Cat & Kitten Care : Adopt a Siberian Cat

Cat & Kitten Care : Adopt a Siberian Cat

Let’s talk about adopting a Siberian cat.
Siberian cats are relatively new to the United States. They became available about 1990 in
the United States, but it’s a cat that has been domesticated over hundreds of years in
Russia, in Siberian, Russia, that’s why they’re called the Siberian. The key about the Siberian
cat is that they are thought to be low or hypoallergenic. Its anecdotal, nobody knows
exactly if they all are, some appear not to be as much as others, but Siberians tend to
have lower production of a protein called FVL1 in their saliva and that saliva and that
protein in the saliva is what a lot of people are very allergic to when you’re talking about
being allergic to a cat. So anyway, as far as adopting one, that may be difficult because
they are purebred and generally it may be difficult to adopt one versus having to buy
one. But you can go online and look at CFA, Cat Fanciers Association and TEKA, which is
the international cat association and basically they can help you out as far as maybe finding
an adopted cat or a cat that needs to be adopted. But anyway, that’s why they’re so popular.
See what you can find out essentially through magazines like Cat Fancy will sometimes have
that sort of thing in the back or occasionally you can find a rescue situation that might
have a Siberian that needs to be placed.

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  1. I am a breeder of this wonderful cat in the UK, where many cat 'allergic' people now have a kitten(or even 2) and live happily together…even though nothing scientific has been proven with regards to being hypo-allergenic, the breed itself is proving they are many times over….making so many families all over the world very happy that now they can have a cat in their home! I adore the breed for being what it is, but this added extra just makes them even more special to me..and to many others!

  2. there was a study done in the US somewhere that tested fur samples and found that siberians only had something like 200 ppm of FVL 1 compared to something like 60 000 ppm in an ordinary cat.

  3. we have 2 male siberian in UK….incredible breed and fantastic companions….i am allergic to cats…but not siberians.

  4. Yea, we went for a visit before we bought our little baby. My husband's usually stuffed up as soon as he walks through the door of a cat house. When we were there an hour and nothing happened we were convinced. Also, none of our friends who have cat alllergies have reacted to him. Except one womman who is usually deathly alleric; to our siberian she hardly reacted at all.

    you said you adopted rather than buying? is there a chance that your cat is a cross or do you have her papers?

  5. I had 9 siberians and haven't had any problems with allergies. I recently adopted out 4 of them. It's amazing how may people want theses cats. I still have people calling, texting and e-mailing for availble cats.

  6. @yariyahaira no, just twice a year, so they might not need as much shedding attention as another species would.

  7. No Offense to Russian's, in fact i am part Russian, but i want to get one, and name it Nikita, and have it listen to the Russian national anthem all the time… Oh the dream 🙂

  8. @o0Tamaki0o zActually do your research. The allergen is a protein in the saliva, and this gets on their fur since the clean themselves with their tongue. Even hairless cats can still give allergic reactions. Female, silver Siberian cats are supposedly the most naturally-hypoallergenic domestic cats.

    All hypoallergenic means is that it is less likely to cause an allergic reaction to the allergen, so don't quote it, it is a quite simple word….

  9. my siberian literally is the boss of the cats around my area.she is so territorial any cats that come into my garden get chased out quick

  10. gawddd russian make us pay alottt, i went online and they were like $3,000 plus. But since they have a water proof coat and a hypoallergenic fur and they r dog like and stuff, it probaly would be worth while ;D

  11. These cats vary in price from around $600 in the Midwest US to several thousand dollars on the coasts. It depends on where you live, but you can find reasonable pricing and reputable breeders to buy from

  12. @FrediAndFred get a siberian cat from the newspaper or an orphanage. for the furniture problem siberians are not the typical scratchy play type. they usually lounge around like mine….but if it does become a problem go to walmart or store like that and buy a cardboard scratch board then put some cat nip on it. this only costs about $6.00 and they work amazingly well… also get an adult cat they are usually cheaper…

  13. @FrediAndFred wait until you get your own place then get whatever you want. I have one. He doesn't scratch anything but the scratching post. All cats can scratch…just train them with a squirt gun. Good Luck.

  14. I am a very allergic personne(not asthmatic), I get in the cat breeder house for more than an houre, I played with their siberian cat and I had no reaction at all!
    So I will have my own siberian kitty in two week, I am very happy! I can not wait…

  15. I got so lucky! adopted a siberian 4 months kitty, gorgeous…his litter was actually rescue near San Luis Obispo, as the central coast is over populated with cats and many people volunteer to help.

  16. This "White Coat & Stethoscope" type seems to imply

    that Siberians are the Only hypoallergenic cat breed !

    Which they Certainly are Not !

  17. Does anyone have an allergic reaction to Siberians? Would you mind sharing your reactions with me?

    (Mother is allergic to cats AND dogs, but not natural hair dogs, so I'm not sure if its FEL d1 or d2 that she's allergic to….)

  18. @Carfalian they actually do tend to be a bit expensive. If you want to get one with a hypo-allergenic gene, you'll have to get the cat from a breeder, which can cost several thousand dollars

  19. Siberian cats are everywhere in Beijing. I adopted two abandoned Siberians. People threw them to my college campus since they couldn't raise kittens and they didn't get their cats fixed, they thought college students would be able to take care of little kittens so we kept having abandoned kittens. One of my Siberians died last summer and I really miss him. But in the US, it's relatively hard to find Siberians.

  20. I am extremely allergic to cats, I, one day visited one of my clients and they had a siberian cat. I was afraid to enter their house, however the owner assured me their cat would not affect me – they put their cat in my face and rubbed it all over me! I had zero effects, it was great. My wife loves cats but we never could get one because of my allergies to them, now we are waiting to see when our budget is enough for a siberian cat…

  21. I am highly allergic to cats, but have almost 0 reaction to Siberians. We have one, and we have a hepa air purifier. I am so happy I was able to have a cat finally!

  22. Do they suffer in hot countries? I live in the South of Europe and I really wanna get one because my boyfriend is allergic to regular cats, but I'm worried it will suffer because we get extremely hot temperatures in the summer.

  23. I was extremely lucky to adopt a Siberian kitten, at a animal shelter. She’s about 3 months old now and I love her so much.. I sneeze sometimes when she on my face but that just might probably be the long fur she has.

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