CSI — Kittytopia: presented by Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty

Welcome to Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty!
Tonight’s meowvie is CSI Kittitopia, starring Baker as Agent Meowsers and Lance as Agent
Fluffy. A DC! Cordon off the area and take lots of
pictures. We have to figure out what happened! This kitty’s not getting his tuna tonight.
We got this hair off the DC. Can you analyze it?
A dog hair! Have you identified the cause of death?
This cat drowned. Cats hate water! There must have been someone
else involved. We got this picture of the victim’s house
off Google Cats. Wait… what’s that? Looks like a dog… Can
you bring that up a little? No problem.
It is a dog! And it’s wearing a sweater! I’ve analyzed that dog hair found on the victim.
It is off a Yellow Lopsided Grinner. Only one dog clothing store in all of Kittitopia
sells Yellow Lopsided Grinner sweaters! Let’s find out if they’ve sold any recently.
Do you recognize this cat? Yes, that’s my neighbor, Mittens. What happened
to him? He’s dead. Oh my Dog! Don’t sound so surprised. We know you killed
him. That’s prepawsterous! I chased him sometimes,
but it was all in fun… We found this hair on his body. It’s a DNA
match to you. And we have this picture. Look familiar?
You were jealous of your neighbor because he was ultra cool, and you drool, so you killed
him. He was so cool! Cats rule! I can’t stand it!
Well, now you won’t have to. You’ll be trained to sit for the next twenty to twenty-five
dog years. Subscribe to see more of our great meowvies.
What meowvie would you like to see our cats reenact? Please give us meowvie suggestions
in the comments below. I’m your host, Bowser, and this is Meowvie Night with Spot the Kitty!

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