Cute Sexy Japanese Cat Girls! w/Keisandeath [TWIJ Ep. 7] 「字幕付」

Cute Sexy Japanese Cat Girls! w/Keisandeath [TWIJ Ep. 7] 「字幕付」

On a special episode of this week in Japan Join Keisan and the rest of the cats as we film our first music video at the YouTube space in Tokyo. Good morning everyone! It’s 7am, I’m in Chiba. I’m leaving my house and I’m here with Yoko. Today I’m going to be helping a Japanese artist. Her name is Keisandeath. Today she’s been chosen to be at YouTube Tokyo to make a music video Come join me! This is going to be the making of Keisandeath’s music video. There’s Google security with us. You get a pass. That’s my pass We’re all gonna be cats today! So we have this whole entire studio for the entire day because Keisan is so famous! Today is her space day all day! The Youtube cafe with all you can drink redbulls and other drinks This is one of the sets we’re going to be using. This is where we’re going to be performing the song with the instruments This is our makeup room and it says keisandeath because she is a star. Studio 3 is the neko cafe zone. We’re going to be pretending it’s a neko cafe. This is awesome. We just finished the morning segment of the music video. Otsukaresamadesu. Lunch time! For lunch, Youtube has provided us with bentos! So the next scene requires everyone as girl cats, including myself. And I’m the coolest cat of all because I have hairy legs! So we’re going to be shooting the night scene soon. It’s crazy. Yoko is the bassist. Nice bass. This is my guitar. It’s a Gibson. It’s not mine they’re just letting me borrow it. Goodtimes. this is going to be the next place we’re filming. Tokyo tower in the background and we’re lucky today because you can even see the moon! It’s orangey. Looks better from here but not sure how it looks in the camera. We’re done! We finished. Good job! You did it! Your first full PV. Keisandeath and Nuts added their and I added my name up here. I’m part of the YouTube board! dinner is another bento. Another kind of bento. They’re eating over there and we’re gonna eat soon. So youtube also has their own photobooth pricura thing so we took some. Ready set go Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to Thumbs Up and Share! And subscribe to both my channel and keisandeath check out her channel to see the completed music video. Take care and see you next time. Peace!

29 thoughts on “Cute Sexy Japanese Cat Girls! w/Keisandeath [TWIJ Ep. 7] 「字幕付」

  1. That looked like a lot of fun. And Yoko needs to wear a yukata more often. I give you props for sporting the drag look with no shame.

  2. Wow, morning to night. The completed video is probably like 3-4 minutes. Looks fun though. Wish we could make a Big Paul video there.

  3. Cool beans! Currently working out with Kei the best day to meet up again when I'm in Tokyo in May. Hopefully get a chance to meet up with you too😊

  4. Really well put together Ozzy interesting all the way .really like keysandeath (beauty with intellect) great all you guys had an awesome time !

  5. Hmmmm, out of all the times Ive been to the Space, Ive never used the bathroom there. Oh yeah, They don't have one. What happened to the ending? Thats not a proper ending for you. Very cool video BTW.

  6. Hey Oz I remember you saying if you want to learn proper Japanese getting a GF/BF won't make a difference…you said to join a school. What do you think about Kumon?

  7. looks like you had an awesome time all 3 girls looked so cute and so did you oz. and def subscribing to keisandeaths channel

  8. Great teamwork! Keisandeath and OzzyAwesome and Yoko too! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes and showing YouTube studio in Tokyo! Looked like a really fun time!

  9. ozzy, idk if you done a vide about japan during winter time, but it would be super cool if you did one. for example: winter festivals, how do Japanese people stay warm during the winter season, places to visit during winter, and hows the vibe during winter.

  10. this is the studio where Perfume had their live performance on Valentine's day! btw you are quite a drag queen 🙂

  11. Looking good.. By the way, you got more subs than TkyoSam. You're… You're on your way up to the stardom 🙂

  12. あっ!そだ!! うちの師匠 14000人 になりますよ♪ Ozzyさんのしっぽみえてきましたよ!!

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