Cute cat putting his nose in shoe

Cute cat putting his nose in shoe

Abby:Umm well… Abby: HEY! That’s my shoe! Me: SVEN! (in an adoring way) Abby: lol he’s like rubbing on it Me: aww he’s so cute Abby: What is it, about my shoe? Me:Sven? Me: (again) he’s so cute Me: I can’t believe i’ve caught so much, i’ve never been this lucky before Me: Sven Me: bubble! (it’s a nickname we call all of our cats) Baby Sven! Okay

2 thoughts on “Cute cat putting his nose in shoe

  1. Category Comedy…

    Umm, okay, I bet the emoji made it think that. Although I guess it could be classified as a comedy.

  2. I'm so glad I have this long-ass video of Sven being cute. Because a couple months ago he went missing. And, I and the rest of the family have concluded that he's probably dead. I miss him so badly.

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