Big Cats And Scent Glands – FAQ Friday

Big Cats And Scent Glands – FAQ Friday

[Cat noise] This year we’ll be doing FAQ Fridays! Where once a month we’ll take frequently asked questions and answer them for you. Today’s questions have the same topic. They are “Why do the cats rub their faces on their enrichment”? also, “Why do the cats rub on the side of the enclosure? Does that mean that they want to be pet”? Scent plays a vital role in the cat’s behavior in their sense of territory. Cats have scent glands along their tail, each side of their head, lips, chin, the base of their tail near their sex organs and between their front paws. These scent glands release pheromones which provide information and is used as a communication tool. There are three ways of scentt marking. Rubbing is used for marking objects that are a part of their turf and identify their territory such as on the side of their enclosures or on enrichment. Tt gives them a sense of security and familiarity with their environment. Urinating and defecating; when a cat smells another animals scent it’ll cover it with its own. This is the main reason why cats will spray -also they’re scratchy. When cats scratch on things they are using their scent glands between their front paws. Big cats will scratch on a tree to show the others in the area that this is marked territory. It also shows how big they are and in case the other animal wants to challenge them for their territory. Scent marking basically means this is mine, this belongs here, I belong with these things. Stay tuned for next month for another FAQ Friday. EDITED-CRM-DQ

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  1. ooo i like that there is going to be fact friday! my cats do all those things. i never knew that when they scratched that it was also showing how big they were. that is why they stretch up as far as they can. cool…. and when they rub their face against my face they are saying i am theirs as well. i love that! thanks

  2. Judging from the scratch marks the resident spoiled monster , I mean sweet little darling, has claimed my boots as his I suppose….along with my coats, across the body purse (with fringes), pants, shoes, furniture, curtains, walls, my bare legs, etc. Okay the purse may have been asking for it, but the legs.. hmm we're going to have a long talk about that beginning with salmon, meat and catnip do not drop out sky, you can't drive and you have no money. And I have absolutely no hope it'll work.

  3. FAQ Friday will only be once a month? Well, here's hopin' you pick my question!
    So, I know you don't pet the big cats, but there are times when you do touch them (veterinary stuff).
    My question(s): What does their fur feel like? Soft? Plush? Wiry? Which species of big cat has the softest fur? Bobcats? Lions? Sand cats?

  4. I was too embarrassed to ask our vet, but I think it is usually intact male domestic cats that spray. Well, how do any of the cats, large/small, male/female, intact or not, manage to spray in ways urine cannot seemingly be directed? Still embarressed…

  5. Very good idea! An informed public means informed choices! Once given the information about how bg cats (about behaviors, needs, etc.), I believe less people will be prone to cub petting, ownership, circuses, etc. They can help in the crusade against cruelty, and in making the lives of big cats everywhere better.

  6. i didnt know them rubbing against stuff was marking too, i always thought they wanted to be petted and felt bad for them lol

  7. Then I suppose any cat rubbing against you is the highest praise if you're worthy of being claimed as territory. 😛

  8. Oh! That's so interesting! I have two cats. Jag, the long-burred black male (biggest male cat we've ever had) rubs his teeth on everything. Gypsie, the big tuxedo female (short fur but an absolute giant as well), rarely even touched something. She was very territorial, though. Jag claws and rubs his teeth and rubs up against things (including the dogs), but he's generally very laid back. Gypsie only scratched at her personal scratching post and only really played with her toys. I just find it odd that Jag was very laid back and never really fought over anything when Gypsie wouldn't even let him upstairs!

  9. Hi, can you sponsor a specific cat? or do you first need to sponsor the whole specie?
    Also, do the squeaks at the beginning belong to Mac the cougar?

  10. I feel so stupid for not knowing there are scent glands in their chins too! I wonder if scent marking is why one of our (definitely de-wormed) cats is obsessed with putting her anus on people she's claiming for the moment. Eww!

  11. I love FAQ Friday. I wish it could teach us more things. Please don't stop it, it's great to keep learning about them.

  12. Are the cats who rub the enclosures near people trying to mark the people then?? Or are they trying to mark the wire as theirs?

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