Cool Cat Saves The Kids – The Search For The Worst – IHE

Cool Cat Saves The Kids – The Search For The Worst – IHE

What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? No, I’m not talking about this movie or that movie. I mean a movie so bad, so fundamentally broken, that it leaves a pit in your stomach or makes you feel frustrated and angry beyond any reasonable measure. This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while, and I think it’s about time to do something about it. So I pulled up the list of the bottom 100 lowest rated movies on IMDb, and I’m going through them one by one, to find the worst movie ever. WELCOME, TO THE SEARCH FOR THE WORST! (intro music) (Cool Cat voice) WHOAAAH! COOL! “Cool Cat Saves The Kids” is my faaaaaavorite movie! HA HA, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now remember kids, bullying is wrong! GOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh Momma! If you find a gun, make sure you tell your daddy! Daddy Derek! OOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh this movie! It’s sooooo gooooood! Ha ha, yeah! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I love aaaaaaaallllllllll the kids! All of ’em! I̘̦̼̰̳̮͙͓ ̵͚͔̩̙̰̜̘ͅḻ̙̮̟̹̩͉o̴͢͏̙̹̹͙̫̫͕͈v҉͉̰e̛͇͖̫̘̲͢ ̮̹b́͏̫͕a͉͍̝̳̳b̀҉̱͈̯̱̩̣̺i̷̻̦é̖͖͇̫̻͎̀s̮̯͕̕!̡̲̣̯̬͈̫͜͝ Exquisiiiiiiiiiiiiite! I went to my messages and I had a rude one! They called me an “assoholic bitch.” GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t like messages like that! That’s meeeaaaan! (squeals internally) (in normal voice) UGGGGHHH. Oww. Owwww. Oowwwwwww… Okay I think that’s over now. (sad voice) So, that was… (breath) So, that was “Cool Cat Saves The Kids.” (another breath) I… I don’t really… I don’t really know what- w-what happened. Something about… loving… loving babies… and boogie-wooging. Daddy Derek: Cool Cat loves to boogie-woogie! boogie-woogie!(x2) boogie-woogie!(x3) b̶̠̞̺ͨ̌̃ͬ̔͐o̫̳̦͍ͧͣͪ̿̅̈ͭͅo͍̬̘̲͇͖ͯͦͬ̀ͯ̓͟g̝͚i̛̲͎̋ͅe͚̗͎ͣͥ̓̀͆̔̚-͇̯̳̘͊ͣ͑w͓̜͓̳̳̋̈͜ͅo̱ͧͨ̑̿̑oͦ̂̽̍ͯ̑̌g̦̰̻̱͈ͩ̊ͪͮ͠iͮ̐̑̐͏͖ě̛̱͆̑̔ Alex: No, but really, let’s do the real review now. Cool Cat: IIII LLOOOOOOVVVVEEE BAAABIESSSSSSSSS!!!! IHE: “Cool Cat Saves The Kids” is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. Notice how I called it a THING, though, instead of a movie. Because I really don’t know if this CAN be officially classed as one. But nonetheless, this absolute BEAST of an experience is a fascinating character study based around the quite frankly TERRIFYING inner workings of one man. That one man in question, being Derek Savage. “Now that’s the truth.” ~ Daddy Derek Savage, 2015.. The creator and one of the stars of “Cool Cat Saves The Kids.” Or otherwise known as: DADDY DEREK (Cool Cat, you’re not Chewbacca.) Cool Cat: Good morning, Daddy Derek! Alex: So, describing this THING is actually a lot more difficult than it sounds. Daddy Derek: How’s that sound? Cool Cat: YEEEEEEEEE Daddy Derek: Come on, buddy! Alex: Because nothing really happens? It doesn’t particularly have a traditional structure or any focus at all, really. Well, it does claim to have a point, but it’s so ham-fisted and on the nose about every subject it’s trying to teach kids, that it just kind of comes across like an insane fever dream parading as a kids’ safety movie. Cool Cat: (singing) And move around and the Cool Cat boogie is my favorite sound! Alex: The admittedly somewhat innocent intention is to use a fun, lovable, furry cat character to help teach kids the basics about why bullying is wrong, what you should do if you find a gun. Y’know, the kind of basic stuff a parent should probably explain to a kid themselves, by sitting down and… actually TALKING to them, God forbid. Kid: I’m down with that, man. Alex: And I’m sure from the clips in the background here, AND from the concept alone, it might not sound like the WORST thing ever. I’m sure it just kinda looks like a cheap, straight to DVD, throwaway, piece of garbage, right? MMMM-MMMM! NOPE Look, you have NO idea- you have no fucking idea what this THING has in store for you. News Reporter: This is a special news report! We have TERRIBLE news, bullies have been pickin’ on children everywhere and it is TRAGIC! Alex: For some comical reason, the opening is a strange collection of small children on a bad greenscreen background screaming for Cool Cat’s help. Because obviously, he’s such a “COOL CAT.” “Cool Cat is a