Big Cat Feeding Time In VR180 3D!

Big Cat Feeding Time In VR180 3D!

Hey everyone! Afton here! Welcome to Big Cat Rescue’s food prep! This is the building where all the diets are made for the Big Cats so let’s go have a look inside! Big Cat’s are carnivores and need a strict all raw meat diet. Inside this cooler is where we thaw hundreds of pounds of raw meat to make their diets. The Big Cat diet ranges from a carnivore diet, turkey, chicken, pork and beef. This is the feeding sheet. This specifies the species of cat, their name and the type of diet they would get throughout the week. The most important part of the Big Cats diet is the zoological grade mush. This is a carnivore diet consisting of ground-up cow organs which provides the most nutrition for the cats. Why don’t you come over here and help me make a few diets for the Big Cats! Now that the diets are cut let’s go feed some cats. The area where the Big Cats eat is called a lockout. This is an extension of their enclosure where they get fresh water and food daily. If you’d like to help feed our Big Cats please visit CC EDITED-CRM-DQ

100 thoughts on “Big Cat Feeding Time In VR180 3D!

  1. I haven't been able to actually watch any videos of the big cats you take care of for a while. I know the 3D experience is supposed to be nice….but idk how many people actually own anything they can watch it with. now it just hurts my eyes. I got up to the point where the kitties are starting to eat and now have to stop before i get a headache :/

  2. What regal, magnificent beasts. Getting what they like the best! Thank you BCR, for all you do for these royal sweethearts!

  3. Afton, this looks great with my Occulus Go! The film quality and sound are great- I felt like I was right in the enclosures!

  4. This channel makes me happy. I know you can't pet them or anything because they're big cats and could easily injure you if you tried, but I love seeing the videos of the cats just being themselves ♡

  5. Great video, but I'm just wondering why it needs to be shot in VR? For those of us not watching in VR it is kind of annoying, especially when the focus of the video (the animals eating) is easily seen through a standard shot. Something like a coral reef or the night sky, something that is too large to capture the whole of it would be perfect for VR. But this seems like an odd choice for VR. Just my opinion. I think the video itself is awesome! I love watching big cats eat! Keep up the great work BCR!

  6. Great that you mentioned the organ mush. When people try to feed their cats a raw diet, they don't usually realize that plain muscle tissue like we eat doesn't contain most of the nutrients they need.

  7. The only reason you need not to pet a big cat, a cougar can snap a chicken thigh with two chomps. Nice, leisurely chomps of a well fed cat. Don't pet the cats, they will eat you.

  8. That was so cool! They are truly magical creatures. I respect that you all work yourselves to death for the preservation of the big cats. 😘

  9. The Savannah cracks me up. Do they always make sounds during feeding and treat times? I love all of these kitties.

  10. Tomorrow it will be 2 years without sabre 😭😭 may he roam freely with all the other cats 😇 im grateful he was able to live a long life may his beautiful spirits run freely ♥️

  11. U should feed them live food. Like put rabbits and deer I'm the enclosure. To represent their natural diet and give them exercise and fun at the same time

  12. When she said “Help me with preparing the meals“ I was like “lol nice joke“

    a few seconds later


  13. I thought Savannah's were house cats…never knew they were considered wild cats…all of the animals are so beautiful!

  14. You guys should so make a video about how walking big cats on leashes as "ambassadors" isn't helping conservation also one more in depth about hybrids would be really cool

  15. Feelin stupid. It took me til almost 4:00 to figure out I had control over the camera. Now I need to go back and watch all the parts I missed. <:~

  16. I was going to watch this at first, but then I remember I own a VR headset that only operates with phones. I don't own a compatible phone, but someone I know does…

  17. Love BCR videos, but 360• vids don’t really add much. Just my opinion. Like to see the cats especially in clear focus, screens don’t always cooperate. Still good to see you guys at work though

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