Adoption kittens

Adoption kittens

Hi everybody, so I’m here at work today one of the clinics I work at is inside of a pet store as you can see we have cute kittens in the pet store that we… adopted out through an adoption agency
and displayed here for the public to see So I thought I would introduce them to you and see if there’s anybody in the Vancouver
area who’s looking for a new cat Now here, we have a little family we have a two year old unwed teenage mother
with two kittens that she’s been raising Who’re obviously quite a bit of fun to look at and play with And we have a couple other cats that are
a little bit more mature, but still super cute Looking for a home in our area and I personally think this is a fantastic idea for pet stores to be working together with pet rescue agencies trying to find homes for kittens and cats who don’t have a home of their own Rather than selling cats for profit. It’s just a beautiful partnership and certainly… There’s some beautiful cats who are looking for a home

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  1. I wish you'd promote more adoptions of the older cats. They tend to get looked over because of their age and they end up dying in a cold cage instead of a warm home

  2. I'm sorry Doc, I don't hear what you're saying, not because of the "crummy sound" but those playful kittens are stealing the show; they are so cute and too much fun to watch.
    But I don't think you mind at all because you're doing this video for them anyway 🙂
    And I'm too far from Vancouver, down here in TX 🙂

  3. I totally support getting pets from rescue centre, there are so many beautiful pets just waiting to be adopted.
    Loved this video and the music was just purrfect.

  4. Love it! My cat has epilepsy and has to take medicine twice a day. Your "how to pill a cat" video is so helpful! Thanks for the video on brushing your cat's teeth, too. My cat had to have her upper canine teeth removed several months ago because the teeth were decayed. (She's doing great now, though!) If people see your cat dental care video they might be able to prevent that kind of thing! Thanks for all that you do for animals at your office and around the world, through your videos!! 🐾🐱💖

  5. Our kitty was adopted from our local humane society. They also partner with a local pet store to display their adoption cats in the store, much like this.

    Such a great idea!

  6. You seem soooo nice and likeable. Like the most likeable person I’ve ever seen.
    Also you‘re so gentle, understanding and loving to the animals.
    Always a joy to watch your videos! 🧡

  7. I love your content! Please keep it up. Personally I'd like some advice on how to promote or influence scratch posts over furniture and also perhaps reviews or a listing (amazon or ebay maybe) of your best recommendations for cat toys.

  8. Yes! I love how enthusiastic you are, everybody can tell that you love your job and are really passionate about helping in any way your little “clients”. You are a good person and thank you for this wholesome and useful channel! Great video 🙂

  9. These rambunctious kittens are so much fun to watch. Thanks for the nice pick-me-up! Also I hope that one dislike on this video was a mistake because why would anyone dislike such wholesome content

  10. Heartwarming as always. Such a delight seeing your joy handling the cats. May they all find their furrever home soon!

  11. OH MY GOD — sooooo cute I almost can't take it !! 💕💕💕💕💕. Okay. I've calmed down. Now I'll
    have to re-watch the video so I can look at the cats. : )

  12. I loved this video and was smiling so big and didn't want it to end! 😀 Thank you to you and the pet store for promoting the adoption of cats.

  13. Cats love you so much… and my baby boy is angry with me because I didn’t let him eat a q-tip earlier. 🤷‍♀️

  14. Adorable cats and MOST lovable Dr. Uri! I agree with many comments said below that Dr. Uri is so loving and gentle and these videos are most enjoyable for that reason! (of course cats and dogs are cute too!) I wish I could adopt more cats but I am too far (in NY). I just adopt an 8-year old cat last year- my best friend now. Dr. Uri, keep your great work and I would certainly look forward to seeing more!

  15. Just adopted a two year-old who began life in a garage-full of 'hoarded' cats. He's coming along wonderfully.

  16. Unfortunately, I couldn't adopt any of these kittens (Russia is a long way from Canada). However, I've managed to pick one directly from my staircase (in a block of flats) and am currently trying to get rid of microscopic ticks in his ears (having already defeated fleas). My kitten looks very much like that (predominantly) black one in the video! Hope all cats and kittens shown are going to be adopted. Good luck!

  17. Any advice on how to tame feral cats? We have been trying to domesticate 3 cats that were born in our garden, but they still run when we get close to them. We managed to neuter them and give them their shots by luring (and trapping) them into a kennel with food, but then they had to be anesthetized at the vet. The annual check up is coming up, any advice so that this does not have to be repeated? Thank you, and love your videos!

  18. You can tell through your videos that you're a very kind hearted and caring individual!! Thank you for all of your helpful videos 🙂

  19. I hereby dub thee the Cat Nerd Dad! <3
    These are so precious~

    Could you make a video on how to ethically choose a cat from a adoption center?

