Essex Panther

Essex Panther

Welcome back to Animal X. They’re ambush
predators normally found in India and South America geared to killed. They’re at
the apex of the food chain. So what could wild Panthers be doing in Essex Britain
and could they be breeding Wild big cats have been reported in
Britain for many centuries. Until now the sightings have however been sporadic. And
nearly always in isolated areas such as Bodmin Moor. What is disturbing is that
the sightings are becoming more frequent and the growing big cat population
doesn’t seem to be frightened at the bright lights of the big city. I looked
over the fence and six foot away was a panther. It was quite I suppose eerie or
spooky to pick up these emerald bright eyes. This animal is evolving is
developing and I’m absolutely certain it’s certainly breeding up. Animal X travels to the county of Essex situated on the outskirts of London and
including some of the suburbs Essex has been a hotbed of activity for these
alien big cats. Paul and Linda Buckingham are farmers. They were very skeptical
about the existence of a wild Panther loose in their area until. They
encountered it. We noticed some flashlights coming across the field.
Turned out that three policemen had been called with regard to eight
sightings of a black panther. Later that at about eleven o’clock we
decided to drive our truck around the field and as we drove down the side of
the wood we saw these big eyes looking at us so we quickly round up the windows
carried on driving and as we went round the corner of the woodland we noticed
the panther running off into the distance. Frank Fitch is another Essex
resident who has come face to face with this terrifying beast. Dogs are barking
barking to pull an offence at the back of the property so went to investigate
to see what was going on and stood up on a garden and looked over the fence and
there was a panther not six foot away looking straight back at me. we kind of
stared at each other for a few seconds it seemed like an hour they just stared
at me and the thing that sticks in your mind is the eyes. The eyes really pierce. David Webster is a local artist. While out walking not only did he
see the alien big cat he photographed it. I’m an artist. I came out here it was an
October morning to take some photographic notes. Well when I took the
picture. It ran directly to the left a sort of a fast trot and for about 50
yards and it paused the hedge row turned around and looked at me again it
was then i took a picture I suppose the distance there was about 25 yards The sightings are far too numerous to be
ignored.Not only must it be accepted that the alien big cats are out there it must
also be accepted that there are a great number of them. John Hancock is the head of the
Essex big cat research project an organization that is supported by the
Essex Police Department who refer all sightings straight to John. We’re going
from like sort of a few sightings a year to 50 sightings a year to 100 signs here
you know to 100 sightings in six months and you know what does that tell you
this is like this is getting at hand. This country is like a paradise for them. If
you release this animal into our countryside it’s got no enemies. Has got
nothing to fear. It’s got no humans that hunter and it’s kind of top of the food
chain even above us. No these are very dangerous animals that they have killed
people in past really were at a stage where is obviously out there. There’s too many
sightings to sort of dispute it really. Quinton Rose is a professional dangerous
animal trapper. He is sure that alien big cats are out there and in his opinion
Britain is in for a serious problem. The non-indigenous carnivores which are in
Britain at the moment herb that have become established each of the animals
appears to be covering around about 250 square miles and they’re constantly on
the move. One of my concerns at the moment is that they are coming closer
and closer to people time and time and time again I’m getting sightings
reported either in well populated areas all very close. The cats aren’t afraid of
us. How did this problem arise? Where did these four-covered hunters come from
and how did they establish themselves in the county of Essex? There’s already been
a very similar situation with the coypu in East Anglia
this is a large rodent that was released in the 40s and 50s from fur farms in the
East Anglia area. It took the government two and a half million pounds and over
six years just to control the coypu. Now coypus are stupid animals and
very small home ranges they’re dead easy to catch. These cats are very different Lou Foley is known as the lion man of Craig Lee. He has kept big cats for
decades and he knows how this problem came to be. These ferocious cats, lions and
tigers and pumas that could be bought in big shops like Harrord’s in London and they
could be bought anyway. There was no law but in 1976 the Dangerous Wild Animals
act was passed which made it impossible to keep big cats as pets. So what options
were open to those who own these powerful animals? Two alternatives. One
to have them put down. Two, to let them loose. The biggest majority of the people
who owned these cats. They did turn them loose. I know people personally who turned them loose. If these are a new generation of Big Cats that are now indigenous to the UK, the people
of Essex are right to be worried and if Quinton Rose’s predictions come true this
is not the last we’ll here of the Essex panther. The mysterious tales of the
animal world continue to fascinate and perplex us after all it said there are
stranger things in Heaven and Earth than we can think of you’ve just seen some of
them when Animal X you

26 thoughts on “Essex Panther

  1. why is there never REAL evidence? ?!! No spoor, no photos, no videos. why not put up a hide? Surely someone would be able to photograph one? if they can find tigers in a huge area like India and Siberia, how can no one take real, close up footage of "hundreds" of big cats in small counties like E ssex??!! its complete rubbish! and WHO has actually been killed by them? stupid, irresponsible scaremongering!

  2. they are out there ive seen 3 over the yrs in 2 places in uk ppl with stupid comments grow up. just cos you or others may of not seen 1 yet……dont mean you all have to take the piss outta people who say they have

  3. back in 2001 me and a friend see a black cat in ongar/ epping essex . it was huge a black panther. nobody beleived us and we was ridiculed for it so we went quiet on it . until now ๐Ÿ™„

  4. gentry used to collect exotic plants, birds and animals – one pregnant escapee in Victorian times could populate UK

  5. Millions of people live in Essex yet no one has been killed by these so called cats and no farm animals have been reported as missing. So what do they eat grass?

  6. Of course they are big cats Living in the English countryside. Along with bigfoot in america national parks and aliens on other planets. Some people are just so narrow minded.

  7. Sheppey nuts farm 4 years ago me and my son froze with fear a verey large cat the size of a labrador came over the fence and just looked at us for a few seconds jumped down a walk of in between the chalets calmly we know what we saw there are big cats romeing the island of leysdown on sea on the isle of sheppey

  8. You keep saying a serious problem they stay out of our way and there's no record in this country of any of them leopards attacking humans. I say leopards because there's no such thing as a black panther, do you research properly black leopard. They are not causing any harm and they are good to maintain the Deer, and they're already on about releasing cats into places in Scotland so why can't you just leave him alone.

  9. Bull shit, scare mongering documentary. How can these big cats be top of the food chain if they aren't hunting us? Even Cougars in LA are opportunist animals that rarely attack people but prefer easy prey like deer. We are still at the top of the food chain in Britain because they would hide from us and avoid us. They have had to adapt so they don't behave as they would in South American rain forests. With people driving cars about, especially we look very frightening to them.

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