Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #17

Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #17

*Great music playing* *Kitten rustling through curtains* *Kitten purr and trip* *confused meow* *Cats screams* *Hisses and growls* *Kittens points to his mouth for food like like the big fat cat* *comes to food but gets smacked by big fat cat* *Trys agian* gets pushed by fat cats tail and falls* *fat cat protects food* *KItten continues to get to food* *Kitten gets smacked by fat cats tail agian while fat cats chewing food* *Jumps on fat cat and meows and scares fat cat* *fat cat gets his face stuck in food bowl* *Kitten runs away* *Kitten scares fat cat LOL and fat cat jumps LOL* *Kittens climbs up curtains* *Then jumps and runs toward fat cat* *then they play for a second* *Jumps on couch and fails* *Climbs up on couch with out failing this time LOL* *Playing games with one another* throws pillow at fat cat* *Thinks he sneaky and runs under carpet* *Fat cat jumps on him U MEANY and he keeps umping* *Eats foood* *HA now kitten is protecting it LOL* *Fat cat gets mad* *chaces him* *oh hes sneaky* scary meow apparently to fat cat* *says no in cat voice* *Plays in sand* *pees or poops i dont know anyway fat cat terrified of what he just saw* *why* *MEOW FAT CAT GETS SCARED AND TIPS LITTER BOX* *BOTH ASK FOR FOOD* *sigh* *outro* *SUBSCRIBE* now bye

100 thoughts on “Double Trouble – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #17

  1. A friend of mine had a wonderful ( male, neutered ) cat who brought in a tiny kitten one day. The kitten was about 4 weeks old. The cat watched over it very protectively. The kitten grew up with a cat dad and a human dad. When it was about 6 months old, it ran out of the front door and got killed by a car. Both my friend and the cat were very upset over it and the cat stayed close to his human. Only a few weeks later, my friend suddenly died. The cat ran off and was spotted wandering around the house for some time, but no one could catch him; then he disappeared. No one knows the fate of this poor, faithful cat. Unfortunately, a true story. RIP. 😢

  2. ermagerd!! hahaha. Ya know, Simon, dear, you're kinda on the slow side. So many of your cat problems are totally avoidable. But then, we wouldn't get big chucklz, gigglz & guffawz out of your cartoonz!!

  3. I love these cats they are the best i give u a 10 out of 10 stars!!! 😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😚😚😚😉😉😉☺☺☺☺

  4. We used to have an adorable black kitten named Boo. And he would always be mewing and it was so cute.

    Then my parents got someone else to adopted him from us.

  5. I'm working on my health/allergy situation via liver detox etc. (Healyourself101). I miss cats a lot. Until I can get one, this channel helps a little. Thank you.

  6. I laughed when I was six head over heels for this, I’m still so in awe of the quality of this and glad it’s never ended

  7. The poor little kitten, hit the head, would not have to be real! haha why did not the cat do anything after that the little cat was the same?😂 like those who do business make up their faces😂 that was a bit mean too😂

  8. I remember watching this video when I was first learning animation about 6 years ago, the teacher showed this to us as an example of what is possible even with colorless and speechless story telling. It’s showing instead of telling and by god it’s adorable. I’m glad I rediscovered this

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  10. SOOOO Funny!!! I just subscribed and this is only my second vid that I've watched. This is supposed to be a rainy weekend in my area….so, I know what I am going to be doing to pass time…

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