Dormouse Part 2 – How to Tame a scared cat or kitten

Dormouse Part 2 – How to Tame a scared cat or kitten

Hi and welcome back to Kitten School! This is
the second video working with little Dormouse here, and he has already come
such a long way. In just a couple of days of being in Kitten School
foster home , he is no longer hissing upon approach. He’s allowing himself to be
petted without trying to bite, and we’ve really just been using these first few
days to simply gain his trust. If you watched the first video you have to
agree Dormouse has come a very long way! We’re still using the social box every
single day, but now that Dormouse has relaxed a little bit we’re starting to
add in lots of cuddle time just a couple of minutes throughout the day. Whenever
we have a free minute we’ll pick him up out of the social box and spend a little
time with him. We watch for signs of relaxation like ears being up and
forward… see how he’s kind of just hanging over
the edge of Michael’s arm? He’s not trying to get away. Here he is just
sitting in my lap and I don’t have to always have two hands on him to keep him
from jumping down… so these are signs that he is feeling relaxed! When he’s not in the social box, Dormouse
is spending time in his kitty condo. Some of the viewers have asked what my
kitty condo setup looks like so you can see it here… it is a 2 story cage
connected by a little staircase there so litter boxes below food and bedding is
up on top. If you take anything away from this video it is the importance of
repetition when working with a scared kitty cat. They have to have regular,
positive exposure to human beings or they just simply will not overcome their
fear. While I’m very very happy with Dormouse’s progress in such a short
amount of time, we still have a ways to go before he’s ready for adoption. If you
haven’t already watched the Kitten School video about the “social box”
training I really encourage you to do that, and I will put a link to that video
at the end of this one. I really think it’s one of the most important tools
that you can use when training a feral cat.
I love this clip right here where Dormouse is kind of playfully chewing on
my fingers – and he wasn’t being so playful a few days ago! Thanks for
joining us here at Kitten School for part Two of Dormouse, and look out for
part 3 coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Dormouse Part 2 – How to Tame a scared cat or kitten

  1. Any tips on doing this with pairs? I have a couple of sisters and one is super social, and the other one is still scared as ever. Is it alright to leave the scared one in the social box while the other one runs around? Would that be weird?

  2. I became a rescue a few months back. A few weeks back I ended up with a litter of 3 feral 6 month old kittens. These videos have been extremely helpful! So glad they are still up after so many years. Thank you for sharing! Truly appreciate it

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