Hero!” “Cool Cat Saves The Children!” “Cool Cat Stops Bullying!” “Kids loves Cool Cat!” Alex: (close as fuck to the microphone) KIDS L O V E S COOL CAT. Jesus Christ… So instead of just making Cool Cat… y’know… (“Cool” repeated for exactly 8.75 seconds) The creator opts for the, “Let’s make Cool Cat cool by makin’ everyone around him just say that he’s cool all the time” approach. Kids don’t automatically like a thing just because you brand it as being “cool”. In fact, I’m sure the opposite is probably true. I think most children would even find this entire character to be a pretty pathetic attempt at being hip and relevant. (Intro music to Cool Cat, which is indeed very, VERY pathetic.) Look, I mean, usually seeing, like, a shadow or reflection of the cameraman would be something for me to make fun of. And while, of course, it is… it’s very shitty and lazy. Believe me when I say that this seems TRIVIAL in comparison to some of the events that are about to take place. Cool Cat: Wooooooowwww! This looks great! Ha ha! Alex: So, surprise, surprise, this is Cool Cat. Pretty self-explanatory… Especially seeing as he’s a self-obsessed narcissist cat person who wears his name on his clothes, and plasters his own face all over his house like a madman! (Cool Cat freaks out.) (Some lamb bleats off camera for no reason.) Cool Cat: Hello, this is Cool Cat! Who are you, and what’s your name? Maria: You are so funny! It’s me, Maria. Alex: Why is that funny? That’s not funny. Cool Cat: See ya soon! HA-HA! Alex: It looks like Cool Cat has got a case of the Tommy Wiseau. (Tommy Wiseau laughing heartedly in various clips from “The Room” and various clips of Cool Cat laughing in an unusually similar way) Alex: This super-young little girl comes over to see Cool Cat. (Doorbell) Daddy Derek: I’ll get it! Cool Cat: Thanks! My hands are full! HAHA! IHE: No they’re not, you fuckin’ liar! You’re not doing anything! So because Cool Cat is a lazy cunt, Daddy Derek opens the door and lets the girl in. Daddy Derek: Hi, Maria! Cool Cat’s in the kitchen! Maria: I know. We’re making signs and they’re AWESOME! *Poor IHE* Alex: Okay, we can’t go any longer without talking the horrible, creepy overtones this movie has. I mean, this THING has. I feel like somewhere buried deep within the bowels of this THING is a truly dark and depressing story about a psycho who’s having an inner war with himself. Daddy Derek: COOL CAT LOVES TO BOOGIE-WOOGIE! Alex: Who’s created a construct out of the predator part of his being named “Cool Cat.” It also doesn’t help that Cool Cat is a fully grown man in a giant cat suit hanging around with little children. Cool Cat: Have a seat! (lighthearted music) (cameraman exhales really loudly) (I don’t even want to know.) (Cool Cat freaks out again) (R U OK DUDE?) IHE: Is he okay in that suit? Is it a bit warm in there, man? Oh yeah, and of course there’s the part where his catchphrase is: “I LOVE ALL KIDS.” Cool Cat: And I’m Cool Cat, and I love ALL kids! (slowed and pitched down clip)
ALL (screaming)
KIDS IHE: And don’t forget the fact that he loves babies, too! Cool Cat: I LOVE BABIES! IHE: So, for like, twenty fucking minutes this girl and the furry pretend that their front garden is an office. Like an office…
(phones ringing) office. This is sad. There’s so many editing faults, audio cutouts, poor lighting, terrible cinematography. But there are so many instances of all these things, that it ALMOST feels like it’s intentional. Some kid: I don’t wanna be a snitch! IHE: Part of me kinda wishes that this THING was intentionally bad, but I don’t think that’s even possible. Daddy Derek: Right. Here. I’ll help you get in the car here. Was it locked? Cool Cat: Yes it was, Daddy Derek! Daddy Derek: Well, that’s for safety purposes. IHE: You have to have a certain level of incompetence to be able to pull off such a GLORIOUS failure such as this. Butch: BOY I FEEL LIKE PICKING ON SOMEONE IHE: Ugh… Not only does this AGAIN show how clueless Savage is when it comes to understanding how children think, but it’s also SO REDUCTIVE and exaggerated, that I’m struggling to believe how he thought this was even… a little bit acceptable. Butch: Maria has pretty hair, so I’ll text her it’s UGLY! HA H AHAA Maria: Hey, Cool Cat. I just got a text, but I don’t know who it is. Cool Cat: SO, see what it SAAAAYS. IHE: So instead of straight up calling her a cunt, like a real bully would, he says she has “rat hair.” Maria: (reading from text message) “You’re ugly and your hair looks like rat hair.” Cool Cat: D’OOOOOOOOH IHE: Cool Cat is such a pussy, that he can’t really take hearing anything negative. Get it? Pussy?
