Big Cat Rescue walkabout to see Tigers, Lion, Leopards 10 15 2019

Big Cat Rescue walkabout to see Tigers, Lion, Leopards 10 15 2019

Hi Tutters! Good morning everybody, it’s Brittany at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. Morning, Noor. Hi Angie. Oh, big stretches, big stretches. This is King Tut; he’s a Savannah cat. Hi Rochelle. [Wind] Good morning, Cynthia. Hi Val. Good morning, Shelly. So, today is day two of Panacur. Hey Andy. Panacur is a quarterly worming that the cats get. Looks a little like toothpaste, and a lot of them are really smart and just don’t like it. So, on Sunday, we have to fast everybody and that always makes cleaning very interesting. I was on outback on Sunday cleaning and all those tiger girls wanted to eat me. Hi Tutters. Hi, handsome boy! And then yesterday, they got their first dose; today has been dose two, and it’s a much smaller diet than normal just so that we can ensure that they actually get the medication and that they stay hungry for the next day. So, tomorrow’s the last day and then everybody gets all the treats, all the treats. Good morning, Lisa. Thank you, Karen, for the donation. Morning Belinda. Hi Ann Marie. This is King Tut, a Savannah cat, just grooming after breakfast. Good morning Donna. Again, if anybody’s brand new to us and you’re just joining us, this is Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. So, I’ll just do a little walkabout, today. I dropped my golf cart off for some maintenance, so I’m on foot. So, I’ll just kind of stick in one area. I think I see Purr-fection out on the move. She’s a rare one to see, so let’s try to see her. There she is. Hi lady. Miss Grumbles. Hi Miss Grumbles. This is Purr-fection; she’s an ocelot. [Growling] All right, Grumbles. She’s like, “Are you gonna give me more food, lady?” And there she goes. She’s a lady on a mission, today. Such good camouflage. Let’s see where she’s gonna go next. If you guys are just joining, we’ve seen King Tut Savannah cat. And now, we’re over here with Purr-fection, She’s a 22-year-old ocelot. Hi lady. Hi beautiful. Cats walk around a lot after they’ve had breakfast. In the wild, they’d roam hundreds of square miles a day, and so on. Unfortunately, when they’ve been bred and raised in captivity by humans, they can never go free so we try to give them as much space as possible. You can see she has different bubbles that are all connected by doors and tunnels so that she can wander her own corridors. All right, we’ll leave her to her morning routine. I’m constantly getting questions about when is Flint coming on to main property. Flint is a rehab Bobcat that, unfortunately, has way too many medical issues to be able to be released. So, I can tell you that we’re excited because we’re making progress. This is gonna be where Flint lives, and so, he will be next-door neighbors with Running Bear Bobcat and Simba Savannah. So, the cage is getting all cleaned up. We have to build some stuff in there, still, though. Speaking of Simba… Hi Natalie, hi Jessica. Hey Sim! Hey Robin, good morning. Yep, we’ve seen King Tut and Purr-fection. Just got a little glimpse at what will be Flint’s future home. Got Simba, up there, and then we got our silly girl over here. This is Smalls. Hi baby. I know what you’re trying to do. This is Smalls; she’s a female bobcat. Stabilizer could never keep up with her and her zoomies. All the way up there, on her top platform, now. Thank you so much to everybody who’s donating, I really, really appreciate that, and everybody who’s helping in the comments. Sorry, I missed the last couple people that donated. Hey Michelle. What you doing, wild girl? What are you doing, wild girl? Look at that Bobcat tail. She’s giving you an up close and personal view of a bobcat tail. If you ever think you see a bobcat or lynx, or aren’t sure which one you’re seeing in the wild… Oh, she’s gonna scale that cage. If they have white under their tail like that, they’re usually a bobcat. Of course, not all bobcat tails are exactly like that, but… And then, if it looks like it was dipped in black ink, like Gilligan’s tail, it’s a lynx. Are you being hyper? Thank you so much, Rosemary, for your donation. That’s how you get, um, huh? You make them think you look so cute with that belly, and then she pounces. Yeah, actually we have seen Flint climb the side of his enclosure out there. He’s just so tiny that he can’t go in an enclosure like this, right now, which is a four by four wire, but he can go into a two by four wire, which is what he’ll be in. You always hear about kittens being the hyper little terrors, but Smalls is six years old. She’s still as crazy as ever. Thank you, Rita, for your donation. Yeah, she loves her tree stump, she loves her platform, her ramp, her den. Little girl loves everything. What are you doing? Jane, I am not sure if Flint will be in the enclosure for walkabout. Even if he is, though, there’s no guarantee you’ll see him. We always make