Collaring a Cat | Big Cat Week

Collaring a Cat | Big Cat Week

RESEARCHER: We are putting
radio collars in these cats because it’s a really
good way to follow them. The collar is not a
problem for a jaguar. They are quite light. It’s not the
prettiest technology but it’s really, really
efficient technology. NARRATOR: First, Esperanza
gets a full health check. Jaguars have the most
powerful bite of any big cat. One of her canines is broken. It probably happened
during a hunt. The team vet has also noticed
something very exciting– an indication that she might be
pregnant or even nursing cubs. [non-english speech] NARRATOR: After only 20
minutes, the anesthetic is starting to wear off. 200 pounds of big cat
is about to wake up. [non-english speech] NARRATOR: She’s so strong that
her body is fighting the drugs. The collar will drop
off after a year or so. But before it does, they will
be able to follow Esperanza closely, hoping to gather
important new information– especially if she
does have cubs.

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  1. I watched this show, and a little later, a female jaguar is darted in a tree over a river by the Brazilian goverment's conservation bureau, and they're so moronic and inept, they let her fall in. Then, they carry her out, saying it was too late for her, but when they put her in a cage (which, why would you bother with if you're so sure she's dead?), I could see she was still breathing. Rewound it and watched it again to be certain I was seeing what I thought I was, and sure enough, you could clearly see her chest rising and falling. Left two orphan cubs that had to be raised by humans cuz of these idiots' carelessness. That really got under my skin. Did anyone else notice what it is I'm that I'm talking about?

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