
each day so that I can remember what I have done I have a very disorganized
brain and I’m very I’m even having trouble remembering to do this every day
but hopefully it’ll help me to retain information that’s the idea
on Saturday the day after I uploaded the last video I organized and set up more
projects so where did I put them they’re here they’re here somewhere
you know show you oh wait sohal will be in this um I organized some set up more
stuff as I was talking about last time I had a very generous benefactor who
sent me a huge box of floss thank you and so I decided that I would organize
everything and I showed you that last time but then I decided that I would set
up projects that I wanted to start this year and one of them is the peppermint
purple SAL so I started that I got a message from a very very very nice lady
who really wouldn’t allow me to say no she wanted to help me and get me set up
and stuff so she asked me what DMC’s I needed for some projects and I sent her
a list and say just a few would be great and she bought them thank you
you’re way too kind so at that time I was looking through my projects that I
want to do this year and finding the DMC that I need so one of them is year of
black work by peppermint purple and I have quite a bit of the Philosopher’s
this but I will have them all and I’m so excited I really need to start it and I
am thinking about doing it the way that they have here on just plain white you
know which I have hopefully it’s right guys I think it is and also I started
kidding a Grimm and I think I talked about that Grimm’s fairy tales from
CloudFactory this is also a Sal and I’m using the olive oil that green over
there I’ll be using that as the oh you can see it over here um I’ll be using
that as a fabric so I started organizing inking up as well she’s such an angel I
can’t believe she’s doing that okay on Monday I got my crafty kitten that I was
waiting for that’s how I started my did your an adventure letters to Hogwarts
and it also got some of the it’s the fabric of the Month Club
so I find up for the AIDA Club and I have sent off for a second AIDA
around another round of AIDA but I’m going to change that to linen soon so
let’s let’s have a look I haven’t even opened these yet I need to take them out
because I need to yeah I heard them anyway this one is a 16 count nine by
twelve called midnight roses ooh look at that it’s a little bit more subtle in
real life but it is very pretty you can see the the blue and the purple and the
pink midnight roses pretty and I want I
wanted the smalls because I think that I like small stuff and it’ll give me an
opportunity to finish things especially since I have plenty of large projects I’m going to keep them in the bag so
that I know what what the name is until I can get some tag okay this one is a 9
by 12 16 count EDA called vintage of violets yeah I think you can see that it is it’s
very very very subtle even more subtle in real life a lavender cream I don’t
know how they all came out my Lackey purple needle I just got lucky
this one is Valentine roses which is another 16 count pretty and then this one is an 18 count
unfortunately but this is the December 2019 fabric of the month right limited
edition it looks very similar to the other to be honest I don’t see a
difference but it’s longer so that’s nice
18 count very pretty so I like her her modeling is nice it’s a little bit more
subtle than the misty fabrics so if you need something that’s just like a little
not too in-your-face I think that Mirabelli is would look really good on
these fabrics personally but do what you want don’t listen to me okay
yes so Monday I started the letters to Hogwarts um oh yes and then the next day
oh really I won’t talk about right I’ll keep us
stitching ah then plaintiff Stitch came in oh and also I ordered some national
patterns so give me two seconds and I’ll talk about Nashville I’m back
sorry it’s such a nice day today this is a it’s very unusual weather so my
husband is like mad about being outside and like doing yard work yard work not
your hard work anyway I’m drinking tea thank you mom for the mug and I’m will
keep talking Nashville so as you know Nashville is a very big like date for
designers of cross stitch patterns they they release a lot of new stuff and
there’s a lot of exclusive stuff that they release at market they call the
market at the national market at Nashville I decided you know I would
preorder some exclusive patterns and not go to mad I
gave myself a budget I think was $30 and I only got the ones that I really really
wanted so I’m gonna throw up some pictures here
the first that I really wanted that is an exclusive is the bendy stitch II
friendship Sal she and another flaw Stuber did this together and when I saw
it my immediate reaction and you guys are gonna be like but my immediate
reaction was if Hika and I get this pattern we could both stitch on two
copies of it and that way it’s a friendship for us that we could both
keep yeah I’m I’m a little bit sentimental like that anyway so I’m
getting that one and then I’m also getting the Lindy stitches Stephanie’s
Mary Mary needle worker which is not an exclusive but it was something that I
was just like I have to have this so I went ahead and ordered it I didn’t get
the turkey I am NOT into turkeys it is cute but I got Mary Mary needle worker
and then and then I was like what am i doing I should only get exclusives but
at that stage I was like too late and so I saw tiny modernists unicorn tapestry
what yes that it has to be mine that is mine and Misty is going said that she’s
going to die a special limited edition fabric for it and I have to have it so
