Cat Adopts Abandoned Kittens LOL | Kritter Klub

Cat Adopts Abandoned Kittens LOL | Kritter Klub

A suspicious cat Come here, I’ll take you somewhere better~ Cat ‘Chab-ssal’ kidnapping a kitten It looks like she’s the mother cat LOL She keeps carrying around the kittens This is OUR home from now on Owner: She didn’t give birth to those kittens Whoever feeds me is my mama Owner: I know Chab-ssal would get upset but it’s the right thing to give back the kittens Cuties in a basket Huh? They were right here… Are they here? Chab-ssal is seriously flustered LOL This cat is the real mother cat Go next to your mother Doesn’t care Owner: I don’t think she cares about her own babies Mommy… I missed you… Get lost!! Get lost!! These kittens are orphans now [Urgent] Kittens looking for an adopter Here I come! A cat adopting kittens LOL I made grilled fish for dinner guys Welcome to the cat penthouse! Happy We love it!

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  1. Alot times the mom cat was ready. For Kittens but male cat. Was very horny have to have some. Because of that she has angry issue towards the kittens. Thank GOD for Step Mother Cat she truly loves kittens.

  2. Perhaps there's something I'm not understanding but there's seems to be something suspicious about this video. Could it have been staged just to get views? Not saying that's true.

  3. Al parecer hay lugares en el planeta que no sienten mucho afecto por los gatos y en lugar de protegerlos de deleitan co lo que los animales hacen en lugar de protegerlos y darles lugares de albergue .Además para controlar la población de estos animalitos existe la esterilización.

  4. I swear to god the same happened to me as a kid. A cat was taking care of her kittens and then one day the one kitten went like 200 meters away from the mother. When she came back the mother started rejecting and screaming at the poor kitten. It was really bizarre. I also like cats but i think this is one of the main reason why i am a dog person

  5. My cat had 3 kittens. 1 she smotherd and 2 she ripped in half. Shes savage.
    (I was at work. The real responsibility thing)

  6. Once i saw a female cat meowing in front of a gutter, after many attempt to remove her, she kept returning and meow loudly. When i inspect the end of the gutter line (though a pipe few hundred meters away, in a maintenance grease trap), i saw 3 kitten bodies, apparently drowned to death. I take the female cat to the dead bodies, where she stop meowing and stopped moving for almost few days (i put the bodies in a shade around the plumbing line). Mother cat doesnt forgo kitten easily. Please dont blame the mother, she may have her reasons

  7. Ha..ha..
    Same happend my Baby Horse 🐎
    Other Horse Stole missing
    Baby Horse..
    Is not her Mommy

    That mine baby horse
    She tolk my Horse
    Follow..her Milk
    She got other baby Horse..
    She tolk my baby with
    2 baby horses 🐎 🐎

  8. The female cat who stole the new born kittens imprinted on them just as they were born. Now the original mother cat will reject those kittens. It's called maternal imprinting in animals, search that online.

  9. Ahi q bella felicidades dios lo bendiga en grandes cantidades en su vida de malargue ala gatita q salva i alos dueños jejeje de malargue al sur de mendoza argentina jajajajaja

  10. So cute😻 but I wonder why the birth mother did that??? I never seen that before 😱 hmmm… not all cats ( just like us people) are cut out NOR want to be parents in the first place. My cat Jynx was like that. Or maybe also the birth mom smelled the new mom on the kitties & in turn didn’t want anything to do with em anymore. (Like with birds) 🤷🏻‍♀️

  11. See that mama has to feed some kittens … her poor nipples and boobies will hurt really bad if somebody doesn't milk them. She is a mama kitten forever. What a lover too!

  12. Looks like someone pulled those cats from their original spot set up a bunch of cameras knowing where the cat would go to take them back home

  13. If only humans could be like cats. Cats show more humanity and love than humans. 🐈 🐈 🐈🐱🐱🐱🐯🐯🐯🐾🐾🐾💋💖💋💖

  14. Как они похожи на нас, вот, родная бросила , а другая принила 🙂

  15. Me recordó a una gata que tenia y se fue. Tuvo 2 gatitos. Y la hija tuvo 3 y no los quiso. Así que la madre se llevo a sus hijos y los crío.

    Ahora no esta ninguna de las 2,una se fue y la otra se me murió hace poco.

