Cat Hacks To Save You Money

Cat Hacks To Save You Money

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  1. Don't have a cat? No worries! We got Dog hacks covered too! 🐶🐶🐶

  2. As someone mentions below, cut the handles off that bag. I was unloading some groceries from a bag like that, had to step away for a moment – the bag was empty, I fold them up to reuse them – and before I got back, one of my kitties got his head through the handle, panicked when he couldn’t free himself & using cat logic, he ran all around trying to outrun the bag-monster chasing him. Catching him wasn’t easy.
    Also goggly eyes & jingle bells are choking hazards, for both cats and dogs (there have been people who learned this the tragic way, yet cat toys are still made with them, I don’t know why.) The eyes are just because we humans think their cute. I once had 8 cats at the same time & never had one that got excited over them anyway. And if you’ve ever had a dog and a cat, you know dogs have no respect for a ball being a cat ball.

  3. Cool idea on the cat litter box!!! Just saved me $$$$$ and I can design the door to any shape I prefer. Thinking mouse or bird as long as can can easily get in and litter not out.

  4. I've a better idea…work at a pet supply warehouse, then you can get the expensive things for free and you get paid while doing it.


    Hi, I wanted to share this with you guys, I’ve tried different kind of fur remover and this one is definitively the BEST so far! I think it’s called the “fur scrubber” definitively worth the bucks if you’re interested I bought it via their store!

  6. With all the catnip suggestions in the video, you might as well grow your own! Catnip is in the mint family so it's easy to grow. I highly recommend using it fresh, but you can also hang it to dry and store over the winter.

  7. This video made me miss my Demon Baby :’) She’s the sassiest cuddliest grey tabby girl ( who always has her gloves and boots on because she is a lady!) and I miss her so much! Now I know how to spoil her when I move back home! 😂

  8. My two biggest suggestions are and having cats for over 30 years and working with animals for 15 years, if you use a paper bag that has wire handles on it, clip them so there is no loop. This way your cat cannot get stuck inside the loop. That happened with my very first cat I ever had that was born in 1986. Also be careful if you use pipe cleaners because they have wires in them. My suggestion would be not to use them. Trust me. Your cat will not care if you don't.

  9. Take a cardboard box, pull an old t-shirt over it with the neck whole at the box' open side and use tape or yarn to fixate the fabric to the box and to hide the t-shirt's arms. Et voilà – a wonderful cat cave.
    And you can also use an old sock, stuff it with an old t-shirt and some catnip and you've got a perfect kick toy. I attached a string to it, it's one of my kitten's favourite toys. I use it whenever he wants to roughhouse with me. I uploaded a video of him playing with it if you're interested, so cute.

  10. I work at an SPCA if you don’t have a kitty stop by and ask to foster! You can keep them however long you want and the kitties get to stretch their legs and get some extra love and attention! 😊💕

  11. Loved the havks, tho the "privacy" argument to use a closed litter box has been debunked ages ago… Each cat has a preference and it can change with age or if your cat is sick, it might not have the strength to jump into and out of a litter box like that….

  12. I have 2 fur babies and instead of have a tower I have carpet on the bottom of my door. That way they can scratch that and not my couch. Also, it takes less space.

  13. I didn't know cats do weed,, what's worse is we feed our cravings the same way,, peanut butter and cereals👀👀🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  14. How do those pellets work with only 1 box? Thinking of making one because with clay I got a lot of trackings in my apartment. AFAIK you need 2 boxes for sifting. Still pretty skeptical about how they separate pee infused pellets.

  15. The sock is cool, but make sure they don’t break it open and eat the bell, also nix the pipe cleaners that can poke them and the googly eyes they can choke on.

    Cool video tho!

  16. thanks now I know what I can do with those pesky lonely single socks lol my cat already likes attack my socks anyway so she will be happy

  17. Cheapest cat toy I've ever had: a 1 Yen I have from my trip to Japan. I just let it roll across the large room or corridor, and my little Bengal will have the time of his life.
    Note: 1 Yen=$0.00091

  18. Love these hacks! For cat owners, remember to be careful when feeding moist food to our kitties, as it is easier for their mouth to grow bacteria inside if not cleaned properly. ✌🏼

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