(cat meows) I’m moving on now, that was awful. Butch: I LOVE being a bully! IHE: You know what everybody? I LOVE being a villain. So I’m just gonna scream it at the top of my lungs because I’m totally not a FUCKING caricature. I’m not shitting you though, later on, this bully character wrings his hands like a James Bond villain. (exasperated) I know, it’s so DUUUMB. Like, did Daddy Derek tell him to do that or is he just really into his role? I know it’s the joke that Americans can’t do subtlety, but, like, c’mon Don’t you think this is just a tad ridiculous? Maria: I just got a text from the same person. Should I open it? Cool Cat: Sure! You know, maybe they feel bad about that really mean text and now they want to apologize! IHE: Oh yeah, he’s also a fucking moron who’s terrible at his job. Why don’t you just block him? You rat haired idiot. Why the hell would he apologize out of nowhere? Cool Cat: And I love you too. And I’m Cool Cat, and I love ALL KIDS. IHE: Look, I know I played this clip earlier, but this is- this is astounding. It really is. Maria: Am I fat and ugly? IHE: Yes you are. Look, I’m sorry, I had to do it. It’s just too easy. Butch: I JUST PUNK’D HER! IHE: This movie came out in 2015 by the way. Has anyone EVER actually used the word: “Punk’d” before? …Thought not. So, after the chubby blonde kid starts bullying the girl with the rat hair, he moves onto Cool Cat and bullies him for a bit, and like the really good role model Cool Cat is, he gets fucking triggered and loses his cool immediately. Cool Cat: Those are my friends (?), identify yourself. (who speaks like this?) (Butch laughs) Cool Cat: Maria look over there! It’s Btch the bully and he’s running away! IHE: What kind of prank calling idiot would bully them from across the street? What is he? A dumbass? Cool Cat: You know what, it’s silly… (Cool Cat laughs and loses his sanity in a creepy way) IHE: Yeah… I… I don’t really know what to say to that, so we’re gonna move on now. Cool Cat: OH NO! IHE: As sweet, sweet karma for Cool Cat, bully kid sprays himself in the face with the paint. So I guess the message is that you shouldn’t stand up for yourself and just wait for luck to deal with it for you…? (Villainous background music) Butch: Well, well, well! What do we have here? There’s more paint! IHE: So with Cool Cat being so cool and progressive, he somehow manages to turn a bad situation into a rosy perfect one. Maria: We’ll turn lemons into lemonade! Cool Cat: And I LOVE lemonade, it’s SO GOOD! (Cool Cat laughs) WHEE! (so creepy) Butch: Hey Jamie! And you bonehead(s?)! Get over here! Some kid: What do you want, Butch? IHE: Oh boy, those are some intimidating bullies, I tell you what. Cool Cat: Now that is grooOOOOvy IHE: He thinks kids still say “groovy” Oh. My. God. Cool Cat: What’s the matter, Madison? you (awkward pause) lose your favorite toy? Madison: It’s worse than that! Kids are graffiti-ing on our sandboxes, and it’s not pretty anymore. (whaaat?!) Cool Cat: Its SO SO wrong to steal! (WHAAAT?!?!?!) IHE: I’m Finding it extremely difficult to explain everything thats wrong with this thing. Because to do that, I’d have to assume you’re as stupid as Derek Savage thinks kids are. It’s like it I did this in every single ‘Search For The Worst’ episode: (obnoxious condescending voice) Heyyyy everybody! How you do’in today?? CoooOOOllllLL! I’m sure you’re great! NIiiiiIIcCccceee! Today we’re gonna be talking about ‘Cool Cat Saaaves the Kids’! Which is a pretty groooOOOvy movie! Oh, that rhymed, nice one! (normal voice) Look, you get the idea. You really can’t criticize this thing like a normal movie. Say what you want about this thing, but you just can’t put it in a box. in a box (x2) in a box (x3) in a box (x4) in a box (x5) in a box (x6) (Cool Cat cartoon-ishly gasps) Cool Cat: He’s about to graffiti our neighbor’s wall! And it’s not cool to- (awkward pause) … paint on someone’s wall! I’m gonna stop him! Madison: Cool Cat’s so brave! Maria: Yeah, he’s a real crime fighter. IHE: (Maria voice) Please fucking kill me. So in a burst of uncontrolled anger, Cool Cat sprints to