First Hello Kitty Haul (Tagalog with English subtitles)

Hi guys welcome to my channel Today, I will be doing a haul video of all the Hello Kitty items I bought Almost all the items I will show you, I got from Amazon And there were 2 items I got from Walmart I didn’t buy a lot This is the biggest box. I will just start unboxing this one Then, I will show you the rest of the items The first item I got Here it is is a Hello Kitty false lashes case I Always wear false lashes every time I travel or when I am going out so this will be really useful to me Every time You buy a false lashes, it comes with a plastic container So there’s a tendency that your false lashes might get ruined This will help to keep your lashes in shape You can put two pairs here It’s really cute The next item I got is a pair of Hello Kitty sunglasses It has bow and whiskers and this is what it looks like It’s white and it has red ribbon design here I’m going to try it on See It’s really cute and pretty It also came with a case so whenever you are not using the sunglasses you can put them inside, so they won’t get scratched I also got a travel size Hello Kitty brush set and this is what it looks like It’s not pink On the screen it might appear or look like it is pink, but in reality It is lavender or light purple And this is what it looks like inside They’re just small travel size brushes There’s one brush that I think doesn’t belong here It’s different from other brushes It’s yellowish with a brown tip Unlike the rest of the brushes that are white with a pink tip The quality is not that great, it sheds pretty easily so I’m not sure if this will last long But I don’t really care. I’m still going to use it The next item I got Is a set of pigtails and rings This is smaller than what I expected I thought it would be similar to the one I got and I thought the box would be bigger but I didn’t really read the descriptions As you can see, this is for toddlers so I will just send this to my niece because she can get a lot of use from this I also got a soap or lotion pump This is really cute because the design is a big Hello Kitty This is what it looks like It has a really good quality item. However, it’s breakable So be careful when you use it The biggest item I got is this Wow! It’s really cute This is a Hello Kitty popcorn maker It’s really cute and it comes with measuring scoop I will make a separate video To show you If this popcorn maker works I also got A Hello Kitty dancing water speaker This is what it looks like It didn’t come with a separate box, it arrive like this As you can see, the shipping Is on the back I just removed my address,so you won’t see it I will show you what the inside looks like Wooo…It’s really beautiful. OH MY GOSH! Okay, wow! This is what it looks like It’s really cute You can connect this to your cellphone Or laptop. It has a USB cord here Once I do the video for the Popcorn maker I bought I will include this one as well To show you that it’s working or if it is working The next item I got is this This is a Hello Kitty apron At work, we have an event Where we have to wear an apron And who ever have the prettiest apron won I just got a simple one. It’s light pink It has Hello kitty’s face embroidered here and it also has a bow It’s very simple I also got a Chefs hat to partner this It is not Hello Kitty But it is pink. I can’t find a Hello Kitty one But, I still bought it because that is the closet I can partner with my apron We’re down to the last three items I will just start here This is a Hello Kitty blanket that comes with Plush Here Actually, this is not our team here in Minnesota The one that I got is the Seahawks from Seattle, Washington That’s okay because I have a friend from Seattle. Hello! This is what it looks like It has an original NFL logo and inside this show what the blanket looks like. It’s really cute Right now, you can see that Hello Kitty is Hugging the blanket But once you use it, you might not able to return it back to this form I thought this was the type where you can still fold back like this I know you can buy one that has a Velcro and fold it back to its original shape this one is different This is just connected with plastic So, once you use it. You won’t able to return it back to look like this That’s okay because you still display the plush afterwards Okay Here are the last two items I got from Walmart I got a Hello Kitty watch I will just use this for display The quality is not that great, but I didn’t expect much for $5 I just got it because it is Hello Kitty You can barely find Hello Kitty items at Walmart So, I bought it right away I won’t remove it from the box, as I will use this as a display I collect Hello Kitty, not that I am obsessed with it but I like Hello Kitty This is the final item I got It is a Hello Kitty plush as well and it is a coin bank on the same time It’s cute You can display it and at the same time You can save money Put your coins here and change from store So there you have it

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