hey welcome back and in today’s video
now this video is going to bring in a lot of new viewers and if you’re new
here this is not unlike anything that I’ve done before this is new that’s what
I mean so we got a lot of talk about people do places to go see besides doing
YouTube I am a entrepreneur investor okay not a big deal
a mediocre at best but cryptocurrency has been a huge craze this year and with
Bitcoin and with Bitcoin going mainstream just about a week ago
everybody knows about it now which is great news for people that like us
that’s known it for a while because we get to get in there and we get it invest
in like a lot of different things before this new newbie crowd runs in and they
start blowing up everything and making this money and we love it now a lot of
you guys are probably very interested in how do you start in the crypto crazed
currency thing and it’s first so you need to understand a little bit about
what it is so over on wiki the most reliable source on the Internet it says
it’s a continuously growing list of Records called blocks which are linked
and secured using cryptography each block typically contains a hash pointer
as a link to a proof it’s a previous block now listen it’s basically this is
ginormous peer-to-peer network which means it’s kind of like how the Internet
is it’s like the continuously connected computer computer thing it’s similar and
it’s the thing that works together and that’s what keeps it decentralized and
all these other cool things and I know there’s a lot that there’s more to it
than I could ever put into one video but I do know exactly how to get into it but
specifically something that I thought was really cool is I am an aetherium
investor I have aetherium there’s this huge thing called crip crypto kitty’s
and I’m gonna show you that crypto kitty’s is really cool because it’s a
collectible breathable adorable digital cats and it kind of made you know
investing really fun and cute I am going to get into this and I want you guys to
get into it see look crypto kitties is a game
centered around breathable collectible and adorable creatures we call Krypto
kitties each cat is a one-of-a-kind hunter percent owned by you and cannot
be replicated and also you’re making money I mean you can’t get but you can’t
get better than that I think it’s a a thing that you should get into because
it’s a thing that I’m going to get into now see I started getting into
cryptocurrency years ago but I wasn’t really an investor I was just sort of
like an enthusiast I remember back in when Bitcoin first started my friend my
friend Christopher he told me he said he said Shane we need to invest in this
it’s going to make us money and this was back when it was just started and if you
had it even invested $200 in it you’d be a multimillionaire today and I remember
he I think he invested in it and then drew his money right out I’m pretty sure
that if he would have kept his money in there
heydo been a millionaire but hey you win some you lose some
the thing is is that we were talking about it yes the other day and I really
got into it and I started really researching I’m really really good I pre
actually predicted the rise of iota the Internet of Things and we’ll talk about
that in another video I realize I’m leaving you guys a lot of questions I’m
not gonna go really deep into this right now but 2018 like I said is gonna hold a
plethora of new videos for the Reptil a channel and as a community one of the
closest growing communities we all love each other and it’s really great to be
here for a great community like you guys so with that being said and I don’t have
so many questions and because this is very interesting why don’t you go ahead
and leave your creative and or interesting responses in the comment box
be blue that’s always brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video
yeah this crypto kitties is sort of like a game so for anybody new if you do have
any questions on how to get into cryptocurrency just let me know in the
comments below because I got no problem with helping you out with that I think
that would be really cool to do it’s just another reason why this
loves you

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