stop the kids from graffiti-ing. Cool Cat: With friends like that, you better not have any enemies. So why do you wanna paint the waaaaallll?? IHE: Did you notice that guy in the background who came out of his house, saw a giant guy in cat costume shouting at kids, then proceeded to backwards as to try to not be spotted? It couldn’t be more perfect even if you tried. (respect!) Cool Cat tries to teach these kids a lesson, with wise words such as: Cool Cat: I have a saying! “True integrity, means you do the right thing when no one is looking!” IHE: Come on, PLEASE you’re just making it too easy for me. (demonic voice) When no one is looking. Maria: That’s so smart! And here’s our office! Cool Cat: Exquisiteeeee!! IHE: Is this guy in the costume, just-
just fucking insane? (yes) Or is it just the mad dialogue that’s been written for him? (also yes) Half of me feels he’s just off his cracker, high as a kite right now. (also yes) I mean, who else could do this shit and live with themselves? Cool Cat: That was DELICIOUS! HA HA! Woman off screen: I’m glad you liked it! Would you like anything else? (it burns) Oh my god… Wait, so Daddy Derek and this giant cat person are actually a couple…? So, I guess this promotes bestiality too. And, yup, I’m not even surprised. Why couldn’t Daddy Derek be a cat monster too? I mean, wouldn’t a cat human hybrid look like a monstrously terrifying mutant FREAK? The weirdest part is that Daddy Derek seems proud that he’s managed to wrangle such a prized “CAT-CH” He REALLY does love that cat monster. Cat Monster Costume Thing: And I’ll be ready in a couple minutes! Daddy Derek Savage: Hey, I bet’chu will, you fine looking kitty cat, you. (EWWWW, GROOOOSSS) IHE: For some reason, this movie likes to focus in on minute details. Like explaining why the rat haired girl can’t go to Hollywood tomorrow. I mean, why would she anyway? Oh yeah, they do that later, by the way. Well, there’s this part later on where Daddy Derek has a completely normal household conversation about some event that is pointlessly over explained to write around the lack of budget this movie has. This movie’s aimed for like, six-year-olds. They don’t care. Yet, for some reason, he cares about things like continuity of characters and how things would make sense in terms of scene structure, kind of? But when that’s the only thing that kind of makes sense a little bit, then it makes the entire experience even more jarring and off beat. Cool Cat: (cartoon-ish gasp) Look at me! I’m surfing the Web! (attempts to mimic generic surfing music and instead gives me a headache) (tries to pick up the beat but it’s still dreadful) IHE: Well, this is embarrassing. So Cool Cat gets a rude email. And instead of just blocking them, or deleting it like a normal person, he teaches kids you should reply to them saying something pathetic, like: Cool Cat: (typing) If you were nice, you would have more friends, and friends are CoooOOOOOOLLL!! IHE: Which, technically, is pretty much the same as throwing a pathetic insult back. Which is exactly what these trolls want? So the message in this instance is actually completely WRONG. Utterly incorrect for how you should handle a situation like this. But then he gets another message back, and, conveniently, it’s someone who claims to be a bully, who’s going to get him… tomorrow. (chair squeaks awkwardly) Cool Cat: (reading from laptop) “I’m a bully and I’m gonna get you tomorrow!” [???] (grabs fake head) (screaming) oh nooOOO!!1!!1! IHE: So Cool Cat tries to go to sleep, but he just spazzes out in fear and frustration for what this bully might do to him, even though it’s his own dumbass fault. There’ s an awful dream sequence where Cool Cat decides that he’s gonna stand up to the bully. Loving the use of Comic Sans as well. Very professional. When Cunt Cat wakes up in the morning, I guess he’s forgotten about the bully? Because he’s super happy again. So Daddy Derek and Cool Cunt head off to Hollywood, for whatever reason. So this is my least favorite section of the movie. Cool Cat and Daddy Derek just sorta fuck around in Hollywood for a bit. And there’s this really fucking BORING section where Cool Cat is in the Hollywood parade, complete with a little girl screaming sound effect added in the background. (obnoxious pre-teen screaming and clapping in background) (little girl audibly screams in terror) (shrieking