29 thoughts on “Bear vs Cat

  1. The bear took a bag of trash.Funny the cat startled him & he even slowly pull the trash bag & ran back to the forest!read the whole story in dailymail.=)

  2. My god lol.. I cant believe people live in places where bears come to your house.. it's like amazing xx

  3. @meaningless01 aw you're so cute, but you're not smart. it's french. she says cucumber tomatoes and that the bear left with her "sac a vidange" GARBAGE BAG so… heinz no german you troll

  4. you guys whats wrong with you, its obviously Japanese. The baby is crying in Italian. Anyways jokes aside, the guy saying German is a moron mainly cause hes so convinced and he probably doesn't know were Germany is on the map like most American morons. no offence to Americans that aren't morons (one or two million max maybe). The guy saying its French wins.

  5. Damn I wish my cat could scare away bears, instead he'd probably run three states away before feeling safe.

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