Bengal kitten settles with other cats – Part 6

Bengal kitten settles with other cats – Part 6

Welcome to Chapter 6 of our cat introduction
series. Chatzi has been downstairs into the main living
area of his new home once already, and he’s as mischievous as expected! note his tail position – Upstairs in his own
domain, his tail is completely vertical, but downstairs in a new area, his tail’s fairly
low. it’s not tucked under like a nervous or frightened cat, but certainly not confident
and king of the jungle! Freya’s still maintaining her pretend bluster.
A loud warning growl and shrieking is keeping Chatzi wary. Interestingly, she’s making the
noises, but not actually maintaining eye contact with him. I think this is to make the warning,
but she doesn’t want to escalate it any further, by challenging him with direct eye contact. She’d really rather he would just go away. A sudden move by him warants a hiss from
her! Look how he sneaks underneath her — He’s still not sure of her! Another hiss sends
him scurrying. Off he goes, exploring the room again. Teego
is curious and bold and actually feels a little confidence come back, Chatzi is sure
it’s a game! Teego relishes in his higher positon. Height
is a big thing with cats. They always want a high perch to look down on any potential
enimies. Low down is harder to defend. Oh Dear! Chatzi takes an interest in Freya — Maybe
she’s turned her back, and he pounces. Not really to attack, but just to tag her, and
maybe instigate a fun chase. (Fun for for him anyway!) All the excitement brings Teego
over. Chatzi waits, anticipating a game, but nothing happens. Teego has shown such incredible curiosity
about Chatzi — Fortunately, not aggressive, but he really loves to follow him around everywhere! Again, Teego goes for easily defended high
ground and Chatzi tenses up in the playful way we’ve seen him do in many of his films.
He always goes sideways to make himself look bigger For one of the most graceful animals the world
has ever seen, Chatzi is a disgrace! I love his clumsy stumble upstairs, Again with teego
close behind! After a while, the excitement calms down.
Chatzi finds a perch in the rocking chair, and Freya gets some quality grooming time. I think things are going to work out just
fine in the Freyacat household! I really hope you’re enjoying our cat behaviour
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100 thoughts on “Bengal kitten settles with other cats – Part 6

  1. Mate!
    You've got exactly the same suite as me. Same colour!
    A good 22 years old. Bought from MFI if I remember correctly.
    I got the swivelling and rocking single, a 2 seater and a 3 seater.
    The 3 seater base cushions are now disintegrating. Chair and 2 seater in pristine condition.
    Yours still intact?

  2. I have zero knowledge about cats and am defnitly a dog-guy but watching this series is really cool!! It's nice to hear someone talking about stuff he really knows. Such a perfect narration really.

  3. 0:20
    Freya: Get yo ass of this sofa now!
    Chatzi: c'mon lets play! ๐Ÿฑ
    Freya: ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’ BOY MOVE!!
    Chatzi: alright, alright! (If she doesn't see me, she can't get me!๐Ÿ’ก)

  4. through gritted teeth, roughly 45min after I was supposed be asleep "can't …… stop…… watching…..this……epic…..SAGA!!!!!"

  5. meanwhile, my orange house cats:
    Gets in a fight with a stray cat outside
    whines and hides behind me
    they have no culture they just act like constantly vacated people

  6. Who gets the high ground next? Will we see more of Teego's slo-mo moves? Will Freya finally be accepted? Catch us again on – Cat wars!

    Why did you ruin a perfectly good Bengal Cat video with goofy, gap-tooth banjo music??

  8. I have five cats. They never act like this and they are friendly with each other. Even when they play they play at the same level. Never insisting too much if the other one doesn't want to play. But they are all from the same family. Maybe that's why.

  9. Freya: Oh, hells no. I dealt with this already. Not my turn.
    Teego: I see nofink.
    Chatzi: Hehe. This is gonna be fun.

    Teego: (I wonder if Chatzi could be taught how to play the guitar.)

  10. Bengal kitty is really foolish & playful, just teassing and love to make fun… ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ’•

  11. How can you tell if your cat is a bengal? We brought a stray cat inside and the vet said he is a bengal, I'm just not sure.

  12. I got recommended the first video in 2019 but now Iโ€™m on part 6… ok YouTube youโ€™re not wrong that I wanted to watch this but why so many years later?

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