intensifies) Oh, but I almost forgot! Before Cool Cat was allowed in the Hollywood parade, they needed Momma Cat’s permission first! Momma Cat: But I don’t know, it sounds like a lot of responsibility. (awkward pause) Cool Cat: Ooo! But can I mommy? Please?? Please?? Can I? IHE: Look, I’m just gonna freeze this for a second. Just take a good… loonnnggg look at this. [it burns] THIS IS THE MOST UTTERLY RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER SEEN. Oh God no, there’s another part I forgot as well. Where Daddy Derek and Cool Cat write a song for the parade. Daddy Derek: Do you have any other suggestions? Cool Cat: Ooo Daddy Derek, I’m full of suggestions! Like- IHE: (above Cool Cat’s nonsense in the background) Please… Please stop, you can stop now… Okay, I-I get that you wanted to make this scene exciting and full of energy, but- but this is too much. This is just too much. Just stop? plEASE JUST END?! Daddy Derek: COOL CAT LOVES TO BOOGIE WOOGIE!!! (demonic voice) cool… cat… loves… …to … boogie … woogie… (normal voice) So then of course, when they finish, they have to try out their newly written song. But from what I can figure out, the only reason this scene exists at all, is because Derek Savage wanted to show off his Van Halen signed guitar like a kid at show and tell. Also, yeah, the song is fucking awful. (In Spanish) Cool Cat quiere bailar, bailar (Cool Cat wants to dance, dance) Cool Cat quiere rockear, rockear (Cool Cat wants to rock, rock) Cool Cat quiere pasarla muy bien (Cool Cat wants to have a great time) IHE: Next up is another creepy scene where Cool Cat is playing with kids. Erik Estrada: (laughing) Hey, who’s that kid? [please kill me, I’ve had enough of this] Vivica A. Fox (WHY R U EVEN HERE?!?!): I don’t know. IHE: Yeah, what the fuck is this kid doing here? This is private property, surely?? But then the bully comes in and kicks down the sandcastle in the most cliche, ridiculous way possible. Then Cool Cunt finally stands up for himself and shows the bully what for. Not by kicking his ass for being a little shit, but by just sort of angrily screaming at him until he runs away. It probably also helps that he’s a 6 foot grown adult, and the fat blonde kid is like, 8 years old. So the film just keeps on goin’, baby. There’s no pacing, no arcs or story beats to hit. It just feels like a collection of random 15 minute scenes about various kid safety topics. And that’s probably, because it is. From what I can figure out, all this film is, is a loosely shambled together Human Centipede of all the old Cool Cat clips and stories Derek Savage has made before. (in sarcastic tone) The next one is about looking both ways before crossing roads! IT’S FUCKING BORING. Cool Cat: But always looks both ways before crossing the street! IHE: Okay, so just hypothetically, wouldn’t it be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, if I told you that in this universe there was a bully who was going around stealing candy from babies? You know, the totally ridiculous phrase that isn’t actually a thing that happens? Well… It happens. Reporter: (voice on radio) Kids Beware! There’s been several robberies. Bad guys are stealing candy from babies. (grabs fake head again) Cool Cat: That’s Horrible! I love babies! IHE: And surprise, surprise! It was the tubby blonde kid who was responsible. So to fit into the title of Cool Cat, “saving,” the kids, because he hasn’t actually saved ANYONE yet, remember? He’s just kind of whinged and whined about being bullied like a little bitch. So, for one some reason, the kid figures he can trip up Cool Cat by throwing the baby candy on the floor. But Cat Cunt proves himself, by first not looking before he crosses the road, like the scene just before taught us to do, [lmao] and he epic-ly jumps over the floor candy like a REAL hero. But then police capture the kid and fucking arrest him. Well, that came out of nowhere? (sarcastic laughter) Here’s a fun fact, hoohooOO Apparently, the guys who plays the police officer here, is a well known porn star. (lmao) CLASSY Cool Cat! (comedic kissing noise) This is a good way to teach the kids too, Rule them, through fucking fear. If you break the rules kids, you’ll be arrested and thrown in JAIL. But that’s not enough still, because then, (exclaims) OH MY GOD! They find a conveniently placed gun in the back garden?! OH noooOOOOO So they freak out, and blonde chubby boy, who, I guess, is no longer in police custody anymore? …Who’s also being stalking Cool Cat I suppose, grabs the gun and runs off with it, like the tiny mad man he is. Luckily, Daddy Derek is on the case though, because Cool Cunt does the right thing and tells his Daddy. So Daddy Derek calls up the blonde chubber’s parents, and… he gets arrested again. Jamie again (probably): Oh no, it’s the police! We’re in trouble! Oooohhh, my mama’s gonna whoop me! Butch: Shut(?)