Cat Cries For Help To Save Her Kittens Stuck Inside The Cement Ground | Animal in Crisis EP58

Cat Cries For Help To Save Her Kittens Stuck Inside The Cement Ground | Animal in Crisis EP58

Informant/ I don’t know exactly where the sound comes from It keeps coming from around here It’s the building over there Search the place where the informant pointed out And then.. PD/ I can hear cats crying The sound comes from.. The entrance of the apartment? As they move closer, The crying sound gets louder Janitor/ It’s been like that for 3 days The sound obviously comes from the entrance.. But there’s no way connected to the space where the sound comes from Literally, there’s none There’s no passage as well in the garden next to the entrance At that moment! A cat shows up Starts to cry out loud, staring at the ground of the entrance Perhaps she’s a mother cat.. Janitor/ The mother cat can’t do anything. Because she knows that she can’t take her kittens out That’s why she can only cry with her kittens.. The mother cat has tried to dig the ground to save her kittens But she couldn’t meet her kittens yet.. And then.. She goes to the garden And begins to cry at a wall Informant/ She gave birth to her kittens in the basement room One day, the janitor heard the cat crying from the room And he found 4 kittens inside The mother cat and her kittens stayed together in here Informant/ The mother doesn’t eat food but waits for her kittens to come back I have no clue where the kittens are How come they were stuck inside the wall..? Janitor/ I have no clue. If I knew where they were, I’d have saved them already But no one knows where they are The mother cat and her kittens’ crying continues all night long.. She stays by her kittens’ side Next day, the mother cat cries again First off, put an endoscope camera to the side of the garden Expert/ It’s all blocked by stones But! Expert/ Is that a tail? PD/ It’s a cat.. and the cat’s legs Expert/ I guess it’s buried under the stone.. PD/ Doesn’t move at all, right? / Expert/ Yes With a closer shot, confirm that there’s no movement in its two legs Expert/ I can hear a cat crying Vet/ I guess the passage is blocked by the brick over there If it’s not, then the dead kitten couldn’t be stuck like this The rescue starts Found the dead kitten first Vet/ I guess this one was pressed to death by the brick blocking the passage So the others couldn’t get out as well since the passage was blocked by it The mother cat cries near the rescue site.. Perhaps she knows her kitten’s death Rescue Team/ Turn on the lantern and light it up Another kitten is rescued! Residents/ So adorable~ The mother cat approaches her kitten Resident/ Aww.. The kitten wants to meet her mom so bad Resident/ It makes me cry.. To prevent her from getting exhausted, provides her with nutrition PD/ Did you find more? Rescue Team/ I found one kitten going back again when I tried to catch him Makes space for the kittens to come out by themselves And sets a trap cage After a while.. Both look healthy! After the night comes.. The PD waits for the kittens to come inside the cage Gotcha! PD/ We got them! Thankfully, they seem to have no problems After providing them with enough nutrition, Gives a nutrition injection Since I gave first aid, there should be no problem for now Also, they are okay to go back to their mom Fills the space underneath the flower bed with earth Puts the kittens back to the basement room, where they’ve lived with the mother cat Waits for the mother cat to come back.. Then!! The mother cat comes down after hearing the kittens’ crying Carefully opens the door for them The kittens approaches their mom, one by one Finally The reunion of the mother cat and her kittens has come true! Hope you live happily with your kittens!

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  2. 3 of my 5 cats heard the kittens crying on the video,and came running into my room.They were trying to find the distressed kittens,while meowing back to the video.

  3. Is it just me or is it sometimes their fault that the animals die because they wait to much and just fucking watch

  4. Южная Корея ! Преклоняюсь пред вашим отношением к животным! Молодцы ! Сколько добрых людей ! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  5. Вы настоящие люди с большой буквы. Вы спасли котят. Я почему то плачу.

  6. And you let the mom cat and the kittens to live in a dirty basement? Why didn't you get them a home?
    You saved their lives, and they will lives as strays and they will die probably because of hitting by a car, poisoning, or abusing by some devil people. And Nobody will take them to vet if they will be sick. Congratulation!

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