Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Veterinary Exam

Caring for New Cats & Kittens : Cat Veterinary Exam

We wanted also to go through a thorough physical
exam and I’m going to ask the owner of this kitty cat that if they have any health concerns.
So, that’s where we’re going to start. We want to go ahead and have a good look at your
cat. I think I actually put your kitty cat to sleep by putting him in there and talking
so quietly. But, what we’re going to do is bring the kitty cat out and have a little
bit of an exam. Now, do you have any particular concerns about your cat’s health? As you mentioned,
the upper respiratory would be my main concern. Have you seen any problems with that? Have
you seen your kitty cat do any sneezing or watering from the eyes or anything? No. Ok.
Well, we’re going to go through just a few things while we look at your kitty cat. It’s
very important I think, at this age to try and do some little training with your cat
and let it be used to being handled. And, with a little bit of luck you’ll learn how
to brush their teeth. Take care of their nails and things like that. But, we’re going to
do a thorough physical exam now and look your kitty cat all over. Unfortunately, your cat
now is so small it doesn’t even move our scales. So, that means she’s lighter I’m sorry he’s
lighter than three pounds. So, it’s just kind of a small kitty. Probably next time, in about
a month when you come in we’ll be able to get a more accurate weight. So, we start looking
at their eyes first and everything is clear in the eyes. We would like to look in the
ear and the eyes and be sure there isn’t any ear mites. Cats frequently get some ear mites.
And, they’re perfectly clear. I’m not seeing any problems there. And, again this is all
part of the stuff that might be good for you to do at home is to hold onto the ear and
touch the kitty cat all over. And, it makes it less traumatic when we have to have a look
at them during the exam. We like to be sure that their eyes are clear. And, there is just
a little bit of discharge coming from this cat’s eye. You can see right in the corner
here. And, so one of those things that you’re going to want to watch for is to be sure you
don’t get a lot of discharge from this cat’s eye or any sneezing. If that happens, you
should give me a call. Now, these are all baby teeth. You can see that we don’t have
any adult teeth yet, because we’re so young. And, we open it up and look all the way down
in there. They kind of think that’s kind of a mean thing to do at first. But, they get
used to it. And, everything looks normal. Now, all of those teeth that you see there
are going to fall out. We get a whole new set of teeth and those are all baby teeth.
And, by the time your cat is six months of age there won’t be any baby teeth left only
adult teeth. So, we’re going to listen to the heart. And, kitty’s purring a lot. So,
it’s hard to hear the heart.
There we go. And, the lungs are fine. Everything is clear. And, you just want to play don’t
you? You want to go ahead and look at the underside too and be sure that there’s no
particular problems with your cat. There’s no hernia and both of the testicles have come
down. So, we’re in great shape.

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  1. I was very appreciative for the subtitles, this way, I was able to listen to relaxful music too why I watched it

  2. I've had a cat for about 3 years and her name is Jeepster. a few months back I was concerned because she was gaining an unusual amount of weight. I tried not feeding her as much but it continued. I was worried because I went on vacation and when I got back not only was Jeepster sleeping a lot but somebody broke into my house and dropped off a whole bunch of small cats. I don't know whats wrong with her or what to do now.

  3. Ow my cats is just like that but alot hairer. She is a lot smaller then him though i think she was the runt of the litter. I need ur advice though i noticed about 2-3 days ago one of her teeth fell out is that natural or has she got a problem!!!!!!

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