Adam Ruins Everything – Why Cat Videos Rule the Internet (Everyday Ruins) | truTV

We all know cat videos
rule the Internet, but have you ever wondered why?
We all know cat videos In America, more households
have dogs than cats, but online,
we’re all feline fanatics. It’s because cats’ lack
of visible emotion allows us to see what we want, so we can project
all of our feelings onto them, like confusion or hunger or grumpiness
at our annoying co-worker John, who keeps stealing our pens
and then not returning them, as though I don’t need pens. I mean, I do need to write.
I am a writer. We have to write scripts.
I must have pens! [ Breathes deeply ] Cats aren’t the only animals
[ Breathes deeply ] who hold humans hostage
with their mysterious mugs. For example, in Uganda,
chickens go viral. To members
of Ugandan farming communities, the familiarity
of chickens and goats makes them more relatable
and intriguing than cats. So, while we’re passing around
our cat videos, they’re busy laughing
at chickens in sneakers. [ Chuckling ]
And I mean, they got a point. Look at that dumb chicken. Chickens don’t need shoes. What? Is that chicken
gonna go play basketball? You can’t dribble without hands,
chicken! [ Chuckling ]
Oh, man, Ugandans are right — that chicken’s hilarious. ♪♪

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