Cardi B Tells John Mulaney What Happened in Her Prom Limo

Cardi B Tells John Mulaney What Happened in Her Prom Limo

100 thoughts on “Cardi B Tells John Mulaney What Happened in Her Prom Limo

  1. Cardi is a brand new species that John just discovered and he is very intrigued but also quite confused on wtf it’s tryna to say to him.

  2. Cardi is a person that is in existence… and some how, through some cruel action of fate, I'm poor and she is rich.

  3. Back in the day, there used to be so many unique voices. Not so much anymore. But John Mulaney has one of those old school unique voices

  4. jimmy is honestly a terrible host, i feel like the hired him just because he was a famous comedian and available. he invites guests onto the show to talk about themselves but never lets them talk, like if he wasn’t here this would have been great.

  5. Kinda weird that everyone in the comments is saying Mulaney had to be gracious in order for this to work. I disagree. I mean, it's great that he was, but Cardi's weirdness would have been entertaining no matter how anyone reacted.

    Also, the title is a total lie.

  6. This interview is a perfect example of reasons why I love John mulaney and everyone in the comments seems to understand

  7. Why? I think it's ok to give gifts to people, who are mentally slower than other people, but why this comedy genius would give a present to this celebrity? I'm lost

  8. i love the dynamic between cardi and john. seeing him not take cheap shots at her for her accent and vernacular makes me so happy

  9. Cardi B was trying to make herself relevant by being coy about what was obviously sexual but she didn’t have much to offer

  10. It's not the fact that shes a stripper or that her english isnt the greatest, like most people picking her apart are saying. It's that she lacks the wit to keep up with two comedians, which is why I presume she seems so lost/uncomfortable here. That being said John is an amazing guy for trying to include her and prompt a response.

  11. This title is a bit misleading, she literally didn't tell any story just made noises while the guys guessed like some sort of weird charades game.

  12. I like that she talks like that. It makes her Cardi B. I swear some of you bitter bitches watch this woman to hate on her and end up giving her more attention than her fans.

  13. OMG, this PROM story…. I WANT A CARDIGAN B JOHN MULANEY show!!! It’s complete opposites, it would be hysterical!

  14. I was at an arcade one time and that SAME SONG was playing over and over on the jukebox… and playing games never felt so painful “what’s new pussycat” I’m shook…. someone really did the same thing he did 😭

  15. it seems like jimmy doesn't even want to interact with cardi b. i love how john tries to include her and actually engages with her.

  16. I can not get enough of John Mulaney's stories . What a story teller… He should be a prime time talk show host … And here is the kicker…he doesn't need guests .

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