First bath for British kitten 🧼🛁

First bath for British kitten 🧼🛁

Who will take a bath today? Maybe I am? Tasty water. LoL Why is it so tasty? I want to swim I’ll throw the water out of here. Oh no Need to change water Where is my fluffy tail? What is this warm noisy wind? Who are you? Mommy, am I beautiful?

27 thoughts on “First bath for British kitten 🧼🛁

  1. Funny, they prefer to drink the
    water instead of getting wet!😂
    Did you have a look at the nice
    video "Siamese kittens love
    bathtime"? (Channel: PAWsitive)
    Those kittens really enjoy their
    baths, dear Irina! Your kittens are
    very patient when taking a bath!

  2. Какая славная кошечка,спокойная,как танк)))Умничка,послушная девочка!!!!

  3. Awww bless her 💕 so good at bathing I have British short hair am not looking forward to bathing her 🤦‍♀️♥️

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