Cat Needed Someone To Rely On After Losing Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

Cat Needed Someone To Rely On After Losing Her Kittens | Kritter Klub

I demand you to open youself Meowgic Hola mi amigos What, what’s the fuss Starting from 10 days ago Why are you keep coming in Because I want to +_+ Restaurant owner: It’s scary how the cat keeps following me and chases after me.. I like you Let me in Just accept me and RAISE ME You are a purfect butler Is she a stray cat? Yes, she is.. I’m special, you know I’m different!!!! Trust me I’m special After attacking the lady With no apology Takes a seat in the restaurant Somehow looks relieved.. What am I doing at this age Get out Nahhh How dare you kick me out! This is why I don’t let her in I chose you tho I’m not shameless Shameless cats usually Act cute Or Use pity as their weapon Pity meow.. But this kitty.. Why are you sitting on the table? Come down Come down! *simply ignore* Wat da hecc are you talking about When pushed OK. Imma lie down like this then.. You said I shouldn’t sit on here. So Imma lie down instead Smarty kitty, right? Geez, stahp Tbh.. The lady finds it cute too lol I dunno Just live there then Perseverance ftw But why does Bbunsson like this place? Is she.. pregnant? I never thought that she’d be pregnant If she’s here because of that I must’ve come across cold-hearted? Sorry~ I’m fine Who’s this smelly monster Vet, jeez Let’s check your belly~ Vet : She’s not pregnant.. Hehe. I’m single now Vet : She gave birth within a week to 10 days She must’ve had stillbirth or had a normal delivery, but shortly after She must’ve lost her kittens.. After losing her kittens in a short period She would suffer from extreme anxiety And need someone to lean on After losing her kittens Met the lady by chance The cat recognized her kindmess.. “I know you’re a good hooman” The guest cat gets the best treatments only for VIP In the storage room I chose a good butler I’m not going to kick her out again because she came to me for help I’ll take care of her Live happily with your nice, new butler~

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  2. It's very sad how she lost her pretty kittens…But since that lady was very nice.I smiled because that lady with a big heart take cared of that pity cat,I hope they're still happy and healthy!

  3. From the coloring she did have a few to suckle as my cats coloring around nipples got that color while nursing but like the vet I agree she had to have lost them as the hair ain't matted down a family friend had a female who they didn't know was pregnant when I started rubbing her I noticed the fur around her nipples felt weird I took a closer look not easy she didn't like it but from the quick glance I saw the hair was matted down I asked if she had kittens they didn't know well a few days later I was back over there and they told me that yes in fact she had kittens they had found them the day after I pointed it out brought the three into the house they figured a few days to a week old I couldn't see them they had to hide momma cat and kittens from the guys mom she didn't want any cats in the house so I couldn't see them to figure out the age years and years of raising cats and dogs I've learned things

  4. OMG what a sweet adorable and clever little angel..❤❤❤❤❤ and such a beautiful human the lady.. God bless her..🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. Кошка и собака не случайно выбирают людей что бы их приютили. В них живут души умерших наших близких. Никогда нельзя прогонять животное которое пришло к вам. Это знак. По этому женщина мудро поступила оставив кошку себе. Это наши ангелы хранители.

  6. Minha gata deu a primeira cria e os filhotes nasceu morto depois ela morreu fiquei muito triste peguei ela filhote e perdi ela muito triste

  7. She's very cute😍❤😎❤ too bad there are nosubtitles but than you for caring for this cat after lost her babies🌈🐾🙏💔

  8. Siempre e tenido la idea que uno no debe buscar el animalito,ellos son los que nos buscan a nosotras así que creo que llegó para quedarse el Gatico además ellos presienten el amor de las personas. Hermoso lo que hizo la Sra de quedarse con ella van hacer una linda familia. Saludos

  9. Manda por meu canal este e #carla.Alves. Barbie eu só de fortaleza reposta dez. Todos. Gata. Sé. Na.rua.você. desse.. Abonados. os.gata. filhotes. de.animais. gata etc. Meu. Cada estes a #carla.Alves. Barbie eu só de fortaleza reposta dez.

  10. Cats take kittens very seriously, did you know that a mother cat will kill her kittens if for whatever reason, she cannot feed them. She will kill them before letting them slowly starve to death. I heard this from an expert on cats a long time ago, don't know 100 percent if true.

  11. 3:49
    I see subtitles in Italians and say “ prostituta “
    I think (and hope) is wrong pls fix that

  12. Cat:I chose you so you have no other option other than to take good care of me n you better do it or I'll make sure you do it😀😀those who say animals don't have feelings r absolute shit holes

  13. This cat is strong to live and found hope. Losing her kitten which she cannot help it but to find a way ro rescue herself.

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