that’ll be the rest of my budget that’ll put me over $30 or whatever so I’ll get
all of those patterns from misty with the fabric so excited for that
so yeah that’s Nashville I am forcing myself to not buy anymore
I saw the Teresa Kogut has like a book coming out and I’d love to get that book
but like I’ve already gone to provide it and I can’t I can’t
um and it makes me think that I need to start a stitch from stash account what
would you call that like yeah where you what you do is for every every amount of
work you do you get for every amount of stitches you do you get a certain amount
of money allowance for finishes and stuff like that and I should probably do
something like that okay I also oh speaking of gifts
sorry it’s written down here it’s gonna be all higgledy-piggledy cuz like yeah I
this is my brain another gift that I got was pilgrim by long dog oh gosh what is
it long dog samplers um Michael gave me a long dog and I thank you very much for
that I am blown away he was the one that also got me sold arose from heaven and
earth design so thank you thank you so much my plan is to get silk and and I
want to do it in silk I have not decided what colors or fabric I would use but I
love that pattern I’ll have a picture there so you see it excuse me and then
on my birthday on Saturday I went live I don’t know if you saw this I went live
on Saturday and I raised money for the seal rescue Ireland group their
nonprofit charity who helps rehabilitate and release seals back into the wild on
Saturday morning I became a trained seal rescue volunteer I actually have card
and everything I can carry around and so my goal is to hit two
50 euro so that we can sponsor a intensive care unit for seals that have
serious problems and I think we are up to a hundred and eighty four euro so at
the very moment so if you would like to donate to the cause I’m going to keep
collecting money until we hit two hundred and fifty euros I have a link to
my paypal down below and I’ll have a link to the Facebook donate button if
you want to press that button and donate like five bucks or whatever that would
be amazing it would certainly help us go over the
edge and do a little bit more for animal rescue I love I love doing that kind of
stuff so if you can help out that would be wonderful I will have the links down
below so that you can click them and it’s nice and easy thank you all to
everyone who has donated so far we will get there 250 is not very far away and
if we get close enough I’ll just go ahead and donate you know everything so
what was the last thing I think that’s it for stitching yes I think that’s it
for stitching okay let’s talk about yarn so let’s let’s start with stuff that I
got stuff that I want and then I’ll finish with the shawl again because I
like making any way to the end so I am a member of the six-month Witcher yarn
club by curio yarns and if you don’t know curio yarns is a an independent
Dyer on Etsy this is her logo so cool love it absolutely love it she’s like
she’s in this it’s like a horn or a shell and then she’s dying the yarn it’s
beautiful anyway um she is also a yarn tuber yawn and podcaster Ellie and Ellie
is dying these amazing yarns and this is the first one um you have trouble
showing you all the colors because is quite dark and the lighting is silly
but this is yennefer of vengerberg you know furtive Engelberg the first
character in the series and wow these colors are so her even though she only
wears black in the TV show I love her character this is so this is the first
and I think I will have a link to her Etsy shop in the description you can
have a look she was selling more three months subscriptions or opened it back
up I don’t know show that up the six month
again because yeah we’ve already started but whoa I’m just I keep turning it
because I want you to see all the color um I want to put this on on on my knots
the pinna and make a cake out of it very soon but I have to make something
special my my first reaction was to start and make like a diagonal poncho
type a poncho situation but now I feel like I’m gonna have to make different
things out of each one so I’m gonna wait I’m gonna wait
I might display these probably in the mean time because they’re just so
gorgeous just beautiful I love these colors look at that look at look at it
so anyway the winter yarn club if you want to sign up I’ll I’ll put her down
below anyway check out what she’s got because she has some she has other yarn
already and I love it I told you about the Heather that I used to make this
Heather and sea glass by Monica over at Kamra yarns but I just I brought it out
there because I want to show you something in a little bit we’re going to
talk about an oopsie I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t make
mistakes and learn from them um oh oh well it’s fine it’s alright um
sugar I forgot I forgot to talk about something in cross-stitching
um just real quick this is a bags plus mini flip for cross stitching and bags
less which I’ll have down there they’re based in the UK they have just she has
just started to make foldable ones which is amazing and I like them and I just
wanted to I wanted to bring that to your attention and then I totally spaced out
this is why I have notes knit crate knit crate is late this month they had an
issue and with shipping so it is still on the way February’s box and March’s
box should be on the way as well so exciting stuff they’re probably gonna
get here around the same time or within a week of each other and I’ll show you
when they come in I am excited March I attempted to change my box I
don’t know if it allowed me to or not but we’ll see cuz the colors are a
little bit I don’t want to spoil it for anybody who’s not doing it but the Thera
