Feeding Snacks To Big Cats – FAQ Friday

Feeding Snacks To Big Cats – FAQ Friday

Hey, everyone, and thank you for tuning in to another one of Big Cat Rescue’s FAQ Fridays. You may have already seen our viral video, “Big Cats Getting Snacks.” [Music] Come here. [Laughter] Here, Simba! A common question we get from this video is, “how does the meat stay on the stick?” Well, I’m about to show you. We cut our meat into three different sizes. Small pieces for our Canada Lynx and smaller, medium-sized pieces for our Siberian Lynx, cougars and leopards. Orion, good boy. Armani. And large-sized pieces for our tigers and lions. All of our operant sticks we use for stick feeding, regardless of their shape, size, and length, come to a blunt point at the end. With how sticky the bloody raw meat is and the blunt point of the stick, we can easily stab a piece of meat and feed it to our hungry begging big cat. Thank you for joining Priya and myself for another FAQ Friday. Good girl, It’s a good girl. CC-EDITED-DB-DQ

100 thoughts on “Feeding Snacks To Big Cats – FAQ Friday

  1. 7th COMMENT!!!
    LOVE ZABU!!!
    i hope she is doing ok after her sweet king passed 😞😞😞

  2. Great video Afton ! It’s nice to know the sticks are blunted at the end for the cat’s safety ! 😻👍

  3. Help buy the big cats snacks by using smile.amazon.com for your Amazon purchases! It doesn't add anything to your total, Amazon just donates part of the normal amount! Great video, I was wondering this myself.

  4. My parents are snowbirds and they spent 2 months in Naples Florida. I had told them while they were away they should go visit your facility. Turned out they already had, and when I found that out, I excitedly asked them if they had been able to see you guys give snacks and treats. They had, and they said the sanctuary was just fabulous and they really enjoyed it. I plan to visit one day in the not-too-distant future as well.

  5. im actually really happy that you addressed the blunt-end of the feeding sticks because I sometimes have anxiety watching the snack videos hoping that the cats dont get stabbed in the tongue👍🏼🙌🏽

  6. Happy Furiday BCR!!
    Pointy end on the stick makes sense!!! (yup)
    Just to add on to this question you answered in this video.
    Do any of the cats not want to eat from a stick that another cat has eaten off of? That they need their own stick then?

  7. This idea works so well that I used it for small chunks of raw chicken with untouchable ferals I have worked on socializing. Building trust by feeding yummy snacks with a bamboo stick.
    I learn so much from you guys that ends up being applicable to feral cats.
    Love the BCR cats so much! ❤️

  8. Love this channel. I would love to see longer features though. I know YouTube won’t let anyone do veterinarian work anymore, but maybe a 15 minute vlog some would be really nice. Please!

  9. I have a possibly weird question but watching them eat got me wondering. How do you handle the inevitable waste management with that many cats? How is there not an overwhelming urine smell from marking as well? Do they use a litter box type system or do you have to canvas the entire enclosures for poo?

  10. You’re based in Tampa?! I live very close by. Is it a sanctuary you can visit? Do you have events?

  11. I had wondered about how you kept the meat on the sticks. I love hearing the cats talking. Thank you for all y'all do. <3

  12. I have an idea for a future video you can make card board things the size of a house cat and put it in with the big cats to give people a scale for how big they are it would be really great to get some perspective

  13. Can you do a video where you wiggle your hand under a comforter or bedsheets while a cat has “crazy eyes”. I would like to see it’s reaction, for science.

  14. I have a question. Since house cats like or in some cases love cat grass, do big cats like cat grass????

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