Cute Cat Conquers Puppy Mill Past

okay she might be chill for this maybe I don’t want to look like “ah this is my cat!” I force her to hang out you want a toy? No I’ll just do it real quick My name is Dani Ellis, I’m Athena’s mom this was a repeat offender that had been
arrested and convicted of animal cruelty 10 years prior were you the one causing trouble? Were you the one? This one has upper respiratory issues, you can see the eyes infection and a little feisty let them see you, they’re nice! I will never forget her face that day, she thought that that’s what life was supposed to be like she didn’t know any better When Athena came to Brother Wolf initially she was very, very sick but then she also had that look of hope that things were about to get better we really just wanted to raise awareness about the plight for animals in puppy mills dogs and cats alike by using Athena as our spokesgirl I feel like a proud mom, she is saving kittens and puppies from the same fate that she had I feel like there’s no way she could
live through that it gets so emotional it’s hard to connect because it’s I can’t wait to see Athena, it makes me realize how much I love this job ooh, I think that was a curse it’s even a stronger bond because these animals have felt despair, hopelessness, so when you come and adopt, they’re grateful I couldn’t imagine my life without her

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