2015 Hello Kitty McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – Pierce’sWorld

Hi everybody, it’s Pierce’sWorld. It’s good to see you again. It’s a girl theme and we are on to the Hello Kitty happy meal toys from McDonald’s. Like this ‘M’. Here’s the first one and we are going to open it up. So, #1 is the Hello Kitty ruler holder. It’s a ruler holder! This […]

Hen Sitting On Cute Kittens Instead Of Eggs | Kritter Klub

A henhouse meow A kitten in a henhouse? Why is a hen sitting on a kitten instead of eggs? What kind of hen is that?! But it’s so cute True bling bling Cat mom KoKo The babies are sleeping! Don’t you dare touch the kittens! It’s so noisy out there The hens can’t go in […]

Kitten’s Grandma Is An Alaskan Malamute? | Kritter Klub

An Alaskan malamute breastfeeding a kitten? 10 years old in dog age, 70 in human age She’s a total grandma Grandma dog raises the kitten If I was that old, I wouldn’t be able to raise one Catch me if you can, granny Too big Imma get you But gets tired And returns home They […]

The Woman Who Lives With 1,000 Cats

– You can’t really call me a crazy cat lady; I’m obsessive. I would rather have 800 cats than another man. I don’t need a man in my life. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, no. Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Floyd, come on, Cricket. (light upbeat music) This is called the Cat […]


Cat Games (Entertainment video for cats and kittens) – Catching Fish 1 Hour version

A cute cat try to steal a big fish😂 | Funny Cute Pet Compilation

the little cat try to steal a big fish,so funny A cute dog jump into the river, so cute😊 A cute cat dancing in the mirror😂 what is the cat doing to the little kitten😊 So many little kitten sleep together❤️ mommy cat holding little kitten up stairs gently❤️❤️❤️ cat couple feeding their baby kittens❤️ […]

* LEOPARD * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Sleek and powerful leopards are wonderful big cats Leopards are wild animals the live in Africa and parts of Asia. They have cream and gold fur with black spots. Their spots make great camouflage for hiding in trees and sneaking up on prey. The leopards tails are almost as long as their bodies. Their tails […]

Man Saves Orphaned Kitten—1 Year Later, Baby Still Repays Him With Endless Snuggles And Love

s there anything cuter than a man and a kitten? If your reactions to this story were any indication� then no, there is definitely not. So, to make your day slightly cuter, we�ve found a pair that is sure to melt your heart. Meet Baby! Baby was abandoned as a kitten. Luckily, she was found […]

How-to give a cat a pill tutorial

Hi, my name is Dr. Uri Burstyn. I’m a veterinarian in Vancouver BC and I’d like to welcome you to my series of practical skills for pet owners. I’m here with Mr. Pirate to show you how to do one of the most dreaded activities one ever has to do with our cat which is […]

Coloring Book Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty Coloring Book | Colorear Hello Kitty | Colorir Hello Kitty

Coloring Book Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Coloring Book