CAT S30 Review

CAT S30 Review

The CAT S30 is an entry level rugged smartphone,
which excels in being robust, while also having a great specification for the price.
Cheaper alternatives exist from other brands, but they do not always look or feel like they
could take the same number of knocks and falls that more cost effective alternatives may.
Continue watching to find out what we thought of the S30.
If English is not your native language, click the captions button below to view this in
your preferred language and for the full written review that accompanies this video click the
link in the description. The Key hardware specifications are shown
on screen now. Few phones built to resist knocks and drops
in harsher environments look pretty, but the S30 is certainly not all bad. It is a subtle
blend of functional buttons, rubber and plastics to create a rigid and reliable phone. The corners are squarer than the S40 but still
have a degree of curvature to them. However the sharper edges do also serve as an edge
for a drop onto concrete from height and allow the handset to meet Mil Spec 810G rating. 3 physical buttons on the front give feedback
and resistance a capacitive button on screen cant. Whilst ports like the headphone jack can technically
be exposed and IP rated, many of the environments in which CAT see this phone being used are
more commercial and active lifestyle lead than the average user who just wants a waterproof
phone. Thus the covers not only protect against water but more damaging sand, dirt, dust and
more. Therefore what might seem like fiddly port covers are there in truth to ensure the
phone remains functional for longer. If there were exposed the design of the phone may too
look a little odd. Capable of taking 2 nano sized sim cards,
these sit in a tray that slides in and out of the device. Due to being recessed into
the body it is not easy to remove and you need patience and a delicate touch. There is a bright yellow programmable key.
This can be set to open specific apps or turn the camera flash on to act as a flash and
more. Measuring 4.5” from lower right to upper
left corner the display on the S30 is functional. It lacks any real punch to the colours and
image due to the low 480 x 854 resolution. Viewing angles are not good. You need only
tilt the phone a few degrees and the colours and contrast change considerably. For the most part of checking the internet,
making calls, sending text messages and running a few apps this is all perfectly fine. The resulting benefit of this lesser screen
quality is the battery performance. Unlike some phones this S30 offers wet finger
tracking, meaning you can actually use the phone when wet and you can use it with gloves
on too. Like other CAT phones, the S30 runs Android
as the operating system and it is version 5.1 is installed out of the box, so it is
relatively up to date. Whilst there are a few additions from CAT
they are relatively limited . Key inclusions are shown on screen now.
Like most Android phones whilst you do not need a Google account to use it, to get any
real value from it, adding one will transform your user experience and allow you to take
advantage of services such as Maps, Drive, Chrome and more. However you can easily add
on your social media and work email accounts too.
There are lots of personalisation options. You can personalise your homescreens, download
apps, change the font size, the screen brightness, the wallpaper,and make the device work the
way that is best for you. You can even set different user accounts to limit access and
functionality. As a Dual SIM smartphone, within the settings
you can enable just one or both SIMS, you can choose which is the preferred SIM for
what task or have it ask every time All the normal and required connectivity options
are present, 2G, 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and a microSD card slot are provided.
No NFC though. As a dual SIM enabled smartphone you can have
one or two SIMS in the phone at any one time. Use both a personal and work SIM card in the
same phone or maybe a local and international SIM, the choice is yours. Or if you need only
one SIM slot, leave the other empty. You can also turn each SIM on and off from the settings
to save battery life and manage your connections. You will not be putting the S30 in the centre
of a room and starting an impromptu party but the speaker on the phone is loud enough
and serves well in most scenarios. The call quality is pretty standard and was
loud enough and performed ok in our tests. What comes as a little bit of a surprise is
how feature rich the camera is. There is more than I expected. Image capturing modes are shown on screen
now. There are too a series of filters for creative
effect. Within the settings you can change the flash
mode, storage location, picture size and quality. Set a countdown timer, GPS location, face
detection, ISO, Exposure, Focus Mode,and Redeye Reduction. Switch to video recording and the options
are reduced a bit but still a fair number of options. Recording is available at a maximum of 720p
HD. There is the option of up to 6x zoom on the
camera using a pinch and zoom on screen gesture. There is no option to set the physical keys
to do this, but you can use the programmable key to act as a camera shutter button for
stills and to commence and end capture. The S30 has a rear 5 megapixel camera and
a 2 megapixel on the front. There is a flash to accompany the rear camera that helps out
in low light situations. The resulting images are mixed. On the whole
they are ok and not too bad. However some can be over exposed and unbalanced in the
colours whilst others can surprise you. A 3000mAh battery is fixed internally to the
S30, it cannot be removed by the user. A decent sized battery we found with a single
of dual SIM setup we were getting well into 2 days usage. However the battery was affected
quite a bit by the signal strength and what you were doing. As is common on many phones now, the habit
is to charge everyday and I would still advise this to avoid being left short. The included battery saver mode can assist
in getting a little more power from the phone but you have to either have this switched
on or off. Overall the S30 is a solid phone that performs
reasonably for most of the tasks you will request of it. The dual SIM functionality is a big bonus
and for those sole traders who may have a work and personal SIM , this phone offers
the possibility to carry just one phone and still remain functional. If you work in an office all day long and
do not partake in any adventurous sports then the S30 will not be ideally suited to you. If you work in an office but visit sites,
spend a lot of time in the outdoors or in wet, cold or dusty environments and find your
current phone takes a few tumbles then the S30 is calling out to be used by you. Functional the handset does not go overboard
on the thrills but just does what it needs to do. A few nice additions and a surprising camera
make this a little more charming and make you forget a little about the not quite so
pretty design. Thanks for watching. If you liked this video
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35 thoughts on “CAT S30 Review