    Pero sus hijos ya van para 1 año. Y espero que me duren muchísimo mas.

  16. My cat and her mother gave birth on the same day and we had a total of around 7 or so kittens. This was some few years ago. Both cats alternated nursing duties and taking care of them. Today both cats are fixed and my cat's mother always hisses at her despite being related while her grandson (my cat's son) gets along with grandma pretty good until he misbehaves by being a bully at times and has be put in his place.

  17. So cute!!!!! Lolol!
    The real mother is like a low-life woman. Just kidding. She does look hungry and should be spayed immediately. I wonder if this is her first litter or if she just keeps getting pregnant which would make ANY mother cat exhausted.
    I just noticed she's also walking funny and maybe her hip is messed up from the birth or something else. She could be in a LOT of pain; a mother cat doesn't turn her kittens away naturally. Something's wrong with that cat and she needs to be checked out. I hope someone can do that.
    The other cat is a true Mother. Bless her heart. ❤ It's sweet the way she took up where the other mother could not.
    I love how she went back for the kittens and insisted they were in HER care now. Silly ❤

    And I had to add I absolutely ADORED the captions you guys put in this video; very well done. 👊😊👍

  18. Had a cat have kittens in my yard. It had a 10ft wall (city house) and the mother ended up dying. The kittens ended up trapped in my yard but were too feral to touch. After a week of me leaving food etc i found rubbish in my yard. Was like 'where tf did this come from.' Week or 2 later i watched my tom cat bring in loads of.rubbish with bits of food for them. They all survived and he had them in his little pack until he died. <3

  19. is the cat who adopted the kittens able to feed them did she already have milk ??
    The real mother cat looked ill – did anyone care enough to get her to a vet ??
    The kittens obviously were still nursing – did anyine check to see how they were doing and feed them and the adoptive cat ??
    Feedback please – thank you .

  20. Cats sometimes abandon kittens when people even touch them it happens even with home cats, they hisses like that, maybe the story is similar

  21. My male cat has brought home three kittens within a span of five months, they're doing really well, the second one was really sickly but he's great now☺

  22. How's giving back to a mother who obviously don't care be considered the "right thing to do", whilst taking it away from the one who actually cares and is devastated when you take them away from her?!

  23. I aint always about kitty blood being thinker than water. She fed them, bathe them, hid them on a roof. That's a rambunctious kitty !!

  24. Natural mother cats abandon kittens when they themselves were not well-mothered, or when they are immature and having a first litter, or when they are starving or sick. This might protect them nutritionally.
    The naturalomcat looks sick. Feline leukemia is contagious and common, especially among strays. A VET NEEDS TO SEE THE WHOLE LITTER AND BOTH ADULT FEMALES, or all could be dead in weeks or months. Humans CANNOT GET FELINE LEUKEMIA.
    I once nursed an abadoned litter with a doll bottle. When the female grew up and got pregnant, she made a nest in my laundry basket. We compromised and she got box with a pillow in it and some dirty T shirts. I set this in the corner of bedroom. Early one mornin I woke to an odd feeling along my side and several tiny cries. Mom cat, having done her duty, put the cats against me in my bed and went off to rest. She and I had a discussion. I tried to soothe her. And kept returning her kittens into the nest. When she was there with them I gave her a bit of meat because she had earned it!
    After a couple days they were inseparable, though sometimes I'd wake to find Mom cat and kittens ALL in my bed.
    In this video, the adoptive mother wouldn't have had ANY MILK to feed kittens with unless her litter had been still-born or taken away from her within a couple days. Her hormones would have made her EXTREMELY MATERNAL. Also full breats/udders are PAINFUL!
    The adopting cat was psychologically complete, recognized needy newborns and how to care for them.

  25. Se los quitáis a una que los cuida, por ponérselos a otra gata que no los hace ni puto caso

    El país de los anormales nacientes

  26. Its sad and good at the same time ,its sad because MOTHER don't care and she produces the milk they need,and good because like HUMAN MOTHERS who as to RAISE someone else KIDS like always

  27. Just a wee bit suspicious about this story. I know mother cats can abandon a litter, but it's usually as soon as they are born.

  28. I dunno you go down the salon to get your fur done only to come home and find some cow's run off with your kitties.

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