it known that we never guarantee that, if you come here on a tour for walkabout, that you’re absolutely going to see a cat because if they don’t feel like being out where you can see them, they all have areas they can go if they want to hide. And the thing we all have to remember… My gosh. …about Flint is he’s been out in the rehab area ,so he usually only sees maybe one or two people at a time. So, big groups of people, that could really freak him out. So, if he doesn’t want to be out and about, he probably won’t be, but I’m hoping he’ll be on main property for that. Did you think I was leaving? I was actually coming around to see you on your platform, silly. Mellisa, there probably will not be a camera on Flint. I know, we get everybody spoiled by putting cameras on the rehab cats, but hardly any of our permanent residents have them. And if you’ve seen how many issues we’ve had with our cameras this year, so many of them have been down because of various storms, and our Wi-Fi signals, and internet, and all that, so it’s not always possible to get cameras out in certain parts of the sanctuary. You’re wild! You’re such a wild girl! Thank you, Heather, for your donation. But, you can guarantee that when Flint gets to be out here in the main part of the sanctuary, that I will be checking in with him on various walkabouts for sure. He’s my boy. You’re crazy. Crazy lady. I know, if I start to walk away from her, she just turns it up a notch. All right, lady, I love you. Let’s go see some other kitties. Figured we’d maybe try to see Pharaoh. Pharaoh, our white serval, came back out of the hospital yesterday. And he took his meds and ate really, really well for me last night. …hanging out. And this is actually the back half of where Flint is going to be able to access. So, he’ll have that platform. He’ll have all this area, it’s where Simba Savannah used to be (if you’re familiar). Hi, good boy! [Rustling] This is Pharaoh. Pharaoh and his beautiful serval spot. Getting his tree. Go and get that tree. You get that tree. Pharaoh weighed 36 pounds in the hospital. He gets supplements and meds, so he would get four treats a day and we kind of figured out everybody was giving him chicks cuz that’s what he takes his meds so well in. But, they’re also really fatty. Yes! So, I used ground turkey last night and he loved it. He loved it. He hears that feeding cart and he’s like, “Where are they going?” If I miss any of your comments, and anybody else in the feed is unable to answer, I’ll reach out to you when I get back to my desk. Look at him go. You came back out to your jungle, sir. Pharaoh, where you going? And he showed you a good example of how he can get from this one big bubble over here, and to that one. Plus, he’s got two other big bubbles up front there. Where you going, sir? Coming back over? Gotta go check out where Nala is… Yeah, I think he was doing a little biscuit making; now, he’s gonna mark that tree over there. Get that tree, sir. Cats mark everything by scratching, by peeing on it, rubbing their face on it, rubbing their feet. Have scent glands all over their body, so they love to mark their territory in every way possible. If you’re late to the party, you can always rewatch this from the beginning. It’ll post automatically on our Facebook page, and it also goes to Not always instantly, but usually by the end of the day, it’ll be over there. Is your neighbor home. Where’s Ariel? Where’s Ariel, sir? Looking a little wobbly, huh? That’s to be expected. He’s 20 years old. He’s on pain medication for some pretty bad arthritis. I’m just so excited, gotta scratch everything. Are you my cute boy? Gonna keep walking, okay. I can see a little patch on his neck from when we had to shave him in the hospital, last week. Took some blood; his blood work actually looks pretty good for his age. Here’s Ariel. I’m gonna be quiet. Hi Ariel. And, see you later, lady. Sometimes, she sneaks back around the platform, but I don’t think she’s going to, today. So, I thought we’d maybe also go check in on Tom Tom, see if there’s anybody else out along the way. Go see Ariel, again. If I stay really quiet, she might come back around. It was Pharaoh calling. Ha, she saw me. The only way I can get photos of Ariel is usually if I hide behind something and I stay really quiet, and then my feet fall asleep because I have to sit there so long. Here’s Lakota. Lakota bobcat and Sioux bobcat. They do live together, but they are separated at feeding time-especially on a day like today, where they’re getting Panacur. So, let’s go see if we can catch a glimpse of Tom Tom. And Andi bobcat was seen in the hospital, yesterday. Had some pretty bad teeth removed, and she is still in the recovery hospital, but that’s mainly because we are working on her enclosure. Make it all nice and perfect for when she comes back outside. I don’t want to scare her. I don’t like coming up behind Tom Tom because I’m not convinced she has great hearing. Tom