Dormouse part 4 – From panicked to purring: Taming a scared kitten

Dormouse part 4 – From panicked to purring: Taming a scared kitten

Hi welcome back to Kitten School! we are
now on part four of our video series how to tame a scared or fearful cat. We left
off last video little Dormouse was just starting to get some freedom in a closed
room where I could practice approaching him petting him, and then moving away and
then approaching him again to get him used to being touched by humans. Having
freedom of course means that there’s places to run and hide. In order to get
Dormouse out from under the furniture we’re going to have to coax him a little.
There, that seemed to do the trick! As Dormouse enjoys his snack I very gently
approached him and stroked him and then move away let him eat a little bit… and
then I’ll reach back out and stroke him again.
Remember it’s all about consistent gentle and repetitive positive
reinforcement, over and over and over again. You have to be patient but if you
are it should pay off! After working on the floor for a little bit I put
Dormouse on the bed and we have some playtime. You want to get your kitty in a
relaxed happy mood and then once they’re in that place: play, play, play! Can you
believe this is the same kitty that we had to handle with leather gloves barely
two weeks ago? Sure, Dormouse still has some fear issues
but he hasn’t tried to bite me since that first day! Now we’re back on the
floor and I’m letting Dormouse run around. He’s found a safe spot inside
this inclined cat scratcher and I’m just kind of playing with some
of the toys seeing if I can get him to come out. He’s really interested in the
toys – especially the little piece of black zip-tie! Dormouse seems pretty content…
just playing with the toys while he’s inside
the box. So I’m gonna have to sweeten the deal with a little piece of chicken. Once
he’s completely out of the box I give him a few minutes to enjoy his snack and
I just sit there and talk to him let him get comfortable …and then, very gently, I
reach out to him. Now did you see that little hiss there? That’s because I
caught Dormouse off-guard , but he very quickly relaxed once he realized that it
was just my hand. That’s very good! He’s beginning to
recognize that being petted is not going to hurt him. Now it’s time for a little
more fun time on the floor with the toy, interspersed with some petting.
Now Dormouse could easily run back under the bed if he wanted to, but he’s
content to stay put and just play. I think we’re making some serious progress!
Here, so let’s do a quick recap on Dormouse’s training: We’ve gone from
basic petting onto lap time and lots of cuddling to plenty of time in the social
box in between . And – very important – playtime! each of these activities is
slowly building Dormouse’s confidence and he finally gave us a little reward
for all of our efforts. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next
installation of taming a scared Kitty with Dormouse! Click here to see the
first three videos on how to socialize a scared kitty cat

100 thoughts on “Dormouse part 4 – From panicked to purring: Taming a scared kitten

  1. thanks for useful video and taking care .Wish you best results helping get rid fears and become confident cat.He such a lovely kitty.

  2. It took me 3 months to touch one of my cats for the first time. After 2 years I still can't hold him and I can barely touch him.

  3. Step 1 : Give it food
    Step 2: Pet it
    Step 3: Snuggle it until it gives up on escaping and embraces its fate of being a fluffy pillow

  4. ''Taming a kitten' Ok thankyou. Good video. Yes. Sorry

    Ok here's what I have to say
    I have had 3 feral cats, 1 is still alive and 16 years old. They are timid to start with then they get friendly if you feed them and say hello. Now he is a good companion but I never ever deliberately tamed him lol

  5. maybe try to avoid reaching from the top of his body. when I wanna pet my cat, I always make sure he sees my hand first and never reach for him From behind or above him like a predator.


  7. I had a cat 7 years back. He was also scared and would hide under my bed when I first found him as a kitten. Took 2 days, I just used food and kept petting him and he learned to crap outside that same week. I don't think there was any science to it, just some food and bacon bits.

  8. don't hate me but a slang for zip tie wear i come from is cat strangler… i won't explain why but i can say that most people wear i am from do not mind the name seeing that they understand it as a reference not as a purpose.

  9. This reminds me so much of when I was taming my feral kitten. Sid was about the same size as Doormouse when I got him. He used to give me the same skeptical looks when I first started to touch him and pet him. Now he's super lovely and cuddles all the time 😊

  10. once i tamed a baby cat who was scared on the street just by sitting on my knees and saying meow for 45 minutes. in tge end he came to me and now i have a cat

  11. Why do people 'dis-like' these videos of kind folk doing their very best to domesticate feral/stray puss cats so eventually they can have 'forever homes' and receive all the love and attention they deserve? Feral cats don't come with a manual so please give these carers a break and more so respect, it's not easy nor cheap rescuing cats.

  12. Doormouse is so cute! I just found a feral kitten today, and she purrs a lot, but she doesn't know hpw to play at all.. Everything spooks the poor thing

  13. Never touch a cat while their eating, for a cat person it's amazing how little you know about cats. And also coming head on from above and straight on so much stop

  14. Aww, he has similar body markings to my beloved departed girl, but different facial coloring.
    She was a feral kitten too, and after much patience she became my very best girl. We had 18 lovely years together. <3
    Feral cats CAN become wonderful pets.

  15. I enjoyed learning from your videos about taming a cat, but i heard that your cat has a possibility of choking if you pat it when he/she is eating.

  16. He’s a little treasure. You truly do a wonderful job. I’m in the process of ‘taming a tiger’ myself. When you get that purr and that very first ‘I love you blink’ it’s so rewarding. Thank you for sharing. 🙏🏻🌹♥️

  17. Cats don't like being stroked while eating.
    Also that's no gentle stroking but a nervous and mechanical grabbing.
    In addition never approach a frightened cat from above.
    I'm not fond of these videos.