bit muted they’re a little bit different than what I like obviously I like really
bright stuff you know um it’s getting warm in here because the Sun is just so
bright anyway um I I got a pattern for from
Heidi kim meyer on Ravelry it’s called the Jetstream shawl over here I always
get some time sorry um and I’m thinking about using the Jetstream shawl pattern
with the missile oh yarn that I got and uh I showed you
last time um this soft baby alpaca we’ll see what
else did I do with yarn other than this I don’t think I did anything okay let’s
talk about the show so cabin path shawl by Helen Stewart she is a genius and she
has a lot of really beautiful patterns the reason that I chose this one was
because Michelle Bendis did she was doing her land of sweets cowl which is a
bunch of lacing and beautiful detail work and I just am too novice for that
this was hard I’m not gonna lie it took me three or four tries of starting the
border to actually get it right and thank you to everybody who is on my
facebook business page following my page liked my page and also to everyone in
the crafters anonymous Facebook group then I run with mrs. coffee I asked for
help because I’m still learning and I realized that when you do when you’re
doing what I don’t have the pattern on me right now when you’re doing a slip
stitch sometimes you keep it in the front but most of the time you bring it
to the back and I wasn’t bringing it to the back and I was like what the heck is
wrong with this and anyway eventually I figured it out and and it worked um but
let’s talk about the big oopsie so I finished it and I was so excited I mean
I wore it out to dinner cuz we went out for dinner on no Sun Saturday night yeah
on my birthday and I wore it out and I hadn’t stretched it out yet and I looked
all funky and then this is why I have to take it off okay
um and then it was yesterday yeah it was last night when I went and I finally
started to block it the only way that I knew how to block a piece of knitting
was to wet it so it’s a little bit a little bit lighter than it used to be but it’s still really beautiful and it
still has all of that beautiful coloring in it but I did make a huge up see when
you have height hand dyed yarn do not wet it I’m sure there’s a way to make
this color fast but I don’t know I’ll show you up close what it looks like
here’s the border well you can see that a good view of my armpit the way that I
blocked it so I wet it and then patted the water
out and then I like you know precedent I didn’t ring it so I pressed the water
out and then I had this I had excuse me they have these blocking mats on Amazon
that you can buy and basically they’re their puzzle piece mats and they have a
grid on them which is super handy but I didn’t want to pay 15 pounds for those
so what did I do um I went to the dollar store and I got
the baby dance now this this actually has the number nine it just fell out on
floor so I got a set of these for 8 euro and then I went to the charity shop and
I got a gingham duvet cover which was five euros and I washed this
immediately and just lean it out on the puzzle piece mat for kids and there you
go it works perfectly it works perfect it
was I got it within if you you know few days
basically and and you know what’s the word I’m giving this a new life I’m
giving it purpose otherwise it probably would have ended up in landfill because
it is not pretty but it’ll be used for ever and ever never as I’m doing so
that’s exactly okay so that was my horror story with this but at least the
points are stretched out I just use normal pants but I need I write about
t-pins they’re shaped like T’s they’re anti rust and stuff and I definitely
want to get a set of them because I will be doing more knitting in the future and
I think that’s all I have to share with you guys today’s episode is a lot
shorter I think then normal but I’m trying to be a bit more concise I do
like to talk a lot though and I like to enable people so please check out my
yarn dyers down below I was thinking about joining another or I do have sorry
I was thinking about joining another NIC group like a knit crate type thing a
subscription box but then I remembered that I have Ruby and roses yarn coming
this month and it’s gonna be beautiful this is Monica’s again I love this
colorway I love it look but you can see that it’s a little bit more faded than
it should be anyway the last thing that I’m gonna mention I would like you to
leave me a comment if you were a knitter and let me know what’s your favorite
easy one skein project for a baby blanket as I told you as I mentioned
before my little sister is pregnant and thinking about knitting her a blanket
I’m going to go to the I’m going away this weekend and I’m gonna be living for
very special yarn for her there are two yarn shops that I’m planning on going to
so if you have a pattern I’d like to have a look at it while I’m there so
that I know how much to get but if it’s one skein I don’t want to show you this
game that I’m thinking of but um I’m thinking I’m in two months if it’s one
skein then I can definitely manage it and I could use whatever I have but
that’s it that’s all I have to say I’m just routing on now if you if you have a
nice baby blanket pattern preferably that’s free but if it’s not
that’s fine I don’t mind paying for it I’d like to hear your suggestions in the
comments thank you all so much for joining me today in my plus tube and I
will see you next week for an update because I’m going to do
this um as long as long as I have the time to be doing it thank you all so
much for watching and liking and sharing subscribing and I’ll see you all in my
next video take care guys you