Tom! Hi Lady! I like to come around from the front so I don’t scare her. Hi! Hi, cute girl! What are you doing? Thank you, Melissa, for promoting the contest that we are in. We’re hoping to win $5,000 for the big cats. That contest can be voted through November 13th; one vote per person. She’s gonna get on her platform, I bet. She likes that little low platform. Sweet lady, where you goin’? She’s like, “Away from you if you don’t have food.” Hi! What are you doing? She’s like, “I’m gonna walk in this circle.” That’s too funny. Breezy has a little circle pattern that she likes to walk in, too. Must be an older bobcat-thing. Hi lady! Oh, I didn’t bring more snacks. I’m sorry. Don’t come in the lockout. Where you going? Where you going? So, I mentioned we fasted the cats on Sunday, but there are a handful of cats that are on supplements, that did actually get a breakfast, and I got to feed them. And it was like Andi and Breezy; Tiger Lilly; Tom Tom; Running Bear, all of our oldest bobcat residents. Lydia, Melissa has posted the link to the contest that we’re in. It’s super easy. You don’t need any personal information. It’s pretty much just to click on a button that says you’re not a robot and vote. So, Melissa just posted it, again. She’s on a mission. She’s currently locked away from her really super tall platform because, with some of her wobbly old lady issues that we’ve been noticing, we don’t want her to get hurt up there. Cute little Bobcat tail. Oh, she found a place to lay down, but it’s not gonna be a good place for us to see her. I don’t want to make her nervous, either. I can see if Lovey’s still back outside. So, you can see that doors closed, right now. We’re gonna probably take down the really, really steep ramp and then just give her access to that other side there. There she is. I know. Again, I’m not gonna sneak up behind her. The cats are top priority, not our view, but I do see Lovey. Lovey’s out on top of her platform. We don’t get to see her all that often. If you guys are just joining, we’ve seen King Tut. We saw Purr-fection. We saw where Flint’s gonna live. We saw Simba Savannah. Hey Love! This is Lovey bobcat. We saw Smalls. We saw Pharaoh. We got a little glimpse of Ariel, Tom Tom, and now, Lovey. Yeah, the update I had was the Andi bobcat is doing okay in the hospital. Laurel, Zimba’s doing well. Actually, he was one of the old fellows that got a diet on Sunday, as well. And we’re not far from him, so let’s see what he’s doing. We might have missed our opportunity with Tiger Lilly; she tends to go straight to her den after breakfast. So, are any of you guys that are watching… Oh, there she is. Any of you guys that are watching coming to the Walkabout, which is only a couple weeks away? It’s crazy. Hi! Hi girl. This is Tiger Lilly; she is our oldest resident: a 24-year-old female Bobcat from some of the original fur farm rescues in the 90’s. You look good, lady, very good. Are any of you that are coming to the Walkabout, that are gonna be around for that weekend, any of these guys gonna be on the keeper tour that Sunday? Because I signed up to be the guide, and last I looked, we were sold. 18 out of the 20 spots were filled. So, it’ll be a sold-out keeper tour. There’s Max and Mary Ann. So, let me, let me see Zimba, then we’ll go out his gate. And then, maybe, we’ll wrap up with Max and Mary Ann. They’re usually really cute after breakfast. Oh, I don’t see Zimba in his usual spot. There’s Kewlona. She’s like, “I’m gonna slink away from you.” Into the den. Zimba must be in his den. He is usually out here, in that one little sun patch, right after breakfast. Oh, I seen an ear movin’. Hi Zimba! He’s in the other sun patch. Loves his ferns. Hi cute boy. This is Zimba. He is an African serval. So, again, if you guys came in late or you missed any part of this live, you can go to or it’ll post automatically right on our main Facebook page. And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve kind of stopped reading the comments after everybody started talking about Hoover. It’s a wonder that I’ve been able to go live. So, when I get back to my desk though I will go through the comments and reach out to anybody with questions. Zimba, you look very cozy. So cozy. Zimba lived a good portion his life in a basement in New York with four other servals. Not the life for a beautiful, should be wild, serval. But, he’s definitely lived his best life here. He’s the last one remaining of the five. But, thank you so much to the eight people that have donated. You guys are amazing. You’re why these cats can live the life that they live, here. Let’s go see if Max and Mary Ann are still being adorable, and then we are gonna wrap it up for today. This has been a pretty long live, actually, much longer than I had anticipated that I would do. Caught some glimpses of some very elusive cats, today. Max and Mary Anne have a giant enclosure, so it’ll be a matter of finding them now that they’ve