[Eng] 동안 고양이 레오의 귀여운 일상 모음

[Eng] 동안 고양이 레오의 귀여운 일상 모음

LEO: It’s about me today? LEO: (I’m not looking. I’m sleeping. I’m only into myself) LIKE & SUBSCRIBE
THANK YOU LEO: LEO is my name LEO: Stand still. Be the right angle! The camera is still rolling There must be something out the window another day chattering being playful with a broken toy Butler: He looks like a baby to me sleepy head His back after a shower He must be dreaming Still warm inside the dryer (and he’s putting hair back!!!) He’s happy alone with a toy The toy passed away after half a day A tunnel from IKEA He drags it like that everywhere all day Someone(JUYU) is in there this time Butler: We don’t let him play with it often cuz we’re worried that he might hurt his teeth LEO: Look at my eyes LEO: Come visit to see me soon! LEO: I might wait LEO: Thank you so much for watching me till now

14 thoughts on “[Eng] 동안 고양이 레오의 귀여운 일상 모음

  1. 레오의 소소한 일상 재미나게 잘봤습니다~~~ 레오는 렉돌종인가요? 장묘종인데, 털이 짧으네요. ^^

  2. 화장안해도 저미모라니 ㅠㅠ 세상 이뽀요 채터링 소리 ♡♡♡ 이세상 귀여움이 아니에요 이와중에 요요 깨알 출연하셨네요 넋놓고 주무시는거 요요님이죠^^

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