couple games for party musical game couple musical games for kitty couple games party 31st 2018

How to play this game?🖌 You need (n) number of women and (n-1) number of men.🖌 For example if 10 women are going to play then you need 9 men to stand in the middle.🖌 all men have to hold a handkerchief. 🖌 The first man will hold his handkerchief of his right side while the 2nd has to hold handkerchief of his left side.🖌 They have to make right left right left pattern of handkerchief. 🖌 Then someone has to play music 🖌 Now when music will stop, women has to hold a handkerchief 🖌 To hold a handkerchief, they can walk only forward, they can not walk backward or cross the line of men.🖌 Now one woman will be remain without holding any handkerchief. so she has to leave.🖌 Now, we have to remove one men from the queue. So the first man standing in the queue has to leave the game.🖌 Keep playing just like this until only one woman left. She will be the winner.🖌 You can watch the remaining part of this video. link is available in the description and also in comment.🖌

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