moved. Max! Mary Anne! Hi Mary Anne! Hi, cute girl! You look out of breath. You guys been chasing? No, I don’t want that, please. Unfortunately, she’s not like Smalls-she does not fire blanks. Can hear Max calling. What were you saying? Oh, cutie pies. Cutie pie. So, this is Max (the larger one); that’s Mary Anne (putting her butt on him). He’s yours, don’t worry. You don’t have to mark him. Kara, no actually Max and Mary Ann are not siblings. They were placed together when they were very young. They both were young bobcats that were alone and sometimes, you can have success introducing them, and this one went pretty well. Hi, cute boy! Oh, my. And of course, we don’t do any breeding here. We don’t believe in breeding for life in prison because, again, if they’re born and raised in captivity, they can never go free. Cindy, if you ever draw them, you’ll have to draw Max with a Mary Anne mustache. [Laughter] [Laughter] So silly. You, you crack me up. She always does that to him. Cute boy! You’re so cute. Yes, super-cute Max. I have to keep an eye on Mary Anne because she will come pounce out of nowhere. Look how big Max is. Let’s get a shot for me this way that, big belly. Such a big bobcat. She’s in the background, again. Pounce mode. Don’t bite his leg! You’re being so naughty! Camille, I don’t recall Max’s weight from his last procedure, but he’s a big bobcat. Now, I do know that Shiloh, one of our newest residents, weighed I believe about 38 pounds. And that’s probably either equivalent to Max, if not larger, but just barely. Bobcat wrestling. Yeah, I’ll try to check in with the other newest arrivals. Mouser who, by the way, got approved yesterday or no, I’m sorry, what’s today? Got approved, yeah, maybe it was yesterday, to go into the rest of his enclosure. So, he was in 2×4 wire until we could make sure that there was no way he could get out of 4×4 wire. So, his cage tripled in size yesterday. So, I’ll try to check in with him, and Shiloh, and Philmo tomorrow, weather permitting of course, and assuming nothing else out of the ordinary takes place. I don’t recall, Brittany. I don’t recall their exact birth dates, but you can find out about every single cat that lives here, their birth dates, their rescue stories lots of photos and video’s if you check out their bio pages. And you can get a full list of those; they’re listed by species. If you go to So, thank you guys so much. This was a great walkabout. It went better than I thought. I told myself that until I could say Hoover’s name without bursting into tears, that I wouldn’t go live. I know when we lost Seth, that was probably week and a half or more, so I really try hard for you guys cuz I know how important these lives are to everybody, including myself. I was missing doing them, as well, so thank you guys so much for the support. Thank you to the eight people that donated, everybody who shared this, everybody who helped answer questions and post links for me. I really appreciate it. Thanks for all the love. So, again, this will post automatically. You can rewatch from the beginning or check out Make sure you subscribe to that channel for us. We really appreciate getting more traffic on That’s the YouTube channel where we don’t really have the produced videos, it’s more about Carole’s updates and her live walkabouts, my live walkabouts, the Caturday walkabouts. So, if you haven’t subscribed, do that, and then you won’t miss a video. Thank you, guys, and I’m sure I’ll see you again soon. EDITED-ACP-MGN-DQ

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  1. I would love to come and meet you and the keepers. But not in the budget this year. But I will be checking every day for videos.

  2. Sweet perfection <3 Aww, pharoah weighing 36 pounds just means more to love haha.
    Maryann marking Max was too cute and funny
    Hoovie's death was hard on many of us. But at least he lived his final years being pampered at BCR

  3. One of the occupational hazards of volunteering/interning/staffing at BCR appears to be heartbreak (which is, of course, one of the hazards of being alive on the planet.) Even thousands of miles away, we love these cats and when it's their turn to move on to the next state of being, it really hurts to lose them. How much more difficult it must be to know them personally, feeding them, talking to them, giving their meds, just caring for them on a daily basis. Respect and admiration for Brittany and all the BCR cat carers who work hard for these cats and whose hearts are broken over & over for them. God bless BCR and all those contributing to the care of these cats.

  4. Brittany you have the best narrating voice, always enjoy your youtube tours. Thank you all for all your hard work and all you do for these wonderful souls.

  5. Look at fluffy bobcat tail of Smalls. She's so adorable and playful, bouncing off like a ninja. M&M are the cutest playmates besides CamBu. LOL.

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