Baby and Cat are Best Friends – Funny Pets Videos

Baby and Cat are Best Friends – Funny Pets Videos

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100 thoughts on “Baby and Cat are Best Friends – Funny Pets Videos

  1. Cuidado eu tenho uma amiga q o filho dela brincando com gato engoliu pelo e foi parar no pulmão da criança e está muito doente.

  2. Бедные животные и мерзкие не воспитанные дети из них выростут догхантеры.

  3. Возмутительно! Ничего более противного я не видела. Совершенно безответственные родители. Они подвергают опасности своих детей и котов. В этой ситуации дети в более плохой ситуации. Их кусают, царапаю кошки. В пасти кошки и под её ногтями огромный список болезнетворных микробов.
    Дети кусают кошек, пьют и едят из кошачьей миски… Это УЖАСНО!!! А потом удивляются откуда у детей инфекция и почему они болеют и у них черви в кишках!!! Родители, вы тупые.

  4. Baby throwing the kitten 😤😡😠 very very bad remove that cruel clip.. if u have litl sense…ppl shud report this video


  6. The baby that threw that kitten needs a ass kicking .well not the child the parent .you let that baby swing and throw that cat it's discusting teach your baby to be kind and gentle or don't have a pet.

  7. Só não vejo graça qd a criança como a menininha jogou o gato longe vê se que é um filhote os pais são negligentes demais as vezes

  8. Unfortunately most of these clips are plain cruelty to animals – notbfunny at all – I reported it as violent and abusive

  9. Parents let their pets hurt their kids and they could still afford to laugh.babies kiss and bite the cats ewwww

  10. Poor babies!at their expense just so the parents can post a video they are exposing their child to danger.

  11. Some of these were sweet but others were abusive to animals. Teach your children to treat animals better instead of laughing. That little girl throwing the cat across the room was not funny at all. It was abusive. I hope you told her what she did wrong. 😢

  12. As per my knowledge babies should not be kept in the contact of cat because cats spread a kind of dangerous disease like diphtheria '. Be careful for the sake of your baby.

  13. It was very fascinating ,babies and cats seems best friends.If you agree 1 like for me and FUNNY AWESOME channel too😎😜👏🙏

  14. I would eliminate the first scene. A parent taking the cat by the legs and pretending is a submachine gun firing at his own baby… very lousy image.

  15. Not funny. The little girl throwing the white kitten. That is abuse. The parents are to blame. This needs to be removed!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Parents as a worse role model… you should never allow your children treating your cats in this way 🙁

  17. Por favor estos videos no son bonitos son preciosos te llegan al alma que criaturas y animalitos mas preciosos gracias a los padres o familiares por subirlos esto alegran la vista no otros que aprendan otros de.esto no otros que son vergonzosos estos les gustan a todos miles de gracias

  18. Take this down. Yeah, kids don't know any better, but this is animal abuse. How is animal abuse funny? Right, it's not. How does YouTube allow this?

  19. Actually some of these clips need to be published to the Animal Welfare Society… it's DISGRACEFUL to allow a child to treat a kitten … the parents are SICK in the head.

  20. Then some parents want to get pissed at the animals when they have had enough and strike out at their kids. SMDH!

  21. Ακόμη δεν μιλά , ωστόσο εκφράζεται τοσο δημιουργικα με το παιχνίδι της γατας του.🐆🌝Το γέλιο πηγαιο.

  22. A interação de pessoas e animais é muito saudável, trás felicidade ! Porem devemos cuidar, pq dá mesma forma que pode ser benéfica pode não ser caso o bichinho tenha vermes ou possa passar alguma doença.

  23. All I see throughout this video how the cats are piss off with the babies, honestly the parents shouldn't had stop them from grabbing the cats. Rather than keep on filming them and thinking "oh they are just playing" while the cats are clawing, hissing and biting the shit out of them.

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