- IHE: So then it’s all sunshine and rainbows, where Cool Cat wins a bunch of prizes and money, and he’s- …everyone just sucks his dick all day long. And then suddenly, they explain how to properly avoid online bulling out of nowhere, by not replying to it. You know, the thing I’ve been saying all the way through this video. The really obvious thing? That thing? Yeah. And then it goes to the credits, but then for the movie’s final insult, there’s, like, an after credits where all the actors gather around the camera and explain why bulling is bad… AGAIN! You know, forget the fact this flick already lacks ALL subtlety. They actually stand here and have the NERVE to just re-explain everything you just had spelled out to you. Now that’s not very, ‘groovy,’ is it? [kill me] “Cunt Cunt Saves The Kids,” is a perfect example of why some people should never be allowed near cameras. Or be able to share their weird children’s movie ideas in any capacity, actually. Some people are just not suited for entertainment like this. Derek Savage is clearly completely clueless when it comes to writing children’s movies. I’m sure I’m not the first to say it, and I’m sure I won’t be the last. But in terms of the actual movie? Despite how utterly ridiculous and simplistic it is, i t ‘ s o n e o f t h e f u n n i e s t m o v i e s I ‘ v e e v e r s e e n. It’s balancing perfectly on the, “so bad that it’s good,” line. I harped on “Birdemic” for its incompetence, but THIS is in another ballpark ENTIRELY. I want to hate it more than I do, but then I’m reminded of something like: (Cool Cat trips out again) and I just cant help but laugh the pain away. There’s a very fine line being something that is frustratingly lazy and shoddy, and being the perfect combination of bewildered cluelessness that spawns a rare gem like this. Cool Cat is perfect for all the wrong reasons, It’s literally everything a kids’ movie SHOULDN’T be. … It’s everything a MOVIE shouldn’t be… The messaging is bad, it over-explains everything… It’s scary, creepy, boring, lazy…. It’s everything, and nothing. I pray to God Daddy Derek WON’T make a sequel to this mess. Because once these self obsessed maniacs learn people ironically like their terrible property, well, that’s when we get the REAL shit. (announcer voice) And up next in “The Search For the Worst” is… ! Oh, goody… So, the Smosh Movie was actually the initial winner of the vote I did for this episode’s spot, for a while, it was in the lead for a while, but then YourMovieSucks retweeted the vote I was doing, and as a result, made, “Cool Cat,” win. Thanks again for that, by the way… ( -_- ) (laughs) But I’ve never actually seen a Smosh video, so this should be interesting? Hopefully? (soft jazzy pop outro plays) IHE: So those are my thoughts on, “Cunty Cunt Cunts the Cunts.” So what did YOU think?? Does the movie look so bad that it’s good to you? Or is it, just- just a bit too much? Did you like or dislike the video? Blah dee blah… Tell me whatever it is in the comments below. So, as always, thanks for watching! All comments and ratings are very much appreciated. Make sure you check out the, “Trying to Watch This,” episode, for my legitimate initial… “reaction,” to the movie, and my second channel: JAR Media, for more content. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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  1. “Americans can’t do subtlety”, says the non-American who uses creepy as hell descriptors such as “c*nt” to describe a little girl and can go barely two sentences without using similarly imprecise but nasty profanities. Naughty words constitute a large chunk of my conversational lexicon, but that’s because I am an unsubtle American idiot. Coming from an inherently sophisticated subject of the British monarchy, I would expect a far more finely nuanced analysis of this crappy movie.

