Cute kittens Eating Cat Food l Adorable Cats – Adorable Kittens

Cute kittens Eating Cat Food  l Adorable Cats – Adorable Kittens

Hello Friends, apple cider vinegar is very effective in destroying fleas in cats. I mixed apple cider vinegar with water and put it in the bottle and sprayed it on cats. So the fleas in cats will die Now all the cats licking themselves 🙂 Hello friends I gave stray cats cat food and fresh water. Guys, there are four cat houses here. There’s a cat house in the back. I’m going to build new cat houses soon.

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  2. How many more hours of watch time do you need now so that you can provide more for the stray kitties?

  3. C'est quoi le produit dans la petite bouteille en début de vidéo , peut être des gouttes pour les yeux ?
    Je trouve que Panda est vraiment le plus affectueux et je pense qu'il t'aime beaucoup ! ♥ 🙂

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  5. Cats are very clean animals and it breaks my heart to see these beautiful and cute cats and kittens living on the dirty streets 😿😢💖

  6. Oh that Panda, he's so handsome and sweet. Keep going my friend. We will get there. I love the little houses. Peace and Blessings to you. 🐾🍀🌹Ara

  7. I love how you try to get them used to the human touch. That way they are not totally wild. Will people adopt these cats?

  8. Your kittens are all so socialized thanks to your loving pettings along with food. These kittens would be easily adopted thanks to you💝

  9. Hello ! And thank you so much for feeding those pretty hungry kitties !!! This made me happy ! It seems that you've got more comments from viewers !!!👍😻✌What is the green stuff in the water ,though !? Maybe outside of the container ?

  10. All the cats and kittens are so sweet!!!I love their houses!Sleeping underneath the cars, can be really dangerous… 🙁

  11. Tesekkur ederim verdiginiz bilgi icin bende oyle sirkeli su yapip disarda yasayan bebislere sikacagim tabiiki ufakliklar yanima gelirlerse !Maalesef burda nekadarda bakip ilgilensen bebekler halen yanima pek yanasmiyorlar ama buyuk kedilerim yanimdan ayrilmak bile istemiyorlar.

  12. Bizim kediciklerimiz ne kadarda cana yakin oluyorlar,Pandacigim ne guzel de uzerinize atladi oyun yapiyor vallahi kiskandim ha ha.

  13. These cats are so cute. You are doing such a great job by feeding and cleaning them.

    I used vinegar and water in a spray bottle, too, when I adopted a cat and she was too little to take a bath. It didn't kill all the fleas, but helped a lot. I mixed the vinegar and water to 70% alcohol.

  14. Oh such cute lil kittens reminds of mines & wow they got lil house shelters too Turkey making us in the states look bad so much love for the cats/kittens over there hope u guys grow big like mew meow also from Turkey : )

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