CUTE FURRY KITTENS (Official Music Video)

CUTE FURRY KITTENS (Official Music Video)

(cat meows) Shut up!! Yo, Smosh 2010, have your cat spayed or neutered! Yeah, let’s hit it! [Ian reading] Cute furry kittens Snacking on my grass I didn’t know why they were there So I took them into my house That was a big mistake And I’ll tell you why (WHY?) Never let a cat eat so much grass Or they’ll barf all over your place Cute furry kittens Eat, eat, eating all your grass Cute furry kittens Walk, walk, walking to your house Cute furry kittens Barf, barf, barfing on your floor Cute furry kittens Make, make, make you clean it up Those little kittens Are out to get you! You better watch out They’ll kill you in your sleep! I then took those kittens Took them outta my house I put my foot straight up their asses Then I kicked them into the sky! Those little kittens flew right up into space That was the last I saw of them ’cause they burned up in the sun! To see the 30 best LOLCats ever, click the link below! All-new Smosh merch now available! Yay! Click the link below to check it out!

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  1. Holy crap dude I got an ad that said because you wanted to watch a cat video this ad is about them to!

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