  1. I really think that the best rugged phone is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active, because it has more than enough power and IP68, MIL-STD 810G rating.

  2. I don't want a pretty phone. I want a tough phone that can handle the hell I put it through at work. So far, my little S30 has held out very well. It does everything I need it to do. I am very happy with it so far.

  3. I have this phone and it works perfect, I've dropped it on concrete screen down lots of times and it does'nt have any scratches.

  4. Absolute pile of shit these phones are, I have one as a work phone bought by my employer. It constantly crashes / freezes. It turns off in your pocket, incredibly annoying. You take a photo and it crashes, you browse the web and it crashes, we have upgraded the memory card and it still crashes. It really is a load of crap and the other engineers I work with all say the same.

  5. If you want lose your mind, but this shittiest phone ever. IT ridicolous slow i want smash this fucking piece of shit on the wall… So NEVER BUY THIS PHONE!!!

  6. I have one an s30. Do not buy. Limited usability. Cant mirror to a smart TV… so no displaying photos to a customer. Severly bogged down.. maybe in part to impossible to keep up with technology or poor AT&T network coverage. Either way you will pull your hair out. Tough yes.. not worth trade off. Way too slow. You will wait alot for it to catch up. Many features don't work in landscape mode.. my preferred cue. Do you watch movies in portrait. Tired of products designed by children.?!!! Another pet peeve.. I want control of what I am doing not a website/phone jerking screen around. Thank God tech folks dont make coffee pots or goilet paper. Where is decibel control. Our corporate entities are mental.

  7. "If English is not your language, click the captions below……" — if English is not their language, how are they supposed to understand what you said? Jus sayin 😉

  8. I have a CAT S30 …..Fist smart phone I've had, I don't particularly like it, I bet Thier are loads better out there!

    This has a 2 MP front camera ….the picture look crap when your recording on it.
    I was going to make some videos for YouTube but they look crap, ….I'm guessing I need at least a 5 MP camera???

  9. I think all phones are shit I have killed 4 in the last 12 Months. Xuami, Alba, I phone 4s and Samsung s 6. The Cat might be slow but a slow phone you can use is better than a fast one that's failed.

  10. Worst phone money can by the CAT S30

    And Don't expect any help from CAT they are Piss Poor!


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