  20. So nice to see a male vet who genuinely likes cats. The male vets I've seen prefer dogs and just tolerate cats. Love how you interact with the little guys.

  21. So so cute! I actually help out my local shelter and take care of the cats at PetValu! It is great that they partner up!! Love your channel!

  22. This is a lovely idea! My cats are "second hand" from someone who got them as kittens and didn't want them after only a couple of months. This is a great way to let people see the cats and also hear about the responsibilities that come with having a pet so they won't take one if they aren't really ready for a 20 year commitment!

  23. I have a now senior cat that I rescued from an abusive situation and he has been so precious. When the time comes, I will adopt a senior cat. They have so much love in them and they will really love you for taking them into a safe, warm loving forever home.

  24. kittens are cute but every one in the world adopts kittens and puppies, and a lot of people adopt dogs, but no one adopts cats, particularly older cats.

    I was hospitalised three months ago, and my cat was put into a shelter. When I was released, she was still there. I was able to adopt her again, which worked out for us, but if I had succeeded in dying…shed be alone in a shelter all because no one wants older animals even though shes the most loving creature out of cat or person to ever be in my life.

  25. Mail me to Canada so that you can be the vet for my nonexistent cat (soon he will be existent cause I will die if I have to live much longer without one)

  26. Hello,

    I was hoping that you might help me get my older cat (15 years old) get along with my new kitten (3 months). Both are male, the oldest has been castrated, but he can't even with his new bro and I don't know what to do anymore. My eldest hisses and lets out these demonic mewls when he so much catches a glimpse of the younger ones.

    Could you please do a video or explain how I might get them to get along?

  27. Hello Dr. Uri! I'm a new viewer and I really love your vids 🙂 Could it be possible for you to make a video (at some point of course, no rush!) about dementia/Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in elderly pets? I've seen it in a few cats in my family and read a bit about it online, but I would love to hear about it from an actual vet.

  28. I adopted my baby Kaiser and it's the best decision I ever made
    (Though he's 2 and a half and a bit of a brat now)
    I love him❤

  29. I we were in your area you would be our vet for sure. Nice to see such affection for cats. Many vets tolerate cats and fuss over dogs.

  30. You're so handsome Dr Uri! I am crazy obsessed about and love cats (& you) soo much😛😆 You look like a very happy cat😍😍 Everything about you, the way you move and speak, is so cattie😍😊 i think i'll call you Dr Catzie💗 Love from India!

  31. Oh it is so nice to see someone get as happy as yourself around cat. You really light up when you see one. I am disabled and home all day. That’s why I got myself 6 feline friends. Well they actually got me. They are all adopted and needed a loving forever home. I cried bitter tears when I heard that my oldest has Cat-Aids (don't worry she has no teeth she can not infect my other lovelies) I was so devastated that I would loose her soon. I got her at 6 years old. With 7 I got the diagnosis. Now she is a proud 12 Years old and could not be more happy and healthy. Go adopt older Animals even if the are sick. They will give you so much joy and the are so thankful. A sick animal does not mean that they will leave sooner than others. And with love and care they can get very old. My oldest got 26 years old. He had several strokes but he kept going. Until he had the most pleasant death he got up from a nap and fell soft and gone he was. I am so happy that he didn’t have to suffer- My 19 year old was not so lucky. I spare you the details. I have a cat with a hole in her heart. She is not even 2 years old. But I hope she will get very old. She is my most loving. She gives me more love than the other 5. We used to have 7 but one died. Sadly the previous owner didn’t take good care of him. We did all we could and he had a beautiful 3 year with us. But then the damage took its toll. Keep doing what you do Doc. I love you. You have a very kind Heart. It is a joy to watch you glowing up around those lovely animals. It shows you are a true Animal Lover. You are awesome and your tips are more than just helpful. I wish I could show you how much you mean to me Doc. Greetings from Germany <3

  32. We adopted our tabby from our local PetSmart (their kitties are from the local humane society, of course). Adopt, don’t shop.

  33. Mmmhmmm I feel the overwhelming need to grab the entire set of cages n sneak off. They’re my cats now I love them lol

  34. I have a cat that was "not a shoulder cat" when we got him. I told him, "Sorry, bud, you gotta learn." He did. He absolutely loves the shoulder now — thankfully, because he's huge and it makes him easier to carry.

  35. Goals: finding someone in life who looks at you the way Dr. Yuri looks at [cat] and gives you lil‘ smooches on the back the way that good sir does

  36. The mom cat with two kittens, Julie, is still up for adoption out of Tisol in Vancouver, with one of her kittens, Greta! Check out Cat Therapy and Rescue to learn more about them! They've been in our store for a few months altogether and would love to go to a loving home!!

  37. i hate to be critical because i love everything you are doing but yes but the rinky dink music is a distraction from the pleasure that you are obviously having also it is awful music, with love and affection jcc

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