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  1. Hi dear Rachel Rae! Always many greetings for you share your amazing videos. Sure, your work is absolutely great! πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸ‘β˜˜β˜˜β˜˜

  2. Hi Rachel. Great video as always. Really enjoyed your fosstube projects though I dont do meddle work I still enjoy seeing them. I dont have a knitted baby blanket pattern. Perhaps try some knitting utubers. They would have some with tutorials aswell. Just a suggestion. Love how the shawl came out. The blocking you can put down to experience lol. But great job on it .for your first attempt at knitting I wouldn't be to hard on yourselves. It's the process right..hope you have a great weekend

  3. The shawl turned out great! I love bright fabrics, and those pink and purples, oh my goodness! I'm not a knitter but I love the colors you pick for the yarns lol

  4. Your shawl turned out great! Love the needleminder and grime guard as well! I’m doing my market shopping today! πŸ’œ i hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Honestly, I don't think it's your fault that the colors ran in your shawl. That should have been taken care of after the dying process. At least that's what I believe. I know my Madeline Tosh yarn smelled like vinegar when I received it because that sets the dye. Most people wet block their pieces to get them to lay just right. Especially with the lace work you have. I don't think steam blocking would have made it as nice. But maybe it would. I'm not sure. I haven't done much lace work yet.

  6. I love your shawl! But you know that already ;o)

    And don't worry about the Mira, there is no pressure to get that one done at all. The hunt for the perfect fabric will probably take you a while, if I go by my own example… goodness. XD

  7. As for me and me only…I do not use anything with wool blend on a baby blanket. I always use only acrylic because it is machine wash and dry. That is a must with a baby blanket! Babies are messy on clothes and blankets! The yarn bands will show if you can use a washer and dryer or if it is hand wash and dry fat! Again…my opinion only!!!
    I'm violently allergic to wool and lanolin which is sheep oil. It seems like babies are very sensitive to everything!
    Your shawl is magnificent! I can't believe you have finished it that fast! You go Girl!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Every time you mention your olive oil fabric I have to giggle! My old brain instantly sees Pop-eye and his woman!!! That was my favorite cartoon as a child! LOL πŸ˜‚
    On the hook crochet YT channel uses a spray bottle to dampen her yarn after she has it laid out and pinned when blocking. Check her out! I enjoy her. She does crochet but is trying to learn to knit! ( look just for tips)
    I love your videos. I watch all just don't comment! πŸ’œπŸ˜

  8. Bloody Gorgeous is one of my favs from Color Street! Your shawl looks amazing! I'll bet nobody would have noticed the lighter colors if you hadn't mentioned it. Thanks for sharing all those goodies!

  9. I'm hopeless at counted cross stitch, it's the counting I find difficult. Love embroidery though with or with out needs. Did a very large gasha girl. Took me over 2 years. Proudly hung In my hall way so it doesn't fade.
    Loving your cross stitch, such patience x

  10. I don't cross stitch currently or knit or anything, but I love watching your floss tube videos solely for how excited and happy you get while talking about them. It makes me happy to watch that! Thanks πŸ™‚ your projects are so beautiful! Great job ❀❀❀😊😊😊

  11. Hi, Rachel, just caught one of your video and now hooked. But while listening and if I hear right you birthday is on the 22, so is mine. Don’t find a lot of same day birthdays. It is also George Washington birthday. So happy belated birthday πŸŽ‚

  12. Hi Rachel, I really love your choices of color that you use for your projects, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to offer an opinion on a color of fabric from Mystic Fabrics that might go well with a project I have in mind. Misty has such lovely colors on her shop and you have such an eye for color. I am going to attempt to cross stitch the Chinese Temple, you had done an unboxing of it for a diamond painting a while ago. So fingers crossed at my attempt to chart the image. and if you are unable to offer an opinion, I understand. Thank you.
    PS. I really love all of your videos, I meant to say that a while ago, its just I tend to lurk.

  13. Good Evening Beautiful RachelπŸ’œπŸ’œ
    My gosh the shawl turned out so well. That yarn is beautiful.
    All the pretty fabrics😻
    I would really love some sort of galaxy Aida for a galaxy cat I’ve had in my stash for a while.
    πŸ˜• unfortunately not something I can do.
    Hope your having the most amazing wk.

  14. Hi hunnie loving them nails can you do video on how to put them on. Cross stitch is coming along really great looks awesome. and love the shawl well done you. TFS hugs xxxx

  15. The shawl turned out beautifully!!!!!❀❀❀ You should totally make & send me one using shades of green πŸ§ΆπŸ˜† Do you know if the Witcher yarn can be bought individually or do you have to do the subscription? I've got a project I want to do (in the future) and that yarn is perfect for it! I just dont need 6 months of subscription worth of it πŸ˜•

  16. I switched my knitcrate for March as well. I decided to go with a sockcrate this month because I liked the colors better. πŸ˜€

  17. I have a really great pattern for a baby blanket (I've made it at least 4 times) but it's not a one-skein project and it's for crochet. πŸ˜› But if you're interested, let me know! lol

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