Cat Steals Her Rival’s Kittens?! | Kritter Klub

Cat Steals Her Rival’s Kittens?! | Kritter Klub

Am I…. Surrounded? The cat who gets the chills, Summer The cat who gives the chills, Winter Told you to get lost!!! The cat’s mom : Summer used to roam around comfortably But ever since Winter came 3 months ago It has become Winter’s area And summer has been running away from him Three months ago, the newcomer, Winter Kicked out Summer I’m not gonna cry…I’m not crying… After waiting for a while Summer quenches her thirst.. I can sense the threat! Shoot.. is it Winter again? YES How dare she drinks water in front of me.. Tastes of saliva..? *Shivers* Winter keeps ostracizing summer, harshly.. Get out of my sight Winter! What? What did I do wrong? Winter is very clever He doesn’t attack when there are people around Mom gets involved Why are you like that to Summer? Bad boy! Are you going to do that or not? Winter was a stray cat. He appeared out of the blue one day Then he started eating here At some point, he became in charge With two kittens Winter took in charge of the place Where Summer used to live peacefully.. The Cats’ Mom : Summer lost everything because of Winter Even the house and her kittens PD : Kittens? Our Summer had 2 kittens It has been long since she gave birth And it didn’t help that Winter started bothering here Summer would hide them between stones One day, the kittens went missing.. After Winter appeared Summer was stripped of everything.. I feel sorry for Summer Because Winter is on the prowl It can’t stay here in peace I don’t know where she is, and what she does the rest of the time Attach a surveillance camera to check Summer’s daily life.. Where is Summer going? What the heck Oh my gosh~ That’s Summer!! What happened?! Stay tuned for Part 2!

100 thoughts on “Cat Steals Her Rival’s Kittens?! | Kritter Klub

  1. Winter vs Summer
    Where did Summer's kittens go?!
    Find out here ->

  2. White cat is looking behind afraid and around is looking that way because she can’t hear her surroundings. She has blue eyes…blue eyed, white cats and almost always deaf.

  3. 어머 길고양이가 우리고양이 못살게 구네?
    하지만 물주고 밥주고 이뻐해줘서 정착하게 만듬.

  4. Kediler den bir tanesi Van kedisi galiba, Van kendisinin oralarda ne işi var ki? Hatta kanal sahipleri bilgilendirirseniz güzel olur, gözleri farklı renk olan kedinin o bölgenin kedisi mi yoksa Van kendisi mi??

  5. Joke of an 'owner', while she laughs about it the cat stops trusting her since there's no protection.
    Fucking dumbass.

  6. Cat#1 is jealous to Cat#2. #1 is the pet, and #2 is stray and arrives in that place. #2 stole the territory of #1 that's why #1 hate #2. The #1 moved her kittens to a safe place.

  7. Only a small quality info: the german titles, cc/subs makes no sense… I guess the problem is in other languages, also. It's to bad for non-english-speakers! D: Such pure videos!

  8. Nothing wrong with summer my cat does the same thing cats let the kittens grow and then attack them alot. But when pregnant there nice

  9. I think they should relocate winter or send him to the vet so that someone can adopt him. Or do something so that they can be friends. I feel bad for summer. 😔

  10. I absolutely hate male cats. We had a cat who had 2 kittens. They were hardly few days old. And the male cat came and killed them. We were horrified. Although the cat was not our pet we usually have cats coming in the yard to give birth. And I stood guard to watch for that male cat because the poor mother cat kept licking her kittens to wake up but they were dead and it was a very traumatic experience. Unfortunately the male cat was very quick and somehow he managed to take the carcasses of those kittens and only a head of one of the kittens was left. Can you imagine? Five day old kittens!! I really wish I could kill that male cat.

  11. Winter seems like a bully now if the owners knows what's up what the fuck are they doing making a video and letting summer be bullied..

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