  2. Radio: "There's been reports of several robberies."
    Me: "There have?!"
    Radio: "Bad guys are stealing candy from babies."
    Me: Smashes radio against floor in anger

  3. OH BOY!!!
    Binge watching this series and here we are again boyz!!!!
    Oh man, I remember watching this and all the stupid drama daddy Derick caused/started
    It was the dumbest and funniest pointless thing I've seen unfold.

  4. You are the only reason I get through these videos. I am just in hysterics listening to your flat tone voice, jokes and deliveries.

  5. This is one of the greatest movies ever made, for all the wrong reasons.
    It's a shame the creator didn't appreciate IHE's jokes, to put it lightly. That somewhat damages the movie's appeal.

  6. Daddy Derek has to be the step father and here's my shitty theory why!
    Cool cunt calls his mom "mom" and the crazy cat man "daddy Derek" instead of just dad.
    Well it's simple;)
    Cats don't get married!
    Male cats impregnate the females and leave.
    So that makes cool cunt a what???

    A BASTARD!!!….with a creepy asshat stepdad

  7. A 12 year old made a 12 minute video about anti bullying, the only places filmed where school hallways, and the steps of the school. It somehow is much better, even though a kid tried to high five a camera.

    Let that sink in.


    Hero Cool Cat has been captured and arrested on over 5000 counts of child molestation breaking Michael Jackson’s record

  9. You will never be able to convince me that Derek isn’t a pedophile…

    I guarantee he has a secret video hidden away called “Cool Cat diddles the neighborhood children”

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