  18. My cat used to be obsessed with zippers and stuff of that sort ,when she was a baby.
    This little guy has made such great progress ! Beautiful

  19. This is great video. Question anyway adopted  a Black 6 month year old cat. It has been about a week. She is never used to humans she lets me pet her under the bed.  She goes to the kitchen to eat and goes to the litter in the bathroom. But when I walk about the house she hides and hides. I use a laser light to play with her and she loves it I stop the laser light she hides. She runs when I walk around how long does it take for this kitty to feel safe thanks.

  20. My family and I just got a new kitten (He looks exactly like Dormouse), he's very skiddish and shy. He hasn't bitten us or clawed, but he does hiss. I've been watching these videos to see if I can use some of these tips. I'm being patient, but I don't know if a kitten so shy is good for our loud family of 6. What do you suggest?

  21. Absolutely right, CrunchyKiwi. Touching catss while they are eating is disturbing to them. I also agree with the person who said let them sniff you before you touch them.

  22. Hi, these videos are fantastic. We have recently adopted two feral kittens. We have had them for just under a week and they have improved so much. They will be petted when eating and love playing with us (petting intermittent). However with no distractions they will scarper. Would you recommend using the social box to get them used to petting or leave them to continue making improvements and come to us? I'm conscious that they're approx. 10-11 weeks so getting them socialized earlier is better. Any help greatly appreciated, Thank you.

  23. It works well because you sometimes move away from him. The best is continuous ''reach and withdraw'' and he can get tame in a week or in one go even.

  24. I adopted a young cat 3months ago. She adjusted quickly to our home and family. She is lots of fun, very playful. We noticed she rarely purrs and doesn't like be held. The foster mom told me she was not very affectionate and was not friendly with other cats. I want to get her a buddy, but not sure if she will be aggressive towards it. The foster advised against my buddy idea. I'm working on showing her love. Any suggestions?

  25. Thanks for the vid, I rescued a semi feral cat, seems like momma cat was a house cat that they abandoned when she was pregers. I managed to catch one, it was very violent and I wasn't wearing gloves and it messed my hands up. But now that I brought it home my other two cats are hissing at me too

  26. One of my favorite sounds on earth.. the purring of a cat ………….. You are AWESOME .. thank you for all you do and for educating others oh how they also can have the same results.

  27. When I had my 2 rescue cats ,,,,,,,, I'd arrive back with a bag of food,,,,,, and I'd ask,,,,,,,,,,,"HAVE I BEEN TO TESCO ????,,,,,NO,,,,, HAVE I BEEN TO THE LOCAL SHOP ???? NO !!!!!!!!,,,,,,,,, HAVE i BEEN TO SAINSBURYS ????? NO !!!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,, SO THIS MEANS I'VE BEEN TO MAKY-SPENCER ! MAKEY-SPENCER !!!!!!!",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and they'd scream their heads off as they knew it was fresh turkey in the packet,,,,,,,,, Ah I loved them,,,,,, they were great !!!!!!

  28. Do you have any recommendations for a situation where I only see the cat once a week? I'm helping scared kittens at a cat rescue center.

  29. OMG you're a life saver. The feather on a stick did the trick!!! About 2 months ago I had found a litter of kittens while some of them still
    had their eyes closed and thought they were abandoned so i took them to the local shelter where they were temporarily housed with fosters.
    Apparently, the mother had just been moving them there that day because 3 days ago i heard a kitten crying out repeatedly. A couple of days
    before that i saw the kitten and its mother behind the trailer next door and the mother was being pursued by a local Tom, which she followed,
    leaving the kitten behind. Putting 2 and 2 together, i realized the kitten was probably from the litter i had found and the timing seemed
    about right for the mother to be ready to mate again causing the kitten to call out in vein. With a severe winter storm and freezing temps on
    it's way I decided to trapped the kitten. Having no proper cage nor having had watched your videos yet, i let it loose in my house. It found
    its way under my bed where it's been ever since. I spent time talking to it, keeping my distance and avoiding continuous eye contact, trying
    to get it use to me. However, it never moved or showed signs of relaxing. After watching your videos I tried the Feather on a stick and
    have just spent an hour playing with the kitten managing to not only distract it from constant focus on my presence, but actually coming from
    under the bed into the light within arms reach. It would often look to see if i was going to approach so i averted my eyes which seemed to
    help the process. I plan to keep this up and anticipate positive results. Thank you so much for the help!!! Big thumbs up!!

  30. This was such a good set of videos. Our cat gets too aggressive whilst playing. If we put a hand near her whilst she is playing she attacks.

  31. I never mess with my cat while he's eating, don't want him to have any troubles eating … he looked like he was really enjoying eating his food, crinkly nose and all …

  32. didn't hear a thing at the end (about the reward), even though my volume was at the highest possible.

  33. When I got my feral kitten he immediately was well behaved and cuddly, so I consider myself a lottery winner 🙂

  34. Let him smell your hand. And then sort of ask permission to pet him. That's the way to go — NOT your pushy, ONLY YOUR WAY or the hiway m.o. What you're doing is pretty traumatic for the cat.

  35. My 5 months old kitten won’t sit still in order for me to pet and move away. The only time she would let me touch her and pet her long enough is when she’s asleep or super sleepy. Other than that she always bolts from my touch. Is this a normal behavior? She loves to play but doesn’t like to be touched 💔is there a technique that would help me encourage her to be more cuddly?.

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