DIY Black Cat Plush and Halloween Hairband Tutorial

DIY Black Cat Plush and Halloween Hairband Tutorial

This is based on my sock bunny tutorial. You will need two socks for one cat. Turn both socks inside-out. Then lay them flat with the heel pressed down. Draw on four legs. It should look like this. One side should be slightly closer to the heel. TIP: If it’s difficult to see the lines on dark fabric, Use dots of concealer to mark the shape. Foundtion or light eye shadow will also work. Im using white thread so you can see it better. Now simply sew along the outlines. This part should be done in back-stitch. Sew half a stitch backwards each time. So the thread overlaps. IMPORTANT: Leave this part free on the other side. So you have something like this. Cut everything out. Then carefully turn it the right way around. I’m using regular cotton wool. Use both hands to make 4 same-sized balls. Then stuff each leg. Get it right to the ends. Now grab a big ball of wool. Stuff this into the body. Sculpt the shape with your hands. Use tape to remove any cotton fluff. Close the opening like this. After each stitch,sew across to the other side. One stitch sideways,and one stitch across. Then pull tight and seal. Draw cat ears on the second sock. Make sure they are just above the heel. Back-stitch across the outline. Then cut out and turn inside-out. Grab two balls of wool. Stuff the ears. Use a big ball for the head. Shape it to the size you like. Then cut off the excess. Seal the base with a running stitch. You can use the same thread to attach the head. The face has the heel pattern. Back of the head is flatter. Attach by sewing in a circle. Make the tail using the toe part of the sock. Use a tool or a chopstick to stuff the wool. Attach in the same way as the head. Black beads for the eyes. Attach them both using the same thread. I’m using pink embroidery thread for the mouth. Exit behind the eye to hide the knot. I’m going to add some Halloween details. You can use any sort of decor for this part! Tie a bow in the back. And done! BONUS: Here is a last minuite costume idea. Get a wide,fabric hairband. Then sew the cat on top. You can always take it off again. So it’s best not to use glue. Tadaa! thank you for watching! subscribe and like! Hope you try out this tutorial. I’ve also started running kawaii giveaways on Instagram! Subtitles by MopeioOfficial. © Charlotte Howard 2017.

65 thoughts on “DIY Black Cat Plush and Halloween Hairband Tutorial

  1. I have a character named amethyst who's a white cat with a purple tail so I made her and she turned out soo cute! Thanks for the amazing tutorial. (Btw I put a little flower on her tail and a yellow ribbon on her neck :3)

  2. Got the urge to make one of these, but going to add a crescent shaped charm to the kitty's forehead and call her Luna!

  3. TBH I only watch it for the music now.

    WAIT! I did do the kitty cat chan! I Named him socks♡

  4. Hello~ I’m planning on buying a bag of cotton wool so I was wondering how many grams approximately you use for one peluche? Thanks 🙂

  5. if anyone is still here, can you help me? my sock's heel is a bit uneven, will my plushie turn out ok, or should i do something about it?

  6. Im watching a lot of vids on how to make plush cats cause i need to make a cat from my favorite anime fruits basket. This has been the most helpful video so far thank you

  7. I would personally use black thread instead of white because you can see some of the thread. It's adorable though. Great video.

  8. Next time you run out of stuffing, use strips of wool and use a brush to brush them out. You should, if you used the right brush multiple times on the wool get a stuffing like material.

  9. Hey, can you do a more focused recording hen stitching stuff like the head next time, it was a bit confusing for beginners like me. Otherwise, this tutorial is awesome..!

  10. Hi maqaroon. If you have made any now unwanted polishes you could do a sale! You could use the money for more crafting supplises.only if you do have plushes you dont want. Thanks if you read.

  11. Tailors chalk is way cheaper than concealer, easily available in the craft section of stores, and is designed to easily come off of fabrics……

  12. Literally I have all he miterials around my house gotta but load of socks I don’t were and sewing things and Cotten

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